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primitive. Nightmare cents to move a bit, Li Han crying constantly in place, Jiaoqu trembling. Weekdays detached completely without joy look natural world. This fear can not be for their own use, Li Han has become a strength. Li Han came up crying. She picked up the nightmare, even bitter bite down, mouth shed green juice. Green Heart frantically shake, Li Han was just crying, a pick one. Thor's strength, not from the original will, but fear. Good use of inner strength nightmare to others, Li Han was finally swallowed the use of fear, at the same time, Li Han who lightning phosgene and no phase true, turned up as devils Nuxiao full Xianqi. General feeling distant and Don did not leave, Don suddenly feeling scared aside the hands of the flute, cover ears screaming. Han Li Xian Qi in dark green body weeks to form a thick cocoon, a small abandoned Raytheon result of lightning phosgene and no phase true cocoon into the second layer, and successfully break open the cocoon, cocoon is to himself and cents integration, became immortal. Unfathomable universe of stars flowing hundreds of years ago when the Emperor was closed, on behalf of thirteen stars of God congregation had five dark, followed by the congregation of God in the life of thirteen stars, thirteen stars appeared bleak unrelated star. After Du Yang Ying both wind and cocoon, there are suddenly two stars to shine at the moment, also lit up the third star. Other than at the more distant universe, the place is closed, a majestic man dressed in golden robes, slowly put down the hands broken cents, another ugly rat must keep three men whispered : 'both days Fiends and Tianshu Star after star sad days are bright, but the star seemed to be split sad day.'Deal with that kid out, there is nothing wrong with it? 'Off Mimi smiled and said: 'You clearly are playing scheming, met the children, who called you out of tough opponents have pushed to us, what do you mean?'Duron Holy frowned: 'the United States and the United States, this is your vexatious, and you naturally transferred to his disciples who sects, with his disciples door repair can be based in the amulet in it? The answer is definitely no. However, land overwhelm good, today sent Zhen Fang simply a great opportunity, but one that is sent to two. On Mount Tianzhu, Zhen Fang looked at the two idiots, while the hearts of surprise, I saw the light drink soon, over a Tianzhushan pearls now, an enormous chaotic atmosphere shrouded in Tianzhu Mountain. Void, faintly heard the sound of several Shengjing Hu 'Heaven'! Then the voice almost inaudible. On top of that plaza, Kuangyin face flushed, as if the blood-filled air that actually beat the demon was as if his heart jump out of the ordinary, this time, he was eagerly looking forward to Zhen Fang quickly shot. Suddenly ear, came a voice exclaimed, could not help but looked up and looked in the past, a large fleet Tianzhushan direction emerged in hand, Purple rising, as if the stars little bit, it's own son had the good fortune of his secrets demo stars hand, can turn out to be the stars that look like hands, the power of such a huge and only emperor who Tianzhu Mountain in the division, immediately hastened to call and said: 'Teacher! Shengshou boundless' People have also heard on the square shouted : 'DiShi Shengshou boundless.' 'Well, open.' Career Golden Tiger see a big hand in the air towards his captured, as if an enormous momentum from nine days down, scared scared, this momentum for many years never had before, like a year in the east and the emperor Huangtai Jun, who had the experience, no, no can not be compared with the present. Hearts burst aghast, exclaimed: 'saint supernatural.' Yes, it is Zhen Fang Heaven by virtue of the power of Heaven in the slightest, the two men firmly in control of them. Look becomes a swallow Tengu, a moment long ago became a dead dog. MeritAmount of Zhen Fang Qi is the killing of overweight guy can fight, and a magic exhaustively being detained, death is nothing but a matter of time. 'Ah!' A loud air fleet a Wu Guang go