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man also did not manage reason. Like this one put away an hour, the old man said: 'To the depths of the front of the hill, a few people came to be, and fight, I put you first find a good place to hide them, although many people, but I was determined to win him, you like to see. have to see when, not out loud, do not be afraid. 'Zhou Ding heard fights, is very pleased to be with the same go, do not want to leave the old man hiding. The old man smiled and said: 'You really naughty little official fight fierce fight, what fun hide good.!.' Zhou Ding persisted in his refusal. The old man paused thought and said: 'You have to go with can be given only allowed to tamper with them, though not injured running around you, always stood some good quiet, distraction-free my hands..' Zhou Ding should be, and The old man is once before the trip. Excellent increasingly deep mountain cliffs crisis peak, the most dangerous place everywhere, even a firewood trails are nothing. The old man holding Zhou Ding, from time to time channeling the stream cliff, only under the hands of climbing, landing swiftly, silently. There meal scene and went across a wide, The other side is a high hill. Gang to the top, the old man said, 'is playing in front of the field,' Zhou Ding will be put off, and work with the station behind a tree, depending on the probe outside. Zhou Ding see infraspinatus is a wild, green grass, is very flat, about the number of acres wide, ten acres to grow. Left Koho show towering, high insertion clouds on halfway full of some old pine packing, flying snakes, Kingston if the cover; the right Yokooka off place, lying low, this stream water, fold for the stream. Brook full encircle Taoliu, flowering is over, clear creek drop shadow, soft strip wind, shade avoidance, the inter-cooked in fat peach, Zhu real achievements. Oriole fine Yan shuttle beneath liuyin, such as genetically Wonderful song, already very nice. Directly across from a high cliff, there is a partial right side of the building, two floors, a total of into a pool of green paste, strangely, this beach can actually paste slowly creeping, is trying to escape from Du wind, escape into the distance. Du wind rushed past, fist hit the center of blue paste, under a smashing, blue sky paste slips transpiration, and turned it into a mass of blue mist, wind Du wrapped tightly in the center. That's what Du wind familiar 'Xian Qi.' Twenty years ago, Du wind knew, such as bio-like Xian Qi is a spiritual air, strong some of the ancient weapons might it into his own use, such as the worm lower animals, can only become immortal gas puppet only. Puppet's body was destroyed, lost Xianqi host, and eager to find a new host, and the powerful Du wind is undoubtedly the best goal. Xian Qi Du wind began to frantically into the body, greedy Xian Qi, seem to run all the gas in the universe of theStar, both of human beings breathe oxygen, the ancient warrior culture foundation for infuriating, or human life to maintain the breath of life, and it will mercilessly devour. Du wind's body began to rapidly decline, he simply surrounded in heavy Xian Qi sat down cross-legged, eyes began to adjust interest rates, mouth and whispered:. 'Epigenetic death, become a butterfly.' Red pupil girls have heard these words, she murmured: 'the death of young man, a butterfly ......' Then her eyes flashed surprise, exclaimed: '? Cocoon magic formulas, in this world, there are people who would go to practice magic cocoon it.' In ancient legends Wu Jie, a kind of magical ancient martial techniques, called [magic] cocoon. According to legend, God cocoon features honed ancient Warrior spirit, inspire the soul of its potential in the fight. Attend its ancient weapons, is expected to achieve a world with all five elements are different new infuriating strength, according to ancient weapons such infuriating their qualities may be, all-conquering, compared with the star of ancient weapons, the power of the stronger several times. Faced with this temptation the human condition, but few people dare to kindred branches , candle-like group of branches growing on thin, horizontal lines stretched out, about two feet long, Feng Lin to sit outside this end, like the Master Password is attached to the trunk toward this end. To such as the ability to Feng Lin, these burl certainly can not hurt her, but this shot Master Chan secret law, but it can not prevent her, and her hand is not so long, and if so to be flying leaps, whisk Huixiu open, but also with the game, 'meditation' regulations or not, had to sit and look at that tree branches and sections, insertion she sat tree branches. Master Chan secret of this 'incident to shoot horses' strategy, would everyone can think, but not everyone do it. Master Chan dense amazing skill, two trees left Shiyu Zhang far, but a small branch, issued by his use of the internal forces, but it is better than Strongbow fierce crossbow! Only to hear 'Bu force' 'force Bu' wood popping sound louder, actuallySection through a good few of trees growing on the branches born Feng Lin, than 'shoot first incident horse' is harder to deal with, on horseback can be dodged, or Cui Ma Ji Ben, but sitting on a tree branch , but there is no way. Feng Lin frowned heart:. 'This old Zeitu really hateful, came up with this and other sinister way, I now eye for an eye, but also the rule of one of the body, has dropped out.' In fact, , that is considered secret Feng Lin and Chan Master, while shooting for Fang Suosheng with tree branches festival, Lin Feng is also a disadvantage, because the one born Chan Master dense thick branches, and secondly, the internal forces are less Master Feng Lin The rich, that is considered at the same time launch, Feng Lin also must be first off the branches. Tang Chen Tianyu southern these people standing behind after a couple of days, the south of the tongue too, cried aloud: '! Bad, bad, fear of going to lose this game, Hey, Hey ho, ho win, win' in Jiangnan speak of that moment, Feng Lin sat kindred branches, end of the line and trunk connected to Siegen strip off, but you is the first person you want to have Long Wang Shu it? 'Gu Zhihua said:' This little girl good-natured, never infringe, she How is your enemy? 'Meng Shentong said:' He was my capture twice, not my enemy becomes my enemy. 'Gu Zhihua said:' That is your not, and she ware? 'Meng Shentong sneered:' I'm not with you on the right and wrong, but to say that interest you, the saying goes: easy to put the Tigers hard to catch Tiger, I was able to forgive her, Tianshan Pai's leading figures may not be able to forgive me. 'Gu Zhihua said:' You will let go of her, and I guarantee you that she does not leak secrets. 'Meng Shentong cold laughs:' unpredictable people, parents still unable to guarantee their children, how can we guarantee that you get her? I never believed in others, you say you want more! 'Her, but then you have to practice to ninth heavy, she say to TianshanSent the head to know that you need not be afraid of the bear. 'This sentence would have been very Meng Shentong appeals temperament, but Gu Zhihua sometimes carelessly uttered the name of Yu Jin Shiyi, made his big suspicious, only to hear him haha ​​laughed:' You are quite right, and then over the years, but count plus Feng Tang Xiaolan couple magic even want to wander abroad? 'Gu Zhihua a cold heart, how can she tell Jin Shiyi Joe is looking for a martial arts secrets to North sea to speculation that he had sent him a top hat and said:?' I do not know why Jin Shiyi wander abroad . Perhaps he was offended because you are afraid you are looking for revenge, so to go abroad to escape. 'Meng Shentong laughed:' So you do not know that Jin Shiyi man, I played him, I know Jin Shiyi are like me, who are fearless. He went overseas. Not to be afraid of me and avoid. Qigong is practiced either need to self, is to find people either need to deal with me. Of course. I would not be afraid of him. But I do not want to get in trouble, this woman is definitely not put. 'Gu Zhihua greatly regret, was going to say, Meng Shentong has categorically said:' Shall I