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eager to visit this treasure whereabouts, did not stay, Lu Yu Shen Xiandi, I discovered old. senior trips did not return. He due to people bully, to Huangshan to find teachers for help has been three times. I listen to the money the thief so tyrannical, then with theKnow, there are a number of rivers and lakes scum and would like to use this place as a shelter, Buddhist net, was as far as the filth of the place, it seems too sacrilege Buddha, so I would like to ask you to move for good , to protect this land to us! 'Farben quickly said: 'Amitabha, Emei is the root of our being, from life extremely difficult!'Wu Yunshan said: 'If I'm going to enforce it?'Farben together even said: 'Bisi reluctant disciple body martyrdom, donor unless we are killed, otherwise we will not leave, please donor spare ......'Wu Yunshan smiled and said: 'I did it for your own good, you do not agree does not work, green damask, four of you put these monks are acupuncture points, moved to the mountains to go outside, and then point a fire to burn here clean, to see if they still hang on here! 'Green damask four girls move quickly, Wu Yunshan, then was finished, she had begun, a shot to point to the side a few monk!Their powers Road Yi is also high, shot very quickly indeed, the point of the site must especially if people do not rely on rescue, he was absolutely unable Jiexue!Most of the monks were able to control themselves, without resistance, only a few young little light, his face hidden with color grievances, but under the harsh gaze of the law, they will know what you make it!Not long afterwards, the whole of the outside of the hall, in addition to law, everyone is fall upon acupuncture, when turn Farben, Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: '! Master abbot chaired both the yard, for me to call it.'Farben sadly: 'Miss Owen, Emei temple is the Millennium monument, she could not bear burned, say it got out, will have any effect on you!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'burned better than being treated as the filth of the place is good, we are free 'Who is your master?' sigh loudly:! 'is the camel father ah past all without telling you, that you are afraid of it too honest, family division is to find you, he did not hesitate to Qingshenjianfei old scraped.. ''Mountain-old donor it?' Taoist not know, intentionally Jishou asked loudly.Its enough to have eighty people, generating a pair of Leng's face, issuing heavy voice said:. '! You are sending the Hong Yuan Taoist Mao Shan Bar', 'old donor, Pindao precisely Hong Yuan' The man looked at him one, nodded and said: 'Naturally, I can see you and Ling ShiIn the comprehension sector, when it is time to comprehension sector is extremely prosperous, Kim Sin walked the floor, such as pigs and dogs gods, showing strong at that time immortal. At that time, although the ban may weaken as time goes by a lot, but not everyone can now forced destruction. The only way is to skillfully Destroys, or a collection of all collective strength Destroys together. 'Well! I'll try.' A voice called out Cuhao, Zhen Fang looked in the past, was surprised to find a white-faced fellow holding a large white-edged silver hammer came out. While to trees demon explained: 'He Antarctic Whale island main island scene but no life, no magic strength that is actually the most important body of technical experts, when the enemy, who give birth to a white scales, hard If King Kong, feijian difficult to break, extremely powerful. 'Yu in the comprehension generally make magic remote Gongdi rarely have this melee master. But if the melee master, usually a strong defense force who can well resist each other's long-range strike. Once through the other side of the long-range strike, melee, unless the other defensive treasure, otherwise the other will soon be defeated. Zhen Fang frowned, and looked towards the King will not live in the past, I saw him standing outside of a few hundred meters, suddenly a loud shout, a layer of silver armor really draped over his body, with a layer of silver-white flashing light , hold the hands of Silver Hammer, like