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and spleen lung veins, injury injury injury injury injury injury injury! Valkyrie stunned in the moment, and all the stars forces crack hit solidly on his body. Bang bang sound, the Valkyrie who did not cause a wound, all injuries are solidly infiltrated Valkyrie organs. Du wind Valkyrie live two-finger grip hand holding his quick spin. Zhou pace completely opposite position. Big Sunday! Against North offerings. Numerous power influx Valkyrie body, that power. Is not able to train human life Jing Yuan, but can be deadly to injury. Fukatsu strong resistance with, starting with two rotary cyclone, the surrounding trees Yi Keke uprooted. Feishazoudan clouds, both parties understand that this is a fatal blow. Accumulation in the central force of the cyclone. They are but three Yao level, and continue through the power generated by the rotation. Has been almost six Yao, who is also unable to bear the blow. Valkyrie roaring sound, his power, after all, than Du FengjiangSome will force completely pressed to the Du wind. Du wind and did not resist the power of the spotlight to three blue light. In such a flood of Rokuyo power level, the three blue like three tenacious fish, upstream. Knife is not only one, but also a scalpel knife. Valkyrie hit in the arm, while the blue, suddenly a hand Valkyrie hemp, above full of prickly vines. Valkyrie eyes flash of horror, he completely forgot Du wind power is now inherited from Yang Ying Xian Qi to Huangji, anesthetic to effect only a moment, but the moment is enough, tremendous power immediately fell to the influx of Valkyrie body, slammed the Valkyrie's body dancing, has become a near-broken porcelain residual fall to the ground when he did not die. Du wind shaking the two, sit down and start relying on the trunk pranayama, all the injuries on him again emerge. Valkyrie hurt than ten times his weight, at least half past one would be unable to hurt him. Du air into the realm of forgetting oneself, a full quarter of an hour and a half before standing up, lying on