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and said:' It was in order to discuss your joy ah! 'Jin Shiyi heart sank, Lisheng Nan motive He is unexpected, but then thought:' She can do good things for me, and that is good. Moreover, she does not hide, visible also not hopeless. But, I'm afraid in the future but can not leave her. 'Three days later, they went to Beijing, the common phenomenon of the Guards guide, accommodation naturally easy to find out, they will hold a fake Jianshu, posing disciple with panacea often went to ask to see. The common phenomenon of being on Yanwu Yang, martial arts officer urged his men, one should see only Liusan Chun and Wan disciples came, and my heart very happy, looked letters, light, said: 'Your Master has a net worth, to enjoy life at home, even I wonder Please see them. Ha, they enjoy a happy life, but tired, you have worked hard. First go rest now. If you are willing to be here when the poor, then you came to the king lieutenant tomorrow and see what vacancies, you can make up to two places. 'They come in with that pointed to the butler said:' You have a good call them tomorrow and then take them to the king lieutenant. 'Listen to this tone, the common phenomenon of no importance to them, simply, not only do not personally say hello, even just call housekeeping chores assigned to take them to see a lieutenant Guards, the most wanted nothing but to let them nothing when the value of the lower commissioned officers. Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi and do not turn around, Lisheng Nan smiled and said: 'We do not come to seek errand. 'Increasingly common phenomenon of displeasure, coldly:' For you, your master is rich, you also want the wealthy´╗┐Brother, said: 'did not mean that adults master the mistake me.' Sagong tract: '? How does he refused to come to Beijing, which is also another reason for it?' said: 'Master sent me When, once said to me: 'Sagong adults think highly of me, I should have personally to Beijing, as he played. But I now have a young, itinerant gangsters deal with the general, the common phenomenon of adults do