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and said: 'Are you saying that we deserve it?' Military adviser shook his head and said:. 'No, you just give in too easily.' Farmer who comb ten swords are pounding, she hoarse authentic: 'Tell me always easy, get out, there is no experience of the girl.' Indifferent strategist said: 'Let my brother with experience to convince you of my brother, you said before you convince people to use the theory, first with fists is not it?' Across the three individuals who have broke out terrible power. They become the same level and their own. Hyperspectral protoss. Is three hyperspectral who appeared immediately disrupted structure of the metal, the air appeared in countless confusing piece of metal, like a meteor-like barrier aim to block the general's eyes, but just a moment, that the sudden appearance of another piece of metal role in the strong forces of disintegration. Bloody long claws tearing metal quick to grasp the general, if people can Ripper cesarean section sword, metal plating of the outer surface of the general body will soon be cut broken, claws through the meat and into the bone has penetrated into the interior of General stopped. General Heleyisheng body bulge metal ions, bounced out of the claws. His sights on the piece of metal in the air, since because of the strength of interference create these things, he might as well take advantage of it. Soon a hollow piece of metal have been created out of the middle followed by a chain connected together to form a huge metal cube, willUnder the hind legs, you have to be sad too! 'Blue Meng Chen Sheng said: '! I do not care Che Houtui you have any skill, you play out good.'Tsering Wu smiled, DPRK relations Mimi said: '! Mrs. Mimi, you give him a little color to see it.'Off the United States and the United States said: 'It is good for us right?'Tsering Wu laughed: 'Of course good, but I can not say so, you Fuer over, I can tell you secretly, which we benefit a great deal?'Mimi walked off, Miss Tsering Minato tell in her ear while, Mimi and she nodded Arctic wonderland Kun Yuan Fang Chen et al., Do not know the unborn Ao driving them have been many people secretly marked label. Within this time kunyuan Asgard, very lively, because Kun-yuan less then about to worship Lord purple Dingdingyouming good fortune in the comprehension real sects. 'Into my door, be sure to respect for teachers, fraternity with the door, the door division will be allowed to practice Dafa rumor, not free to bully people. Where into my door, Heaven must be upper body, lower shun the people, in the heart Tao.' Fang Chen looking peaceful, seriously told that while the exchange with a hint of meaning, but since into their own sects, have their own careful tuning. Whether he is forced or voluntary accept the apprentice. 'Seen the Master.' Then his face purple cold, apparently the other side of this Master Chen was very inconsistent. But no matter what, birthright has been set, the large hall to congratulate the sound is heard. Apprentice looked grinning in front of Chen, Xian Qi misty back garden, purple cold, standing in front of Zhen Fang, but does not speak, and looked cold, has not seen a trace of expression on his face. 'That's what practice is the key to master?' Purple natural surface, although extremely calm, his heart was rough, did not expect to actually master so much cheaper, great 'hook Chen bible' Do not say that. There is one thing more than 'Polaris bibleMore powerful practice Dharma. 'Polaris bible,' What is the origin, he often heard weekdays kunyuan fairy king mentioned. Why these heterogeneous battle of good and evil in the last, standing right way side. Is not the right way because there is a complete practice Dharma. Relying on inheritance to Yaozu, where the number of full practice Dharma. But he had no idea that one day, actually there are so many good practice Dharma make their choice. However, his face did not show any surprise of color, or cold and asked one. 'Why?' But then listen kunyuan purple fairy king said that his master is cheaper in less than a chest, burst into tears. Small fox shake their heads, Independence Day Du wind IQ is probably no less than himself fully with the enemy and fighting aspects, in terms of dealing with a woman almost know nothing about. This sentence is simply admitting their guilt, if he really did not see anything, some of their own positive vision white points sealed doing. Lu Ya crying, even in the ancient martial dangerous associations, perverted men who have scruples horsepower pierced her third, but came to the city after Du wind, proud Valkyrie successor just suffered a small fox 'abuse', even the clothes are cheated, and still saw a man in broad daylight was bare. Even Luo Feile also feel a little sorry for ya to land, touched her back went over to apologize channel: 'Do not cry, I put the clothes back to you.' She clapped her hands, the giant gates jin Bang rises, but Lu Ya cried more more loudly. No matter how indifferent the appearance of snow lotus, the heart of how modesty, she is always a woman. Once a woman's tears open the gates, then it would not be able to easily stop to the. Luo Feile eyeball a turn, jump around Du wind, the wind toward the Du arm severely beat two, put on a tearful voice said: '!. Independence Day Hello cruel, so fierce fight me.' Lu Ya body slightly startled, then sobbed: '! I'm ancient weapons, you thought I was a fool not to play face this sound' She cries fade, apparently trick with the point of effect, Luo Feile whispered:. 'Independence Day, you gently hit me twice now.' When you say these words in her heart swarmed an sour taste, if the wind is really to Du Lu Ya hit her, even hit two fingers, then I am afraid it is not crying Dunzaiqiangjiao land Ya, but himself. Du wind lightly: 'are not allowed to trouble, and I already know the true face of the Once upon.' This sentence not only Luo Feile an extremely surprised, even Lu Ya stopped weeping looked up. Du wind reached Zhuoqi BI stone ring and said:. '? Luo Feile, when we plan to propose soaring credentials ancient legacy of Reiki come. 'My brother, we both go one.' This is a sit Zhao Han landlords, but fortunately she is to stay young seminarians also fills weekdays monasticism is in fits and starts, but also because of this, she fell and Division Snow became intimate, but also whether Zhen Fang is her master, and the Secretary of snow is the fact Zhen Fang girlfriend. Laughing all day. Student Council Secretary snow today just something she was bored sitting on the futon, Zhen Fang listen to the words, know someone to visit, naturally amazed. Zao let out to meet people, apparently is not ordinary man. Human comprehension sector, Zhao Han to experience Zhen Fang now, but only one person has the opportunity to see another day, so naturally this lively Zhao Han, and quickly pulled together Zao ran out, as if still the same enthusiastic than Zao . 'Ah! Oh, pretty good!' Brother and sister opened the gate, looking at the front of the guests, I saw mountains if eyebrow, nose like Qiong Yao, a trace of water hyacinth in the crystal, Mei without demon, Johnson not brilliant, like the end of the fairy general. Zhao Han suddenly shouted. Even Zao also reddish face, eyes hint of hot, but soon calmed down. 'Oh! Also, please report it two real good fortune, nine demon fox Fox family asked to see the real good fortune.' Come Xiaohe said. 'You are the fox?' Zhao Han shocked, shocked, pointing to nine demon fox. 'No nonsense.' Zao more extensive experience in the end, Zhao Han Wenting words, surprise, quickly Jishou said: 'The young girl was young, but please forgive me Bong seniors division of family life, please see the older a quiet room..' Fox has long been accustomed to see nine demon surprise appearance of others, not to mention cute petite Zhao Han, to see that the effortIgnorance of the people, like all too late, where dare to blame. Jishou quickly said:. 'Luck unrivaled real merit, where nine demon dare Daoxiong same generation do not have to live the good fortune ceremony.' Zao although superior qualifications, but after all, whereabouts are still not feel strange, even with really no pervasive, it loses its sensitivity consistently. Voice sounded again and said:. 'Your goal is not to break me, there is no pain to Chenmian, you thought about it.' Li Han trembling, she did produce had such thoughts. Gong Li Han hastening the raw magic of combat power and intelligence are moving forward, you can experience in life is unable to advance, even though Li Han has a high state of mind, in terms of experience, she is still a fifteen year-old girl . Whenever suffered big setbacks, Li Han will always be a wonderful idea to crash type, it is better this way a deep slumber, no longer together, we can get rid of the pain without any trouble. She also wanted to know that this is wrong, you can always unconscious to think so. Li Han just feel heavy eyelids, drowsiness invasion of her body, before fall asleep, Li Han instinctively palm pointing to the sky, she seemed to see countless butterflies Leiguang leaping from shoulder and began searching for an unknown target. If anyone witnessed the Li Han, will find that she did not have to sleep, did not make issue Leiguang butterflyPotential, it all just a dream in Li Han. Leiguang butterfly can no phase true, but also a really ground waves in Li Hang's body. That style is not issued by Li Han's hand, but with the heart of her, everything can be re-attached Leiguang butterfly attack to the Li Han himself, falling living Li Han's heart and dragged her sleep. All her attack, eventually playing to himself. Space around a quiet, devouring the Raytheon Li Han, the mysterious cents did not make any gesture proud to show off, but to start searching Li Han's heart, each corner abnormal calm, without a trace of traces can wake . Dark-colored silhouette finally appeared, she covered with a layer of dark veil of mystery, actually, and Li Han exactly the same attitude. Nightmare heart appeared. Venezuela create a collection of fairy soaring power base is the heart of the nightmare. Can attack based on