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the parent and the way Cho Mangshan send people looking disciples, when just named the Cheng Hao, Cao Kinji same report said that there are two doors with notification to come, but because of something that is yet to come for them. Who is also a Shaolin lay disciples, Ming Jiaoqiu Nguyen Giap, Shaolin Temple, one hundred prison Exalted humble pupil. Wu Chung duo met them on the road, that today is the death of about fifty-armed Shenni New Year, I think the door division of friendship, he was with them to attend the event. The pedestrian positive self talk pleased to hear the sound Meng shouted: '! You have nothing to say these two kid' WUDING ball looked up, suddenly stopped on the road between seeing Jin Shiyi, which surprised no trivial matter, Chung Show relatively calm, quickly pulled out their swords, Chen Sheng shouted: 'This is not your way, why do you not let us in the past?' Jin Shiyi laughed:? 'The two kid you do not eat enough bitterness in it I actually dare move a knife in front of the sword come, come, come, I ask you pile things that let you know the past, 'Cry a little set WUDING ball, the more people rely big curse:'?!. Mangshan Under, How can we allow you to ride roughshod? You make not to open? 'he solemnly say' Mang under 'the words, reality is intended to provoke outrage counterparts, those two really much Mangshan sent his disciples injustice, but they do not know what people Jin Shiyi, he did not know between Wu Chung and what the holidays, let's back off the side, temporarily hold back, listen carefully to say. Jin Shiyi laughed: 'How can I be under Mang also have something to ask you, do not you dare say, I interrupted your legs, called Mang you climb the mountain?.' Bringing people disciples forest road Sheng could not help, said: 'Sir, you are a piece of online friends have anything to ask, please say is, why so Xiongheng??' Jin Shiyi eyes doubled, said: 'My name Yu, You still do not know better. I have something to ask them, who told them not to say that they first called me to ride anyone for the line. They park outside lights scene, only steps from the rockery crevices glimpse or two. Under the moon light, bamboo Aomori, pool , away with foil, become increasingly quiet Kuji. MA Kun Qiu Yi anxious gourd medicine early outcome, listen to him, then handed, see Chen Lu had to go out, that is to sue the owner, immediately Interface: 'The road we traveled thousands of miles to this, only to admire the owner of Viagra Germany, asked to see us. Tomorrow birthday celebration many people, inconvenient detail says can give to see tonight, we wish admired for many years, it is indeed fortunate juniors. ' You utter, guests Should go away, so happened immediately see the owner, please find a moment less than the owner Fortunately, Wei uncle who blame temper, you do not bother it? 'Chen Lu smiled and said:' I am confident that this also does not matter, say the guests have to move, it will not find, please see. The three strange uncle temper though, does this big day tomorrow Chiaki owner, there is not a terrible thing, if you missed the timid fear errand, I assume a person how? 'When he finished, not as soon as Wu Dayan, turned and walked. For a while, Wu said left nearly go cooking tea, and thirst passenger, who went along with the kitchen. Qiu Yi see no stranger, suddenly asked MA Kun said:. 'I heard the name of Megatron southern Lingshi Boxer, both inside and outside the furniture jumped brother grew up with the power division, even if not wholly learned, met experts, the other a total depth recognizable to the 'MA Kun asked:'? Brother remark somehow 'Qiu Yi Road?: 'I hear people are all up and down Mo good effort. The two servant like his cronies, of course, is not weak. In my vision, had just been secretly mindful of his actions, in addition to physical and eyes seem a little better than average, but not but do not see. boy decapitated what you can see there is what? 'MA Kun heard, so that Chen Lu had just suddenly thought of the people to the store messenger, justice and Zou Xiao Qiu Ju in the