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time, it does not know what to eat White Snake How many spiritual things, gradually have some supernatural powers, with a natural sense of God, but also to escape the three disaster four hard, this day is out of the lake, ready to recuperate dragon, a drop of blood from the sky suddenly fall from the sky, White Snake not react, then suddenly drops of blood into the veins to disappear without a trace. Bai hearts surprised, awaiting to see, all of a sudden aches and pains, as if broken bones would like, finally could not resist playing on the bluestone roll to the side of the pool, dripping blood, the whole bluestone are dyed red. If living death in general. White Snake could not uttered Canhao number baizhang knock Green Dragon gravel body splash. 'Alas! Rapt attention static gas, you listen to me to have.' Suddenly the sound of a sigh in the White Snake ears, large bells as LV, shock and mind, like manna fell, whole body pain disappeared without a trace. White Snake lying quietly on the bluestone, only to hear the voiceless ear, but it is the opportunity to come, listening Avenue mantra. 'Road this nameless, whom were strong; everything metaplasia Road Road who made this wonderful students through all of this, is the path of all things, can be called Road to Road very Tao Gu Yun, wonderful this biochemical. with no fixed party whom were strong, not inclusively, so large or death, or far back, it is not often in a Guyun very road ....... 'ear like a breeze, and if the spring shining, the air Suddenly a colorful haoguang rising, shining on the white snake body, a milky white snake actinic spilled on that huge body, suddenly the whole collection of blood, but also restore the original white, silvery white scales shining glory. Louder and louder, the white snake writhing body slowly, faster and faster, around the fog-shrouded, white snake slowly into the body. Suddenly a white flash, the Green Dragon suddenly emerged a beautiful fairy, the beautiful and dignified, compassionate eyes hint of color, light-filled