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penetration effect, that all can not be infuriating defense. Different spatial variability brought infuriating. It really is beyond the limits of human imagination exists. So it ...... Once upon Chou has no power in the world to cents, Once upon whether a really powerful, Prodigy photo soul. Right now is not the time to think. Du wind needed sleep, he would sink into the arms of the head, and fell asleep. Turtle breathing method can guarantee him at certain times, with just a few minutes of sleep a night in exchange for the equally effect. Naturally, this needs to be adjusted in future supplemental sleep. When he looked up again, the sun has penetrated the window frames exposure to his face. Du Huo wind got up. Division has to battle. Outside the arena is still many piles of huge crowds, unable to admission. Field is much stranger than usual several times. In the middle of hundreds of feet across a huge screen as a dividing line, the crowd automaticSeparate the two sides, or choose to become Du wind Xu Yuan supporters. Du proudly into the air inside the arena. Only a handful of people inside. Tie standing in the ring to the distal end horsepower. With green eyes looking at the ground Du wind. Wisely logistics officer also felt the pressure, if the wind knocked Du Xu Yuan. World Martial Arts Association ancient two decades to accumulate prestige would be greatly shaken, as long as a call arms, flags will end the extradition will be erected again at the end of this world. Of course, if Xu Du far down the wind, the World Association of ancient martial will be completely suppressed doomsday extradition, extradition will end only if the sunset like buried in history. Horsepower tie eyes who move away from Du wind, there is one thing he can not be figured out anyway. World Association of ancient martial was his own conspiracy to cover up the pretense, and now period has to, in a few months if there are associations of ancient weapons he did not care, but at this critical moment, Du wind suddenly appeared actually, 'Ji , Yanzhou, blue, Xu, Yang Jing, Yu Liang, Yong. ' Kyushu is divided in ancient times. Just finished nine characters, to see at this time between the original ban glittering brilliance dim moment disappeared trail. Let Ding cited hearts surprise. 'This is why?' Ding cited increasingly restless mind, and quickly asked. 'This is Kyushu legend seal, but a strange and powerful seal, but the power comparable to a large array of stars Yao Zu Zhou, Wu family are days Shensha large array; Yet still this is a very large array Vulnerable large array of 'white witch from the big winner is probably because, ghost of a smile, said the cold but dignified face:'? You can see this will be just a few characters of the written ' When 'you write a few characters, although Qin Xiao Zhuan, but if not wrong, then this seat, but when the ancient prehistoric, Terran Castles yuwang set by His Majesty the name of Kyushu.' Ding cited quite young, well-read book, but Emei Shushan first smart people know that the natural origins of words. 'Yes, that is what the name of Kyushu.' Since a large white witch laughed and said: 'Even the Emperor Yu, because credit is very large, ancient footer catching San Juan, achievement Sheng Huang, the future can not make a saint of saints But Yu is a virtuous thing in the end, not only during his lifetime in order to flood three past his home without, for the common people to run around the world, that is, even when he died, they did not forget everything Terran, therefore adopted the first mountain Akagane, North Sea fine, nine days Galaxy, Taishanglaojun alchemy furnace real fire, coupled with their bone marrow refining the Jiuding divided town of Kyushu to the grantor race gas transported long. And this Jiuding also planted a big fuss, for Jiuding seal, seal specially those who have supernatural powers of the emperor. ' 'That's here?' Ding cited pale. Pointing to the white from the big witch said. This time he finally know where the seal is what the people. Heart suddenly even have the holding the knife the same as having five million Undead Warrior. Criminal ax - ax can force people to enhance the number of times, but who will be bleeding. Vision - a drop of blood on the mirror will be able to see the master of blood in the past, the light reflected from the mirror allows the ability to influence people and kinship, light itself also has a strong lethal, is the owner of the magic mirror shield. Ghost Light - ghost light lamps make people hallucinate, and control human behavior. Poison bottle - will be a drop of blood into the bottle. Blood produce alienation in the bottle, drinkingAlienation blood bottle can make people, animals or kinship mutate into violent horror monsters, and the ability to surge. Rhodes Rilla sighed: 'Unfortunately, the countless battles, thirteen Hallows many have disappeared without a trace and now I only know met on this, but I heard that the knife had appeared in the hibiscus too. do not know the whereabouts of the other. ' Zhen Fang also lamented: 'If all of these treasures can really come together, I am afraid that is not afraid of King Arthur and the Holy See.' Rhodes Rilla heard nodded, then shook his head and said: 'reality may not know, in fact not the case, live to see me today with a very skilled, but do not know, today has yet to play one percent dead hand force. ' Zhen Fang surprise, secretly wondering said:. '. When there is such a big baby foreign power of one percent of the force will be able to repel an attack Ares, if the effort to make it, it is also terrible,' wait asked: 'Why?' 'On the one hand of course, because my strength is not enough, can not reach its full power. But on the other hand, among the dead hand, there is a mysterious force, subtle hand to restrain the power of the dead.' 'What power? Power of Light?' Zhen Fang mind is shocked, and did not expect to actually have to restrain the power of the dead hands of kinship, but also to co-exist with them a baby. 'But what time the battle, the dead hand of the church wins, in which