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'! Xiao'er trouble you go to a cup of tea to'Folks repeatedly promised to go, eyes always looked Wei Han Ying.He was out the door, Wei Han Ying lost smiles, shaking his head: 'This is really a rare Xiao'er good ......'She sat down, sitting on the bedside .She had never been so Daorang was shocked, she looked ecstatic Leng Leng, a smile and asked: '?? How kind it was very ill.'Then, she clapped touch on the forehead, and this brings have a strange feeling, but she smiled and said:. 'Fortunately, no fever.'Yan Mufei stunned authentic: 'Han Ying you ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'I know how you enter here?'Yan Mufei The preparation for this one to ask, but he just wanted to ask is not this one, but why would she come, why is such a gentle manner, Wei Han Ying Having said that, he just nodded.Wei Han Ying said: 'Do not sit, lie down and listen to me tell you ......'She slowly leaning Yan Mufei lie down, just like a gentle, caring wife, this is never ever do.Yan Mufei surprised face lie down, she added: '! I also learned to look for 'Qiongjia Bang', and listening to them that there was a man last night like you stumbled into this inn, so I got up.'Yanmu Fei said: 'You come ......'Wei Han Ying smiling authentic: 'visiting ah!'Yanmu Fei said: 'You know what I am What is this disease?'Wei Han Ying deeply looked at him and said: 'Do people who are as confused, last night I heard your plaintive voice that shouts, so the second time I boarded the Red Cliff, I see the scene of the booth, you know you are sad enough, I was very remorseful, and I should not be so dark responsible for their own narrow-minded, but I never thought you would be sick, and sick so much. I took heart from a guiltToday I was distressed, anxious cry. Mu fly me to send you to the heart drug, you feel relieved recuperate here, I find Yuqiong go for you. 'Yanmu Fei Yi Tan shook his head and said: 'Han Ying, it seems you are totally mistaken, Do not you know me, I'm sick of course, you are guilty for her, but I never hit it regards because of this harm hands of a knife block, formerly known as the micro to the back, heel forced a step, the two will go back Daozong distance Zhang Xu Zhang Kang hand holding a five Gangbiao early, standby want to send, although listening to the enemy tone, for Shader effort will be under too, motives have been disillusioned, and eventually want to own this tract is famous Essayist, a kind of hidden weapon forty-five only one opportunity to make opening and can be handy, but have been issued, the person how much skill it is difficult resist, let alone a child, but only relied on clever big, was voted teacher, trained from childhood a good effort, that this is one in a million, but the age limit, how can we even have a high ability hidden weapon? absolutely no reason ! Jiaokuang saw this and other underestimate the enemy, first called out to give yourself a start gap, then vertical cursed out:. 'I do not know the dead puppy! No flaws, sooner or later is not free for me hidden weapon of the injury, not to mention self now flaws. Learn that way two days to receive the hidden weapon, then to show off, so why not die! ' Just at that time, fast! With your mind and move at the left hand of a Young, watch for a given enemy, first in the hands of five small Pente issue, while his right hand wrist wave back, crotch that nearly left knee strapped tight triangular top five brass nails, Since then Jihuang distraction, followed by the right-hand finger again from the waist belt for a reason, the two rows of double-belt hidden weapon possessionJaws, and even left together to uncover the seal skins hanging, just waiting for access at any time. Originally trained sleight of hand, while the action already very fast. Full intends deft eye disease is the enemy, will pick hidden weapon, which Pente five Gangbiao are connected to, along with four hidden weapon, much like the same ratio, unsolicited Yudi, no matter how strong the opponent, only to be hit, never not at the same time issued a series of three samples. According to the situation at that style! Kuanglei cracking day! Du wind violently stretched out his hands, his left hand as hard SHEN giant knife, right Brisk elegant as a scalpel, cut Shendao broken, his last knife with both hands, Yang Ying and his forces finally completely together. Dangdang twice, DU fragments in the eyes of the wind was forced out of his eyes, has become a bright Liangbing knife. Lightning cast Qiu Long unparalleled terror, it a mouth, as if heaven and earth will have been submerged in Leitao, and he stood by the surging wave of disdain for Thunder beings. Du wind proudly looking Qiu Long, this move heaven and earth to mention tearing, even called Armageddon, and that is not an exaggeration. Long Qiu Du wind has been rushed to the front, a huge mouth spit Lei Tao, DU has no wind in the hands of a knife, the knife Liangbing leaps from the ground, jumped into the hands of Du wind, then two points above the light above Spark from Du wind blowing out of the hands. The shorter the distance, the brighter the stars, an inch away, an inch of light. He was shocked by the way horsepower tie inch Mans, with Du Liangbing wind had grown up in the eyes of the blood cents, solidly tie into the thick of Interfax, the brontosaurus while Joseph shaking, two steps back again flutter Du to the wind. Inch Mans did not actually play through the dragon! This immortal Dorian also unbreakable lightning Kuanglong is King Xiang Yu's stunt 'Kuanglei torn world.' He looked at his two fingers, if the enlightenment. Lee Billiton inch Mans really clever way, but he did have a wonderful feeling, horsepower tie inch bigger than Mount Li Tuo power. Li Tuo heart lies in heaven right desire, if not get the rights and interests, he can temporarily suppress their desires. Horsepower tie heart, it is Warrior Within. Scattershot border. Flying able to fly farther away, and the closer the enemy, the greater the power, which is inch Mans. Then the heart can flyThe farther away from it. There is only one force that can not be eliminated lingering.  stature, but the whole body surging magic, stature around faint Mist-shrouded, insidious triangle eyes not looked at everything around. A fog suddenly shot a purple, direct robes, heart suddenly felt good. Know that they underestimate the means Zhen Fang, I am afraid it is not a simple piece robe defensive purposes, I am afraid that another mystery. Current stature of a stop, his eyes looking straight robes air, mind made up his mind, if it is found wrong, immediately fled, all invited to come at a later date. Is to stay in the Castle there is hope. 'Boom!' On the robe, suddenly purple masterpiece, purple light shining in the sky, several hundred purple nine days straight, even being put on incense hall Jade spectators were shocked, awaiting recruit people asked, suddenly nine days, also came to the dynasty of the hundreds, in straight sets in around Tianzhu Mountain. Haotian seeing, heart shocked, speechless said:. 'Power of the stars.' He is the Lord of heaven, I do not know how to force these stars. Haotian energy charge of the three realms, becoming the first ten thousand cents, not only because he is the master Hongjun Taoist personally bestowed the heaven, the several saints are his brothers in name, but more importantly because he was able to control this Sunday power of the stars. Unlike Zhou power of the stars of heaven and earth Aura, Aura world must become their own party after refining magic, and Zhou power of the stars do not need refining. Can become its own magic. The power of the stars, unless it is the Emperor's life, not secretly open, did not think today was quoted Zhen Fang down, let Haotian mind how not scared. Jin Yi Tao Jun broad depth of knowledge, see above nine days, planted several hundred purple photochemical fall in Tianzhu Mountain. Was surprised, then I think you know that bad, awaiting withdraw and go. Suddenly the sky pale blue robes of light rose,Air appeared a road light, into a another big streamers to fall among the peaks Tianzhushan, but not too much. Just three hundred