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assist device, you can do it? ' Ke Leizha almost did not go through the air, this legendary AMGGGGG year Luo Le consortium created only two, one is the show car, priced at 18 million dollars, said to have been destroyed after the show ended, the other one is given the extradition will end Yang Zheng Tao, missing. To find performance with AMGGGGG rival car in the street in the city, I am afraid prohibitively difficult.  was about to speak, Du relentless wind tunnel:. 'Give you two hours.' Immediate situation, apparently did not give Ke Leizha left to say 'can not' in the room. Ke Leizha parades around the city began frantically looking for the car, Du Feng, who is sitting in the temporary office. Du wind eyes pranayama, just that war cost him a lot of strength, but also infuriating that he found his weakness. In the past, when the wind operation Du infuriating, infuriating the body surging sharp knife will be automatically classified as 'Blade' and 'back' sides, sharp blade surface in order to defeat the enemy, heavy body like a running back is like a protective wall yourself. But now the wind pubic though Du recast, infuriating channel is forced from the approximate body carved lime, most infuriating is limited to die in the channel, can not affect the body as flexible as in the past, through the muscle. Faced with weak attack 'empty', as long as limits on its role in the Pirates of technology, Du wind can kill opponents effortlessly against two spades, ghost ship that only a special skill, or thanks to a surge of Man force the opponent, let alone. DU has been so worried about the wind, is the kind of slow and steady type of Deng ancient weapons. Du Camp in the wind knocked out easily Deng, thoughIs relying on its rich combat experience and superb ancient martial art, but how much has also been used to recruit defeated Deng began to test the psychological fear. If Deng is not a full facilities for the start, but with a four-star infuriating things by the book and Du wind adopted piecemeal deal, Du kid really is not something you are. 'It is: pride Gun Gan humiliated, because both love and hate Nan Xiao Shui also originally came none other than Feng Lin: She hid in the woods talking, Jin Shiyi and all heard her hanging down. . But she really gas Jin Shiyi, the first pick of the two leaves to beat him, then look at the body was exposed to, Jin Shiyi had thought was funny only to hear Lin Feng Meng Shentong continued:. 'Well, Well, Jin Shiyi, hello, hello. IMother and daughter do to you, so you are a scratch Fuxin Han Son, you worthy of my daughter? 'The more the greater the anger curse, branches flick, rub around the fork is about, Jin Shiyi Zhanghuang stricken, hand a file, once on the back of the fork was a bloodstain brush Jin Shiyi cried:.' Aunt, you I am grateful for the kindness I BU, but things between men and women is not so simple, I Qin Mei is generally regarded as pro-sister, you, you hear me say that? 'Utah last words, Lin Feng is' wipe 'the look, great curse:' Said What? I have heard, I can not wait to kill you: My daughter nobody wanted it? You think I want to force you not? Well, Well, I'm really going to kill you! 'Jin Shiyi shame and anger, Chuishou said:' Well, aunt not forgive, you will kill me: I die better! ' imaginary circumstances, but also feel very embarrassing, called out:' Aunt, you still recognize me? 'Feng Lin Geng at her, and said:' I know you, that none of your business, Jin Shiyi are bad, you go away: how, you now know that he was a child this occasion. You do have to plead for him? 'Gu Zhihua met with such a perverse elders, filled with grievances, Sakura heard crying out, hide their faces and then ran away. Feng Lin consecutive hit more than a dozen, playing Jin Shiyi hands feet face a section of the bloodstains, Jin Shiyi endured the pain does not stop humming loudly, trail: 'You killed me the most evil, saved me a lot of trouble! 'But Feng Lin played for a while, anger gradually disappeared, suddenly sighed and said:' Good hardy daughter Yeah, yeah, do not kill you with