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skill agile, come and go like the wind, in the martial arts is indeed a rare person, think Lin Feng shot faster than they thirds, folding the branches, the solution belts, dodge, counter, and finally start to pick them The mitral road crown, this series of actions, among which was actually one moment, all in one, really fast as lightning. Both Huang Yiren a miss, immediately out of the way, the cloth became chair angle potential, hearts were secretly surprised. Light under a score out, I saw that a monk, his face close to a few leaves, revealing strange smile monks, priests are grimaces, but without any bloodstains, and they also have the same look on his face In the moonlight package seemed strange and horrifying, seems two portraits of the devil. effort spent picking leaves, has come to the realm of the dead wounding legislation, but the two Huang Yiren face, are labeled her withdrawal a few leaves, but it did not see the blood, but also even the hum stop soon, Lin Feng can not help but be more surprised, secretly thought: '? They are so thick skinned one reason or another, does not actually flesh and blood did not' sound that tall monk Yin side to side sneer, stretched out like Pushan big hands again towards Feng Lin caught, Zhang Feng sent a strong middle, and immediately cast lap cat hawk stunts, jumps into the dwarf priests that she seems to have expected this one with stature to play than Feng Lin vertical higher, lower whisk, Wanlv thousands of silk, very much like in the air removed the net, Feng Lin should cover in the middle. Feng Lin used dodge, but she was brought up in a cat Eagle Island, a simulation of a cat face griffin eagle pose a feline pounce and studies that can change the direction of the air, the already short priests fall upon the machine first, for someone else, certainly not immune to this attack him in Feng Lin is able to cope with a whisk to see under the hood, immediately wriggled a turn, while infuriating away, and whisk once blown spread, but to hear the 'laugh' is heard, that flaws astrotech on the front, a red light off the sword out, but it is dependent on a big fuss, but the sound of thunder, but slowly pass over. Nether leader could not help seeing his face lighted up hint, he's clearly at stake Nabing sword, then even the Buddha are not easily block the edge, there are sword pixia probably two meter dust array will be destroyed even to the last point of one's own danger did not exist. 'Buddha!' ​​Suddenly the Buddha Shushan masterpiece, one of the golden palm emerged out of thin air to, but not the hit on Jianguang, but towards haha ​​ancestors, who hit over. Haha ancestors, who did not expect the other side it is actually there to repair the Buddha is so profound, I'm afraid there are a quasi-saint Daoxing. Hearts of surprise, desperationHad received a sword attack astrotech dust array, then looked back at the golden Doutou big hand cut over. 'Damn the Maitreya Buddha.' Just do not know how nether leader of that party is the acquired treasure bag bag race, but Maitreya treasure, no wonder they can give all income Yaoxie them. And most do not like the nether world leader because of Maitreya that beat up, but it is preventing the sword broke open two appearances dust array of opportunities. 'Seen the ancestors.' Haha ancestors and broken hearts monk looked at each other, face to reveal a trace of panic, could not resist to meet up, and seen the nether leader, but also to play a bit with a small lead hello. Nether leader nodded, eyes are looking towards Nabing sword in the past, and saw the inscription 'Sin Tu' word on the sword, and his face became pale, dark thought: 'The big tone, but according to this sword power, the idea is very consistent. just had the man in the end is what the origin. hands of the sword and Tongtianjiaozhu actually handle a sword in the hands of four of the same name. Is then the man is actually Tongtianjiaozhu sects. If this is the case, this Pangu three clear in the end What do you plan. ' 'Several thousands of years gone Daoxiong Daoxing