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torture, which is also self-torture and other hard to get a moment, let alone three days and three night? Hastily exclaimed: 'We know our mistakes, we plead guilty!' Jin Shiyi said:. '! Empty admit, does not count in this first grave knock three ring head, to Lv Siniang veteran Peizui' Lift your feet, put the two officers, two officers climb up, immediately kowtow like Daosuan breath knock six or seven ring head, far exceeds the number of gold that set the world. Jin Shiyi hold back laughter, and said: '! Footed, each playing their own ears twenty, playing what you want to curse loudly, cursing yourself a darn son of a bitch, blind turtle son,' the two officers in the end is the Guards command of identity, so insulting in their own words how yelled export? Fang self hesitate Jin Shiyi suddenly sneer, filed a Tieguai, stare shouted: 'Yes, your bones actually very hard, refused to condemn it, I'd like to try, your bones are not really hard?? 'as if they fightUnder that two officers quickly footed, self-slapping squeak secluded pops! Beat the curse it, 'son of a bitch,' 'son of a bitch' sound, scream loud thunder price! French monks angry Qiqiaoshengyan off, seeing the disciple in the world before the hero, by Jin Shiyi this and other abuse, he did master's face what this deposit, that is considered the head of the Mangshan faction won the position, which is a shame but also lifelong hard wash it! Master than fighting, which capacity slightly distracted? Shanggang Gang destroy law and a firm footing, and Gu Zhihua tied, then a moving gas, gas impatient Xinfu, Gu Zhihua suddenly a trick 'Bai consistent day,' coldness disease spit Shuanghua sword, stabbed into his throat, destroy France Monk hurried backwards dodge, but to hear the 'brush' is heard, robes have to Gu Zhihua sword through. Fortunately, French monk relied polished off the internal strength, suck swallow chest abdomen, he sent half an inch tip, did not hurt his flesh, can also give a cold sweat! Jin Shiyi again only to hear loud in there told: 'You son laser line, only to find embedded in the door of the weapons, most have somehow failed. But even without the use of any weapons, which the steel gate is 60MM thick super alloy forging, and can withstand small missile bombardment, understanding this guy does not come break. Behind him a loud voice: 'The remaining schedule can launch his weapons.' ControlMembers of some doubt that he is not got it wrong, but when he turned over to see the city three consuls were standing behind him, looking solemn when not immediately impose warnings, but open to all weapons firing system. One of the cool sound consul said: 'It seems that the intelligence said the intruder is this person.' Another man laughed aloud: '? Two Star ancient weapons I see how he pass through!' Door stands an ominous tone, like a monster treat the bite of the big open mouth. Du wind did not hesitate to advance to the door. Weapons systems on the door without the slightest movement, but Du Fenggang a step forward, at the foot suddenly sank, the giant pit on the ground would appear out of thin air, he stuck down, pit extending six 360-degree rotating mechanical steel clamp, from six different angles clamped tightly to his waist, by the touch judge, each at least be able to impose more than the weight of 1000KG. Two machine guns on the door of the corner timely start, beginning Haloxylon spit flames, incessantly to his launch. DU bullets did not hit all the wind, hit in the upper part of the pit along, sparking bursts of fog and Mars. Can vaguely see the dust clouds, the wind was vise Du meaning no struggle, just cover your head and face with both hands, like a storm, like machine gun bullets let him shoot. 'Da da da da da da da' sound constantly blink of an eye, the first two machine guns magazine have been exhausted, the smoke dissipated, Du wind slowly down his arms, not as they imagined to be shot was full bullet holes in the body. Instead, six metal arms, machine guns, regardless of the enemy in a hail of bullets intensive bombardment, choice, but also the mind has already decided, as That depends on how you ...... you do. You want me to, I told you, if you do not want me, I have my own way to go, I just wait for you word it! 'Yan Mufei secretly crying, he is simply difficult to the extreme, hesitated a moment, the whole tenor of a look and said: 'girl, the face of your affection with you this, if I say no, it is against his theory of self-deception ......'Jinyu Qiong beautiful eyes opened, surprise authentic: 'You ...... you mean to say, you have me?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Let me tell a girl afterwards, and then ask the girl to make a decision!'Jinyu Qiong Yaran said: '? I have to make a decision I have ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Please girl heard about this, and then think later to say!'Jinyu Qiong surprised at him and said: '! Well, you say, I'm listening.'Yan Mufei silent for a moment, and said: 'girl, I once told a friend in Red Cliff, about ......'Jinyu Qiong said: 'I know, how?'Yanmu Fei said: 'She told the girl, as is also a girl.'Jinyu Qiong 'Oh!' To cry and said: 'So her ...... she is also a girl.'Meal, then asked: 'So what is it a girl?'Yanmu Fei said: 'She isPink confidant, told me of the Union concentric! 'Jinyu Qiong and 'Oh!' To cry and said: 'I understand that you are telling me you've got a, is not it?'Yan Mufei frowned slightly, nodded and said: '! Yes, girl'Jinyu Qiong said: 'She, she is how the kind of person?'Yanmu Fei said: 'She is a woman Wulin Qi, Marie Pink, the British women's odd ......' said: '? Oh, the original is also a ...... you know how long with her?'Yanmu Fei said: 'girl, flexor math, I'm afraid there are more than ten years.'Jinyu Qiong whisper loudly and said: 'So long, and you have not told her yet ...... get married?'Yanmu Fei said: 'No, girl.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Why?'Yanmu Fei said: 'girl, because of various reasons.''For various reasons?' Jinyu Qiong said: 'The reason is that I can listen to it?'Yan Mufei hesitated, the reason to say it again from beginning to end, from the time talking about secondary Dynasty,