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Virgin mind chatter when no giant, aches, chills, dish this time felt the sword hanging over his head is not an ordinary magic, rolling cloud of ink on Ni Wan, a yellow sky, no Virgin seemed to feel when an large force from the earth out along their turn, did not enter into the ink cloud. Although it is very powerful sword broken hill. But that was connected to the power of the earth Yufu, the power of the earth, endless, where swords can break open the earth defense. Yufu suddenly been set in place. Pang Hong seeing this, his face showing the color of joy, and quickly go up, take down the sword. Is a flag door cracked. When Notre Dame has no sword in hand reached Qingping large array. According to gall guarded, Jianguang staggered, as if the slightest gap Siamese penetrates inland, and countless Jian Qi Lu under my remote control. Quartet piercing emptiness, and now a large array of flags, although the door has cracked five, but there are still five swords, battle map still together. Although not completely, butBoy of ten men is not a simple character, all are also of shape when prehistoric man. Our Lady of Hope head a golden light, the first step to give birth to two HL, glittering behind Liu Fu gingerly, his face fear, looking at countless Jian Qi. Our Lady of Hope desperation. Yufu had to sacrifice in the air, I saw Yufu Guanghua flow. Road shot a brilliant red, a red lotus has a ground block in the spirit of the Virgin surrounded by gold, Jian Qi, though many, but did not rip HL defense. Our Lady of Hope overjoyed, hastened to drive forward HL lift the cloth, cover two lines to the sword toward the illuminated guts. Suddenly a golden light shining green, the sky towards the two cut to as power split Huashan general, but why has not a trace of sound, can not dodge any gave the appearance of Our Lady of Hope is waiting to meet her in the hands of the sword, and suddenly his head above the injection a red light, into a red lotus, lift up sword, let it fall, rejoicing Our Lady of Hope, Liu Fu quickly ordered it is also a loss ofLess. Blood River ancestors is look down upon themselves, their restraint not only has merit Dafa golden sea of ​​blood, more marvelous incomparable HL industry fire, not to mention his head above the hibiscus tree is not a vegetarian, when talking to the defense, and the town Motoko same ginseng fruit, although it can not bear fruit for ginseng, but the sun can really fire issue is not a vegetarian, and that the blood of the Son of God, although powerful, but can not escape the burning sun all real fire grill. 'Red Cloud, you actually kill a God spare my blood!' Rivers of blood ancestors and his face flushed, did not expect gained nothing, anti-corrosion of the rice, stone on their own feet, and that this is the God of Thunder Road, he remembered a two birds with one stone measure, Hong Meng Purple although separated millions of years, but its influence is unabated, rivers of blood ancestors have reason to believe that if he made a Hong Meng Purple, pondering the meaning of the base where the boulevard, he Sanctification is nothing but a matter of time. However, he did not think today's Red Cloud, where is the year of Red Cloud, the so-called anti-people can not do without, then magic and Daoxing not work in Red Cloud is not make bricks without straw, it was framed also no way, but today is different, although there is no chaos treasure, but also slightly less offensive, but if the theory come from the defense, perhaps the only Eastern sage too pure in its top, the industry fire HL, Dinghai beads, hibiscus trees, etc., are on defense and other treasure, just a little use, where rivers of blood ancestors could hurt him in the end, but was really burning fire industry with the sun god spare the blood of many, he did not want to anger. 'Humph!' Zhen Fang cold sweeping a river of blood ancestors, and no mana now because of his Daoxing far under and a hint of fear. 'The young monk, you really are a good means of Buddhism, Pindao admire, but not the escorts escorts in the end, although