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Xia it?' This girl is the Lisheng Nan, she just took advantage of the occasion and the golden master Meng Shentong life Competing, the sudden shot of revenge is her issued The most vicious Family Li Anqi esoteric ---- smog lilies fire bombs talk her three years in the island, together with Jin Shiyi practiced on half Joe North sea secrets of high martial arts, naturally shrunk miscellaneous fine as hairs that a lot of plum blossom needle through her home Genelec issued within the smoke, but also with the piercing sound of hissing. Meng Shentong hazy smoke only heard screaming, bar Time sank off the fire, the whole golden master rack mount has burned broken in several places, Xu Liang beat plum full of shiny silver needle, Meng Shentong is not the slightest injury, the two men back side, the distance has been six or seven ZhangwaiJiangnan cried: 'bad, bad she is not helping us, she, she, she ---!' Several aspects of the action almost like electricity 'on' bang, the tip stabbed her vest, actually bounce away, tip arrest song, you can not reuse. It surprised no trivial matter, to know his current effort, has also been among the first class almost master of this sword stab vest big hole, she was not actually self-injury, Yan Debu panic, mind thought: 'She picked the invulnerability, does that mean my master was even more severe than the one-third? 'He did not know Joe North sea Lisheng Nan is a collection of Yu Xia, both sides do care center mirror, guarding the former heart after heart, unusual sword, that dynamic was nothing . Lisheng Nan Huixiu Yifu, Ji Xiaofeng a rib bucket, pulls thirty feet away, Lisheng Nan does not care for him, since runoff to Meng Shentong ran. Then south to the river behind a few words that end. Don had been deceived by the day she heard Qin Mei season, and now she see also hurt gold master, he did not know Lisheng Nan Meng Shentong have a blood feud with, in order to take revenge, unscrupulous, as well as adverse impacts to fish, friend and foe difficult points in this occasion, for solution. Where as Turkey Divine, said method does not work, but the calculations to calculations go all day, like a grid where also comprehension. Although some depressed mood, but have lamented kunyuan Wonderland Xianjia blessed indeed, all the way around, are thousands pavilion, gorgeous and elegant, joy, like flowers, Sharp is nice, elegant crane, Jin Luan fly, various exquisiteGrass everywhere. Aurora air from time to time flashed, shining under the sun, cloud steaming Xia Wei, very beautiful, like a fairyland. Zhen Fang slowly flying in the air, do not know where to fly suddenly into a lie, really stands ordered seven black sky. Because here stand above the ocean, within a radius of hundreds of miles of the island but no one, naturally very conspicuous. Zhen Fang frowned, without an island born here, said that the mountain but also make life difficult, MO as it is more appropriate to the reef. But in the ocean reef, could mossy, why here are not even a trace of moss. 'Fellow, to Jindaoxia, why not come and go, might be able to hit your favorite things can not say ah!' A cool and bright voice will Zhen Fang awakened over. Zhen Fang instant look of the past, looks surprised to find a handsome middle-aged monk standing on a two-edged feijian. With their greeting. Quickly said: 'Pindao just look a gift horse, but also hope fellow indulgences.' 'Oh, good fellow, but the ability to ah! Sentiment can even fly into Heaven. No wonder the repair is so high. White scared admire.' The self-proclaimed white monks look scared surprise appearance. Zhen Fang wry smile on his face, the man in front of God, there is the mid-repair, naturally lower than Zhen Fang, Fang Chen also see clearly that this person but different repair, but the sea in a white whale. 'Road friend is mistaken. Pindao where sentiment is what Heaven, but saw nothing that surprised several ordered.' Zhen Fang explained with a smile. 'Fellow from Turkey Divine?' Scared white ghost of a smile on his face. 'How do I know the fellow?' Zhen Fang