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language, the Zhongnan Three Kingdoms faction likened Lu Su, white and black two can pass. 'Bashan said: 'Like 'erotic concubine' this temptress, like 'red evil magic five' as insolent, they do not find Zhongnan faction,Show Yunhe, 'You think this is the whole question of martial arts, but who can not answer questions; in recent decades have indeed heard Zhongnan send out a few very character, but still no one has ever seen But this does not cause evil erotic concubine and five red devil fear now is the head of Zhongnan mountain camp following day, age of seventy away, the eldest son heard the name of mountain systems, and the second son of Yue, but never in the political arena walking, there may apprentice, which is more sure about. 'Rest for half an hour, we headed along a mountain yatou, ready to find a village for lunch.Shiji Li also count on the cloud that took the Trans Mountain to Jingle City Avenue, Yunhe exhibition stand on the road to the south of a finger and said: 'We have to go across the road to arrive named dozens The village shop, the sky is almost noon, evidently has not keep up, as the city was farther Jingle, you have opinions? 'Baili Chao said: 'I just go straight road, but added little things to eat do not eat.'Show Yunhe said: 'Ben shop shall go straight.'Little beggar said: 'I have a co-existence approach, Jordan and the second child is a little sit down beside this road, and I Balao four casually buy something to eat in the vicinity of the farm how?'Baili Chao though not assured, but one must not run away, so no longer blocked.Silk is now out. Kongxuan shocked, and quickly back out, said:. '... I'm afraid Young Mistress breakthrough at the time, some danger is probably an obstacle Kanbu Po mind if we do not like them, I am afraid there is danger of explosion to divert the body.' 'This is what to do?' Secretary Snow face changed, and on top of Dragon face, but also the concerns of the color. 'Immeasurable revere.' I saw a green sky fell down, went into longevity in vivo, the immortal Ji Gang on the Golden Summit, an audience too much sun.-------------------------------------------------- a trillion OCR old rain joint House and Xiaoxiang College serial:Wudang Emei Jinding Utah Wan Foding for Wudang the Holy Land, no faction in charge of teaching the disciples Ling Yu is not allowed to climb the chaos.Birds on the Golden Temple has Akagane three, like site founder. Palaces because of light, its golden color, twenty years before the golden dome.Another twelve lotus, between stations connected to the railings, sculptures are very beautiful.Jinding from shangqinggong to go, there is a large section of the mountain to go, to go through the door the day before, two days door, three doors.Although the rugged mountain road, but in this when the world first, at the foot of the second of two players, and that no special stay.Between walking, Yan Mufei talked and smiled, Ji Gang is always very respectful.Conversation, he asked: 'Royal Highness the hard way!' shook his head slightly and said:. 'Compared to you, that you are guaranteed a rare insignificant had escaped encirclement Sun too, then you are more rare hard working, suffering, Paul the Sun hiding thanks to you too, or else ... ... 'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness, Ji Gang Dynasty by Grace, although insufficient brains Tu newspaper!': 'The words were not said so, then by Taejo Grace enormously more than one person, once you master Zhu Di usurped everyone afraid to utter a word, lest misfortune relies instead, and some even do Betrayer knees ......? 'Ji Gang sighed: 'No wonder, princes, and some people think anyway Zhu person who is not the same as the secondary?'Yanmu Fei said: 'It is clear that they know!'Ji Gang silent for a moment, turned the topic of conversation, said: 'The princes of the Wudang probably missed some fighting with them?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'No, you are wrong material, they would dare to stop me, because my identity is imperial envoys.'Ji Gang Yi Zheng said: 'how, you are ......'Yan Mufei smiled, handed out