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when the poor, but it is a different system, Kou Zongguan not send his men, but with the common phenomenon of people. It really is not very reasonable. That party chief bodyguard since domains Mo never dance, vision is sometimes natural maple breeze, Jin Shiyi swept from his side, smiled and said: 'No workers bother you, find themselves to be open! 'That's chief bodyguard was taken aback, discoveredThe keys have been killed Jin Shiyi. Chief bodyguard was furious and shouted: 'Hey, you reason or another so rude!' On one hand and taken away to Jin Shiyi, Jin Shiyi are bent over the keys inserted into the keyhole among the chief bodyguard of these attacks, the slightest no notice 'that specializes in grappling techniques chief bodyguard, a scratched the Jin Shiyi shoulder, is from the thought:' Do not crush his Pipa Gu? 'Mind is not already, suddenly felt a surge of strong anti-Jin Shiyi use' Zhanyi eighth down 'superior internal strength that guard turned down chage. Also opened the prison door, I saw a lot of people inside the dense mass , handcuffs and shackles clanking surgery Jin Shiyi day escape with sound transmission to said:. 'You come to these people broke shackled, sent them to me. 'Then that chief bodyguard had to climb up and shouted:' the two men shoot! 'In his cell outside as caretaker of a dozen guards as much, have flashed weapons, to impinge upon them, while they have not yet encircled Lisheng Nan, immediately launched extremely dodge, use footwork day Romania, like swiftly slipped into his cell, Jin Shiyi laughed: 'You dare to disobey orders, read on colleagues copies of a lighter punishment, you just lie here for a while now! 'Resorted to the unique effort acupuncture, foot footwork day Romania, in the crowd Chuanhuahudie like to wear to insert Needless moment effort, and that more than a dozen guards gave him points Maxue, fell again to King World left into the cell, the cell corners faint candlelight, inside whirring Dangdang a piece of gold cents sound of jade, while intently forward, to mention it. ' 'This magic more?' Wang Shan heart of a dynamic, quickly asked. Green spiritual son shook his head, smiled and said: 'How can it be so easy to get magic, and if 500 years agoOff Mimi snapped: 'But you did not tell us, when we would not have spread within!'Wu Tsering said: 'I was going to tell you, but you refuses to kill Shushi yuan, leaving this person, always scourge, I'm afraid you did not pre-announced stop, but this is a very secret plan, of course, know people better, is more than you, even my men, and only one person staff being to Tuwan Fu! 'Off Mimi sneered: 'I do not care who you are, it turns out you do not I will be also listed in our killing it?'Wu Tsering said: '? Then how could it our cooperation partners, Wu if not get the help you, without hesitation success today, the drink from the source, it will not harm you!'Off Mimi sneered: 'Blue Meng put your hand-picked to today's status, you still want him calculating, say what I do not believe you will drink from the source!'Miss Tsering sank his face and said: 'You have to believe, because you have been disclosed and Duron enemies, if we do not work with me, you force more solitary, and no place to go!'Mo Lisha fully awake this time, the words: '! Mimi, the Central Plains are too cunning, and on cooperation with them, we will definitely lose, you still seriously think about it.'Guan Mei Mei said: '? How do I now consider is surrounded by the enemy, toward which side will not work!' said: 'Only one way to stand yuan over here, they do not have the ambition to unify the martial arts, not hinder our leisurely days at Miller pool!'Off Mimi smile: 'leisurely days, you know how long our days, not to mention Xuenv they would not let us through the previous day at Miller Ikegami it!'Wu Yunshan suddenly said: 'If you are willing to give up the lifestyle of indulgence, pure heart and retreat, I can assure you that ye Yung Hua Bao long to figure this year!'Mimi sneer off and asked: '? In Zhongtian year you can let us much longer?'Wu