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. Frenchman already sweating cold sweat, he gave up to speed, but slowly walked off the ring to protect the rope, looking at his companion. With fellow pupil reflection, he finally saw standing behind him, his face ashen tan thread. Frenchman roared fiercely blow to pound out their own behind. In his punches while, suddenly found in front of the world turned upside down, Tan Xu's feet do not know when it has translated his head at the foot hook, Xu Tan upright on his feet, staring at him coldly. Frenchman certainly not willing to be overthrown, his arm muscles swell up quickly, struggling to hold to want to reveal, muscle strength and fitness has always been proud of his capital, to be overturned handsome looks frail Tan Xu and wanted a piece of cake. To his surprise, his fingers just a ride to the ground, then clicks all Duanzhe, from the Tan Xu's body, came waves of strong pressure. Xu Tan legs fluctuate up to form as spring-like air, the pressure continuously delivered to the body. That is out of Tan leg - Extremely heavy fall! Frenchman felt just like lambs to the slaughter in general, do not have any opportunity to break out, only screams and said:. 'Let go, let go, I throw in the towel.' Hear the opponents have to admit defeat, Xu Tan legs slightly slowed down pressurePay out okay! 'Mo Lisha remove antidote, off Mimi robbed in the past, were pressed into the mouth of that four, and then I destroy the drug together toward said: 'We do not do not believe you, but do not believe you can call yuan to help We kind of busy, so we revived four others to show good faith, but that must be controlled to protect Yuan Yu Shi, do you agree? 'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Of course I agree, but very much in favor, except fragrant lotus charm, I have no other method is called Yu Xiang Gong agree with this thing!'Off the United States and the United States said: 'That line, we control the Shushi yuan, is not afraid of you go back!' said: 'We have to remove the blue Meng, whether you help?'Guan Mei Mei said: 'OK, but to Lu Cai tortoise, Guo two magician, as only he promised to increase the power and influence to arrest him while shouting sensibilities, do not worry about his hand, all swear. Mine should go to after meeting with an old friend Charles Hung gold eyes wild, talking to spend at home scene, and then took a look to see Sigu man and the Lord of the gang gather, not Yaoseng diabolism, is obscene greenwood generation, heart then cool the half. Only by the friends of the care, treatment and very gifted Cai tortoise ceremony, inconvenience walked out, leaving reluctantly, in the flower family stayed two days, and gradually I heard Xing party played all aspects predecessors Ying Xia, and also about including proper way better swordsman. Last night Thief Geying, Heimo Le mentoring row Hanamura, stole Lu, Guo two diabolism magic, along came a few unknown teenager paladin, flower party losing the casualties than the final check Hung and Geying are battles, of Northern elders Fei Xia Ma Xuanzi old juvenile geniuses suddenly flying in flowers, Cai bipartisan experts under that much, hard to Geying lead away, almost did not spend Sigu suffered internal injuries. All kinds of situations, not even a good sign. Sigu also invited to spend just a Yaoseng, powerful evil ways, but the other side also have to have Jinton feijian please spell character. Unsolicited evil triumphs, lost more wins and less. Conscience is wanted on two sides of the Jia Xu choose a pension, according to the immediate situation, so sinister, both sides have become irreconcilable, is by no means unusual servant fighting, there is the ability to broker a prestigious appearance can be resolved, the junction depth down only hatred. Himself no end of people this side, opposite the enemy became a spot election-law how can? Also, his own martial arts, while the high heat, feijian but difficult to resist, not appearances embarrassed early save enough air to breathe minds, to get a two day perfunctory, a little explanation, just leave. See terms of Si Xing party as