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was placed in fireLike roasted, hot sweating, pearls of sweat streaming down his face, but was soon to evaporate without a trace of flame, as if no time had elapsed. Ying Zheng Xuan head flashing yellow color, but it is mass mobilization of the vast country Yuxi beliefs into hundreds of millions of creatures, like a treasure acquired merit in general, the whole body has Kowloon surround sound heard throughout the Sky Dragons, attracted earthly in a TV drama have concerns strange sky. Head monk truth emerged a relic, relic element of light shimmering, under relic with lotus flower, sandalwood could be heard a faint, as if there are sound filled the Buddha, the string of beads into a bullwhip, between waving , visible as a golden waves in general, slowly push the DPRK Chen in the past, every step can hear the sound of Chi Chi, it is golden and the air collision between emitted sound. Aperture line slowly, hit upon the Body HL industry fire lotus, Lotus will slowly squeeze, suddenly Baoxiang, Lotus blown to pieces, scattered in the sky. Unfortunately, that seems endless HL industry fire in general, this one just disappeared, and soon to give birth to one, endless, endless ruin. Guangji monk exposed surface color compassion, suddenly a loud shout, the air suddenly golden big now, Buddha sound filled, sudden spread throughout the three realms. Franciscan monk whole body fleet wide shining golden light, on the Ni Wan. Shu Zhang emerged a monk to compete in Dade, looks the same as the broad economy, but it is gilded Buddhist supernatural wears. Zhen Fang heart suddenly startled, surprised to find that soul eyes wide open, and shoved a golden shot, the swing breathtaking, left Qiazhao Diamond India. The right size to grow into hundreds of feet, suddenly smashed down. Chi Chi Bao Xiang wrecked the air, all the monks could not help but shake the whole body, as if the drive could not cloud head in general. Giant hand hit the top of HL, Dangqi layer waves, down from the hills, within a few Baizhang range. It began to