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we came in was attacked, she was left alone on the outside.' Horsepower tie Leng Heng said: 'Our attack is God in heaven.' General looked at his hands and said: 'We do not have the strength to go out is useless.' Few people are not words, they all gather strength in the body of Xiang Yu, and then there's the rest of the arrival of God in heaven, really naked. Li Han's face became plainer, almost falling down to the ground, the general shook his head: 'She swallowed a heart-shaped cents so it becomes a grandmother, it could be something like a similar nightmare heart Du faint wind said: 'If she can overcome her fears, she, like me, broke open a fourth cocoon. ' E unsteadily up the palm of the King of Ghosts said: 'Why can not I break the cocoon.' Du wind on the ground with your finger to draw a chrysalis form and said: 'Some people do not mind a cocoon, the King of Ghosts, you enough for your strength enough?' Ghosts laughed, told E said: '? Indeed, fearless cocoon I say what I have younger, you do not like to take this opportunity to do a small Raytheon quickly helped her up.'E pale face reddened, and went over to help up to Li Han, Du wind got up and said:. 'I went out to look, you do not come out.' He alone through the firewall to the outside world after more than a dozen bends turn, can be seen already in the twilight Lu Ya figure, positive and three confrontation with three men who are strong rippling heaven, it is in the power of God in heaven. Lu Ya figure kept shaking, seems to run out of steam. Bang Lu Ya knocked down, one of them will carry up Miss Ya. Du cold wind tunnel: 'Stop the congregation God of heaven will bully you girl!?' Du wind trio looked the slightest fear. The three-day community of God congregation, all the legends that God is dead, and impressively all miraculously resurrected. His indifference and said: 'What are you God?' Three days and did not ignore the public sector God Du wind, Lin Zhu Lu Ya neck of God congregation cold tunnel: 'First get rid of this little girl, the line to move inside, into the backyard into a two man's Huasheng that room from the south pass out, listen very clearly. Whither mustache never ending glanced paused and said: '? That never ending just south of someone living next door to that room it' Folks busy: 'No, unoccupied, empty lot, actually!' Mustache off a nod, said:. 'Well, I'm going to the room, and then for me to leave you another one.' He chose between the two on which the old man next door, man opened the door, placed the guests busy for a while after make way. Folks gone, pulled out a silver mustache off superimpose that pick luggage, waved, and said: 'Thank you, give you more of.' Many thanks go to pick up the luggage, mustache off to sit on the kang, laughing. Li Kewei quietly gone, room and board not to owe, 'Dragon Inn' do not care, but had to go to the mountains Fankui newspaper. The next day, burly man to the front desk to chat, intentionally or unintentionally, to ask such a sentence: '? Treasurer, there is room to live among the people, and how not seen the shadows.' Fankui 'Oh!' To cry and said: 'It was a live guest surnamed Li, he's gone.' Clever thing every day, no more today, Fankui Gang finished speaking, Ji Chong stepped into the door, he looked Fankui instant, and said: 'You say who, who Liye?' Fankui said: 'Yes ah, how, you know?' Ji Chong said: 'I do not know how, yesterday I met him ......' Fankui! 'Oh,' a cry, burly man of God lifted Tianjin, busy and asked: '? Buddy, where you met him.' Ji Chong eyes over the pages and said: '?? How, you ask it to do what you know him.'  look for a move, Qingchi said:. 'Ji Chong, so do not rule, take that.' Ji Chong Fankui do not dare stare, lay it to say that a clear. Burly old man frowned, did not speak. Fankui sweep at him, and said: 'Ma uncle, evidently the Liye know you two?' Burly man as a revelation,Well! 'Slamming busy shaking his head and said:' No, that would be how, people just do not want to buy my brother's horse, alas, this is where to start ah, that he