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about what to do justice leaves breach of trust? 'His mind was late, already sneer, said: 'Three years ago, at the peak Rooster, you have promised me what?' Jin Shiyi said: 'I promise you, Joe North sea to sea to find the secrets of martial arts, it is not already done it?' Lisheng Nan said: 'Yes, this thing is a piece of it has been done there.?' Jin Shiyi heart startled, Samsam said: 'There is one that helps you take revenge, this, this ---' Lisheng Nan sneered: 'can not do anything Do you remember what you have done this thing, 'Jin Shiyi had said:.'? I thought you had enemies can be reported today, who knows, who knows, or to escape this devil ' said:' The original You also know Meng Shentong has escaped it? help me revenge thing, since you did not do, wanted to pay any attention to me? This is not a breach of trust justice leaves what? You say the words count? 'Jin Shiyi blame her speechless, he promised indeed, in never never leave her to help her before reported in rancor. Jin Shiyi heart sighed, thought: 'So it is bound to take this matter to me, today, this is the best time to help her revenge, timing week withoutTo what time can only do, yeah, she was my life in the magic stars. 'To know the promised aid Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi revenge, let her speak well personally Shouren enemy, not a simple single-handedly arranged for her. To achieve this goal, there are only two ways, one to help her excel at Joe's North sea Tips extremely martial arts, so she can really beat Meng Shentong skills; the second is to try Meng Shentong loss of skill, then let adopted by the success of his hit today is the second way, but because Liqin Mei, are present, him. do not want to show up and therefore want to ask somebody golden masters, pain and Zen Master, etc., whereas the first loss Meng Shentong skill, who knows Lisheng Nan or reported not revenge. miss this opportunity, Meng Shentong have fled to where I do not know, but that is considered found He, revenge nor easy. Jin Shiyi today authored by Meng Shentong remarkable attracted to Wudang, I can not find too much sun with you but it really is better to let me know in God, too Sun found under mysteriously circumstances. Do you think that, right? 'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness, Beizhi know.'Yanmu Fei Dao 'I do not blame you, you do not know what too, and you too, Sun safety guard, shoulder arduous, stakes, everything should be on the alert is.'Ji Gang said: 'Xie princes teachings, BeizhiLived. 'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: 'I'll tell you one thing!'Ji Gang said: 'You ask that Beizhi ears.': 'The military forces and insufficient consideration, can consider the martial arts master words you intelligibility.?'Yanmu Fei said: 'If I am not wrong material, this time around the Wudang four weeks, in addition to the Guard outside horses with cloth-making, there should be a lot of martial arts master!'Ji Gang said: 'You mean ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'This is something I do not know if you know, then there are four Taejo think tank.'Ji Gang said: 'Beizhi heard, but never seen, do not know who they really are!' said: 'These four, in Dynasty side can be regarded as a very mysterious character, known outside their small, Dynasty, but also just a duo.'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness you know?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Montana ancestors valued, once called me Dynasty recorded, with four of them with seats discuss events, so I've seen four of them.'Ji Gang said: 'You mention the four who is?' said: 'In the past, they used to Dynasty, burnt Lingyange, gun fight hero floor that four of them offer good design, a good idea!'Ji Gang said aloud: 'In the past tragedy that turned out to be four of them ......' said: 'After too , they scattered throughout, working for the secret Dynasty, designed to check the kings and foreign minister of the movement, but the Emperor was wrong with them.'Ji Gang said: 'how do they ......?' said: 'Once upon a time, they were to draw Zhu Di, Zhu Di ascended the throne after, they became his people and continue to secretly work for him, this is too alien investigation Sun home Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, almighty. If not on the top of the head, and a string of prayer beads, barely eighteen Rohan figure emerged, each with appearance, round after round of gold from down. Eighteen array became faint, the trio care in the middle, probably would have already been killed by the military spirit, where also mention what salvation army soul, had immeasurable merit, gilded relic form. 'Namo Amitabha.' Physiognomy monk see everyone rushing over, can not help the old blushed, he certainly knows his own greed, if not attack. To learn Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Buddhism itself trying to influence these four hundred thousand soul of obtaining power greedy days, never once thought of Buddhism is sometimes ineffective way, with their magic enough. Such credit is not readily available. Zhen Fang looked at those behind the soul of the military have endless black, the last one to know the ban has been opened, otherwise it is impossible to peep so much soul. Just like that to the military spirit, they are just some of the soul of the military effort to break the ban Dafa, take out. So everyone can be very leisurely off some division of labor. Originally determined in accordance with Zhen Fang. Is to make the ban slowly torn trace hole, then slowly move the crowd. Although this time a lot slower, but the probability of success is the land of many. No one thought, truth monk actually so greedy, those put out the whole soul of the army, he is not surrounded by these strange military spirit. 'Dear fellow, now, when the moment is not shot.' Zhen Fang suddenly a call: 'immeasurable revere.' Suddenly rises behind a bucket earth merit golden, shining void, right hand Fuso rod or play or point divided into numerous root fire red crutches, in an air cast three red light, hit countless soul among the left channel but shed a purple Zixiao God of Thunder, rolling downDrop between the military spirit, and shortly wiped out two or three military spirit. Merit behind golden shine off, a road white gas slowly to generate,