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How you say that earlier? I almost hurt him. 'Lisheng Nan cheeks flushed, made infinitely shy look, vibrating mouth smiles:' I'm not saying he was early my best friends? Somehow you will be sorry for? 'Lipan Gui thought he life at the end of Pitney Ji to his wife at Joe North sea of ​​martial arts secrets I do not know when they could Ji get, let a couple of them have left, and his own niece future birth to a son, then, good or bad is Li . home grandson, you can continue the work of Ji find martial arts secrets they also followed laughed: 'IfTo say, he is not an outsider. Come nephew good husband, I have scared you! 'Jin Shiyi extremely embarrassed, admitted not, nor is it does not recognize, but in comparison, does not recognize, then we would be killed this weirdo, had remained silent, giving him a default Lipan Gui haha ​​laughed:.' How long have you been married? 'Lisheng Nan said:' year and thirteen days. 'Jin Shiyi count, from his first acquaintance with the Lisheng Nan counting the day, it really is a year to be thirteen days, the heart and said:' She poured remember so clearly, I only said it was casually says, because she The day that we met as a wedding day. 'In fact, on that day Jin Shiyi also remember very clearly, or else he would not listen to say that think up Lipan Gui excellent laughed:.' A year to be thirteen days, the days are too short, Somehow still so shy? 'Jin Shiyi could not, had to bite the bullet came and told him to say' uncle: 'followed by' two in 'the old lady gave the line a gift, that old lady happy ah open mouth straight smile, of course, also for Jin Shiyi hostility vanished . the Jin Shiyi asked: 'granduncle woman, when you are not practicing distorted tone, as well as obsessions? 'The old lady said:' Yes, how do you know? 'Jin Shiyi said:' I've also encountered almost obsessed, fortunately rescued and later was an expert, and pass my authentic internal organs Heart, this danger. I'm obsessed with you though because paralyzed, still is not serious, you can use this to catch him unpopular Later, I Qiaochu something positive he will two erupted when Ou who share gas with him. , was not with him seriously, think he fell Tegretol friends. We are really careless, or else it will not have that bitter child, the weather was burn, it would think that this stinking, damn Zaoxin! This shit you have to lose, did not tell me to chase him, to all out there, it was worse. In fact, the thing is that you move out, get on early on the road, did not go far, he saw a wild tea, you're thirsty you, said the water did not get up early to drink good. drink to drink, are catching up with that kid to tea, with bits and pieces to make your mouth. You have to ignore him, go their separate ways, also done for, partial smack the taste, others intend to tidy up If it had not have the dice gas, how they met mile chase him? ' Before one replied: 'You'd worry how things would head home, we all find out about this guy did this number just entered the teahouse, the two of us was drinking tea mouth did everything to beat him for the curtain... by the nursing homes in northern capitalists gas, pique quit, grudge, shouted into the sky in the teahouse. First we did not know a northerner, in which business, listen to his tone, but also to seek the little things in Zhejiang, inquire directly with the store, they would like to take the boat, to save too tired to get up early. he did not even know how this road is not, how and head together? This ministry is taking a Guan Dao, naturally easy to encounter. As far as I reflect on, According to look at tonight, he met with us to hide, that the two might have erupted, did not even really move. Fortunately, there are only a few days to pass, and wait two days and see. events in the body, to something else, event of another, we do not care for him. things over, Ganqiao territories, since not spare him the event is not on, he considered cheap. so if we find a man of bad luck, not many people, Zhao alone, not first He split it, not worth mentioning. day late friends, have mention each other dispersed. Before 'to the path you go, do not go in front of the Seven Mile Village, north of the village by road east of the mountains around the surface, to Pomiao: Miller says Zhou Ping galloped out of the forest, on the Official Road, Mollet black handle of a song, and said stopped, I would like to do a little thing. 'Zhou Ping listen to his tone quite Italian counterparts, the more heart into place. On the way there have been passers, on horseback ask inconvenient detail on the inside, to be a cry, Yi Yan act. Ma line flying, dazzling ferreted road north of the village, into the East Pass. That mountain is not high, according to Dan around the eyes, pale lined day, and even rock Yong Cui, Ying blue dwarf Mindanao, the scene is pretty dark show. Zhou Ping foot grassy path along the rocks around, look around the deserted very thin, want to set the origins of black Mollet acts slightly crashed, Italy seems impatient petty, had to mouth, wait until after the opposite to say. After a short while around the rock trails, emerged Hirano. Fruit see fir forest on the hillside in front of implicit emerged Redwall corner, has been known to arrive. About horse gallops, black in front of migraine suddenly shouted back: black anxious Manghan: 'Teacher forgive me, I dare!' Chuishou standing next to, not jump. Black Mollet shouted:. 'This will also remember later when people do that to, to listen to my side to hide him and I have something to say.!.' Zhou Ping to see this funny little mentoring look innocent, square Since chuckle, black Mollet has gone and asked: 'Zhou friends, you know who I am?' Zhou Ping honestly replied: 'The kids are not patronize the store last night, said that the lives Siming Mountain, known as black baby hand of God ? Mollet, also known as black Mollet it true that a Mongolian name, please see the show not really know, 'Black Mollet said:.' You can also pay this man down, only thing I would want to listen to People say I'm small, you get rid of it go. 'Zhou Ping quickly thanked the other two are high nose deep purpose Western monks, have not seen the last time Mangshan Assembly. Dazhi Mercy simultaneous shouted: 'Come stop!' Ji Xiaofeng hehe smiles: 'I inform you waiting impatiently:' a sideways, begins with two Jackson glided around, Dazhi Mercy angrily: 'How can we allow outsiders Shaolin prank ! 'The two four palm. A homogeneous pixia race as four knife. The two Fanseng 'Well,' a cry, and said: '! Where's the stinking rules 'shoulder a hit, but hear!' Peng, Peng 'rain, such as beating leather, Dazhi shook Mercy to fly up , thanks to their skill very well, a chicken to stand up in the air, as soon landed safely. But they 'Eighteen' in the internal strength of the two highest, if for others, but also to spot a fool, a disciple of the Shaolin Temple and the presence of guests, all surprised, have an acoustic alarm. Wait for them to come encirclement, had reached the outer triple. Sudden, I hear a cough, looks lean out two monk, Bodhidharma hospital and in pain but the Zen Master's two elder generation of the same class and only true master of masters Consciousness. Ji Xiaofeng was about to enter the inner triple the 'Dharma School,' the only true Consciousness together even said: 'I ask the donor, what is going to come?' Ji Xiaofeng just felt a strong push to the potential, once blood crest, he is also fortunate shenfa swift pace, sleep is not good, and immediately pour trace out thirty feet away, this left two old Zhang Li Shaolin range. The two Fanseng strides forward but walked hand and asked: '? The two of you, which one is the Shaolin Temple abbot preside pain Zen Master' Talk between the two sides of the internal forces have been hit, Shaolin two elders robes bulging body, as if being blown off the lake in general, from a circle of wrinkles, the two Western monks, upper body slightly flashed a flash. The only true master said: 'So you come to the monastery but threeThey have a long count your pathetic life, you want to kill the old lady, can not so easily, we spell it out! '