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similar, but the blue-eyed rhinoplasty, glance are two different people! Kangsi Han him the very polite, and quickly rose to laughA wrist to his toe kicking, Jin Shiyi feet also in the hill Giap punch, both sides of the stature Daozong out ten feet away. This recipe is like a flash of light, really is life and death on the occasion, hairbreadth, but only as long as the deal with Qiu Jin Shiyi Nguyen Giap, and Qiu Jin Shiyi kicking in while Nguyen Giap, but after another defeat the Wu Ting Kau, Chung Show, Lu Tao phosphorus Lin Sheng few people attack, he opened the Wu Zhong Tang Tieguai two sword, Lin Sheng Yu Xiao avoid acupuncture, Pikong Zhang Youyi Road Zhentui Lu P, fist weapons, dodge, cast together, A mound of dollars compared to only deal with one person, and that naturally quite different. Jin Shiyi in the end but also in his punch, Wu Chung Lin, Lu four lift your spirits, and shouted: '! Mound brother, can not let go of him,' five minutes estimate the east, west, south North, five directions, the Jin Shiyi around the middle, Lu Road phosphorus shouted: 'Jin Shiyi, now you know you should not, under Mangshan Fangzi yet you lose not apologize??' Jin Shiyi laughed: ' Well, you wait, I apologize to you here! 'Initials, Finals unfinished, prosperous so that the road in front of Lu phosphorus, HUO Di a' phoenix nod ', a' header 'knock down, but to hear the' Bu 'bang Lu Tao phosphorus forehead to his grave badly played a big, bruising his forehead, as if suddenly grow a sarcoma, Lu Tao phosphorus pain tears streaming Beng, hastily away. Jin Shiyi laughed: 'I apologize to you, how dare you by my ceremony Oh!' A turn, left Ji Zhang, five fingers like steel grip in general, but also caught the cartilage of the shoulder WUDING ball, shouted: ' news you say that?' Chung Show anxious to rescue, Qing Gangjian a move 'Guang shot stone' to the Jin Shiyi stab vest, Jin Shiyi laughed: 'You should also slightly affected discipline. 'backhand beat, Zhang Shi erratic. Chung sword exhibition space, while sideways to avoid , but a glittering, from which an enormous pressure through out, acting on the outside, although it is powerful, but the edge Bi, sometimes, but it can be counterproductive bamboo transverse empty out. Blocking golden glow. So the immortal can see gold in a little green, and soon became a green, a bamboo forest is now out of thin air. Soon filled up half the sky. Fugen Venerable unprepared, where one had expected such a result, under the mouth Dengmu stay, finally react quickly, a loud shout, and said:. 'Please ' I saw a flash of golden light air, the two Buddhas from Space came out, a statue of the pressure on the Ni Wan Ling tooth fairy, tooth fairy Spirit whole body trembling, wail, actually has turned it into a white elephant, staggered, then walked toward the Venerable Fugen; and Another statue of Our Lady of Hope Buddha falls awaiting him, Our Lady of Hope was uttered Lihou, sonic booms Miracle. I saw Our Lady of Hope disheveled, Zhuangruo Feng Hu, his eyes glowing, hands to charge a variety of treasures from the round after round brilliance, Buddha soon shattered the air and disappeared in the air. 'Thanks Daoxiong treasures, otherwise I could not escape the murderous gold junior sister apprentice spirit of.' When Our Lady seeing no relief, a hint of a smile on his face, his face cut out to teach the immortal smile. Obviously the final outcome has been somewhat expected. Kongxuan shook his head, although his soul left in six clean bamboo in the final minute to help a handful of Our Lady of Hope, but Daoxing too much difference between the two sides, Our Lady of Hope can not achieve the final victory is still aKnow the number. With the outbreak of Our Lady of Hope, a white elephant that has been ground into the spirit of the tooth fairy leaves awakened over, I heard Lihou, not turned into human form, the mouth of the six white tusks shiny treasure, from the mouth came off, flashing coldness, such as the cosine of changjon like stabbing with a blazing white light across the Fugen Venerable. Our Lady you mother and daughter, but unfortunately hard to break the norm, I say not allowed to use the network refers to the network pull Cao, like ye of little net bag, but with no harm, there others come here as a rule, we have something to say. He just has a little girl of skill, just like a good school. 'ED girl outfit and injured people said a few good words a day, clouds, straightway scattered. She and her daughter were also very part, the girl is the mother of filial piety, kind people willing to help, falling into a river bank fisherman did not say she was a good one. Since then fishing in the river, past passenger ship to trafficking. Many people recognize her on board are known to live in the village of Port Tongjun mountain yellow piece of rare woods inside. She does not always say quasi-local, not outsiders contacts. The skipper, at this time is to do only carriers to start, with the Luo Luo Peng Xie home, carrying away the people, he was secretly a disciple: '? Who is that man on the boat,' replied: 'days no one to.' Speech color Poxian faltered. After Guo Tong Jiang to people about, said that she and her daughter a few days no selling fish, although doubt and Luo Peng is the way of such things who dareSub study asked. Boatman injured died shortly after, this leave, after no further trouble. Boat people have time to her name, only surname Jiang said, pointing to the river, no name. Regarded the girl told the young girl, her mother called the young girl's mother. Old and sick often guilty of this year, a young girl who would come by boat business. She not only work hard water good eyesight stronger. She said Von A surety is good, always parked next to his boat dock, saw all the way across to the boat owners who will be able to see it. Jumped into the boat, oars of a program, crossing over, really run faster than a horse too! Shun people smell as promised miracle girl, Yu's wife expected really not bad, surprised, though there are many different Ancun dust in people, half longing, not be one to see,