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Bo Bobo pop three Bingtan, at the same time she Bingtan issued red sun symbol just appeared in 'shock' bit in front of her, the first a Bingtan into his ears, two hundred thirty-two Bingtan hit him below the ear on both sides of dizziness hole, only to hear a male red symbol MenhengSuddenly became like a stone, it issued a record Pikong Zhang Gang Yu, lift their hands full, eyes wide open, but a trace of expression does not change the shape retained, but also really funny, but also weird. Bingchuantiannv laughed: 'Yes, you still want to do my sword?' Bingjian red sign in front of a flash in the sun, the sun breaks red eyelids do not move about, apparently hit its Bingtan acupuncture, has effective . The original red sun is a practice to be the most amazing close Xiepai point effort, any clever way acupuncture can not be the rule of his useful hidden weapon into his ear close to breaking point to his qigong, but that he unable to move. As such. In fact, if it is enough for an ice bomb, the other two hit him 'dizzy hole' in the Bingtan or redundant. This is about the sudden change, so that was the whole congregation of people, all consternation, but under the watchful eyes of the red sun symbol is clearly to Bingchuantiannv hit acupuncture, Meng Shentong this side of the people, although I think a bit strange, but it is to say anything not. Drink loudly: 'Stop!' This cry like a bolt from the blue, Bingchuantiannv shocked, and said:. 'After days, you back me take this a' She thought she was asked Young Meng Shentong is revenge, according to the contest field rules, she would continue her strong who can not. Meng Shentong eyes swept away, Nathan gas fields, the sound sent out word by word and said:. 'Which one is an expert came, sin forgive Mengmou of' Qiang Qiang clanging sound, very harsh, estimated four within five miles, can be heard. This makes the audience cry once shook up everyone stared, it depends on what expert appear. After a while, silent no response, the crowd Qieqiesiyi, Ukraine tannoy Yilaomailao, really ...... really under such a heavy hand hit me!' People all around his head, everyone can see that, Luofei Le Du wind feelings wholeheartedly. Woman's tears is always the most effective weapons of destruction, wandering the city's residents immediately from the heart to forgive Luo Feile. Du wind or see a trace of expression on his face, bluntly authentic: 'Get up, Luo Feile.'  even the eyes swollen with tears, angry and said:. 'I'm not up, you better kill me.' Du wind sighed, leaned over and said: 'Do you know who is responsible for the reception soaring Once upon a year is three hundred years ago [Valkyrie] Lu Tianming!' Luo Feile immediately forget the pain and the tears from his face, slips jumped, shouted: '! ...... Valkyrie Lu Tianming Wu, Lu Tianming responsible for the reception, it can be directed at what is behind the people' Du wind indifference: 'And Lu Tianming people may have been killed.' Luo Feile dumbfounded to say a word. [Valkyrie] and [Independence Day] Du Lu Tianming wind, representing the two ancient weapons era peak. If the person can manipulate Lu Tianming, even kill Lu Tianming, then they are bent upon a tattered, its power has to a large extent how horrible. Du cold wind tunnel: 'Is not think about all that horror?' Luo Feile help but nod. A strong wind, the Du wind blowing body robes fluttering, Du wind looked up to heaven, the surface trace of a rare sense of loss appeared and said: 'So I need to ancient weapons, need logistics base, the walls need days, you need strength Beyond that year, Yang Ying, Xu Yuan, D, companions. ' His hands were violently beat in shoulders, big of strength, the play suddenly caught mud dwarfed. Du cold wind tunnel: 'I most need is ripe prodigy Joan - Luo Feile, rather than an EQ will always live in the age of nine, acts recklessly little girl!' Luo Feile rise violently, loudly: 'I know.' She propped up the body violently toward residents surrounded by her four rings bow bow, apologize channel:. 'I'm sorry, everyone's ruined city, I'll