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yesterday, since they lay down their arms, indeed Taichetaiwu. Ordinarily Hongo seclusion, the original anyway, but too many sects apprentice, good and bad, to take in one fell swoop, leaving them to be removed from a lot of headaches in the future struggle, the idea is very good. 'With said Zhou Ding approached Meet with life and said:' Yesterday arrived,No mind was to save this child. See the qualification because he is very good, very young age, aspiring good strong. Shuainian decrepit world outside, no more experienced for many years, were delighted to see one, will be the leading edge. Now bring him to Huangshan Tuition. His family far away in Lanxi, yet still do not know this, it is inevitable Youji. Brother money this trip, just by way of this, I caused his father and brother a letter on its hands around it in one, sent on behalf of it. This child born with a different phase, face black as paint, since the neck below the skin as white as the king, the money might recognize his brother's face, seeing him in, it is not difficult to recognize the. ' Although awareness of the money should be in front of non-Thai, but he suffered a dangerous nighttime hard day, put that name on weekdays head spin momentum collapse star points, the end is inevitable depressed. Heart and thinking about the future of his wife, hastily took the letter, looked Zhou Ding a, did not appreciate the hidden words have meaning king. See words finished, got up to leave. Anti Zhou Ding, listen master one that looked and looked for him attention. Jun feed him implicitly discredited again stay at the local, anxious him go, and no longer retain. Money should also Thailand and Di, the Soviet Union, unless the applicant trio eleven away. Left, hidden king exclaimed:. 'This person his life, but the chest Ayutthaya, jealousy weight, although once or twice every year to do Greenwood career is not easy to kill the robbery are some corrupt officials deserve avenged, in addition there is no greater evil. relied on to act not light enemies, with war not only physically strong witch, basically the equivalent of a few weak Terran martial monks, though it is weak, but coming together, but now is a pretty powerful way force. Shanhaiguan spell on countless Five God of Thunder, and so varied means of defense, arrow light aspect, but the face of millions of troops attack, do not have any usefulness. Wide as the child skinned red, flashing on the Ni Wan glaucoma, hands pinch titration tactics, Fan-day India rose into the air, the size of tens of thousands of years, slowly falling from the sky, there are tens of thousands each fall Xiongshou army numerous casualties, But it is only Xiongshou army simply can not consume the body force behind the Wu family, and Fan-day India is what treasures, wide as the child can not be unlimited use. Qingxudong moral zhenjun hands of five fire seven birds again and again incite fans, air fire, fire, stone, wood fire, Samadhi fire, fire, earth, fire monstrous, all of a sudden on the formation of a Fire at Shanhaiguan, the sound of screams Xiongshou feared; cloud neutron hands again and again turning a Road Guanghua forcing air out, I saw the face of above the earth rumbling sound resounded through the world, a few pillars straight to the sky, surrounded by countless Xiongshou in which a road Yuqing God of Thunder rolling down, all of a sudden, a channel through which the gods of ancient flame blazing pillar of fire burning play; red sperm hands brilliance chain lightning, a white light fast if feijian, who met Xiongshou, all uttered a whine sound, so down I do not know, it was soon shot by others on the ground; Taiyizhenren hands dashing sword, each sword will cut a Xiongshou head, hair flying time, the hands of the nine dragon roll, overwhelming, but also burned a fierce beast, and the rest as Yang Jian, who have resorted to means. Under Shanhaiguan Shasheng around, straight to the sky. 'Roar!' Sound shrill shouts from the far, the immortal looked, could not help but scared, surprised to find a high number of about Baizhang wind, you ......' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Do not force me to point your Yaxue.' Electric plasma apparently did Yaxue, but Luo Feile still clutching his mouth, like a kitten cute authentic: 'I do not say that we are nowImmediately set out to Chiapas city. ' Frontier border regions, has always been contested. In this case, to cross the border into Mexico, Chiapas City should not be difficult. After the nuclear war that no one re-map the world, according to the judge before World War map, Chiapas city should be the same as wandering the city, with an area of ​​about fifty kilometers of small cities. Du wind jeep stopped at a kilometer outside the shelter, the habit of the chip with the entrance, with a gasification into electron flow, the city began to query information about Chiapas through the network. He then frowned and asked him to show the network to buy a five traffic. Dufeng Li Luo Feile engraved asked: 'What does it mean five traffic?' 'Well? Ha, five flow of valuable.' After some explanation, Du wind finally understand. After the Third World War, a worldwide network of smooth flow can not be affected by radiation, causing even the network traffic has become a rarity. A few dollars a month before the war can no longer access a good thing, everyone must be like in the past, as the mobile Internet, the Internet by traffic count money. Web search, has since become a consuming errands burn a lot of traffic. Du wind gas into figurative art electron flow, you automatically get a level of traffic, but only enough to check on the network is the largest number of queries-level information, such as the people are concerned about the World Association of ancient weapons and so on. Secondary flow of information, you will need to purchase about two hundred US dollars flow to query one minute, five traffic will have to inquire about five thousand US dollars a minute. Du wind did not intend to spend money, he looked up : 'Luo Feile, you are the strongest on Earth hacker it, get some information out.'