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occupied half of the body. And so as to expel the highly toxic when it scorpion already fled. Shows that not only pour scorpion hitching post is very powerful, is that it is very powerful poison. Tathagata as strong as the repair of such person. But also because of the highly toxic. And let the scorpion away. It is true fairy wishful heard this, just trying to collect poisonous scorpion. Do not know how much time it took before casting into this wishful golden hook. Powerful and extraordinary. When westbound, far above that Monkey magic fairy wishful true, but did not get off the tire chosen the fountain of youth, is this thing to reason. But today, not ever know Zhen Fang hands hibiscus stick but one of the prehistoric Harlingen, did Lingbao generally can be compared to. Those toxic although powerful, but unfortunately under the sun real fire effect. No matter how toxic also will disappear, how can hurt Zhen Fang. 'Bang!' Just when the absence of fairy wishful true, but the air is a colorful haoguang emerged. Illuminated vanity. Stinging eyes. Wishful really cents eyes closed mind illegal channels is not good. Awaiting dodge. Where can dodge the anxious, I just felt a sharp pain in the shoulder. Hands of wishful Jingou suddenly fell down. With Shouyi Zhao Zhen Fang, but has fallenTheir own land in the bag. The first step of a dynamic, industry really flew over the fire wishful HL cents. Will fall down, a real fire appeared out of thin air. Yet unseen. If there have been no different. Others but did not feel under Zhen Fang only merciful eyes see clearly, but wishful real fairy face was fear of color, in that moment. As if a flame burned from the heart, blink of an eye. Will own to the kidneys, organs burned clean heart to know that the flame is not an ordinary thing, awaiting homes flesh, off the yuan tires. So after a few hundred years, still can repair to a body, never once thought. That flame seemed to know wishful really like fairy land next action. Suddenly a cry. The yuan has been tightly wrapped in now I'm just a man owes Independence Day.' She suddenly stood up and whispered:!! 'Armor of God on earth I'm going and I do not take any power to go, you can not do this for me, but also vowed not to leak any secrets open circles, do not communicate any information about the robbery, If violated, the ashes. ' Magical armor: 'The mood induction show your emotions is very strange, what are you going to do?' Yang Ying sweet: 'I just know where heaven seal, but I just went for my selected personal care of my husband, armor of God, you believe me.' God was silent for a long while armor: 'The days of shadow princess, all logic program have shown that I should not promise to help you in this busy, but logic program shows that you have a firm commitment to the world than all, even when the seal of the Emperor, now questioning soldiers When God, I have not seen such a mood, day shadow princess, can you tell me what is called? ' Yang Ying faint authentic: 'That is something beyond your logic away, and fear, as you have to destroy the power of logic programs the kind of thing called feelings.' Outside of heaven on earth, sitting in Black Mountain Du wind among the day staring at a knife-shaped lightning. Jinzuan hilt in his hand broken hand has been damaged, drops of blood drip falls to the ground, looking at the sky lightning morphological changes, or hard to think, or himself, but finally just looked calm authentic: 'This is not a trick.' He stood up steeply and said: '? Well horsepower tie, tell us where the thirteen sub-base, what do they use to heaven.' Du wind bound body along with Mrs Black Mountain wind changed the shape of the action, as if to create a personal tights, entirely along Du wind action moving. Mountain God sent forces to make every knife, finally has become a talisman wind Du body care, horsepower tie can feel the body of the other two restless souls go completely silent, but only horsepower tie excited, screaming like beasts said: 'Du wind! outcome is not divided!' It only remaining one