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French monk rage, suddenly shouted:' You insult me ​​Jin Shiyi large even today is not your death is my death 'pending rid Gu Zhihua, out of the circle and Jin Shiyi hard!. Initials, Finals and did not stop, only to hear 'a cracking' sound, Gu Zhihua volley leaps, winds cut like a sword over, off the monk's shoulder to her law slashing big one flesh, even the shoulder blade to blade also split the! Jin Shiyi palms a close, laughed: '! You yelled good, you can redeem up, roll it,' Qin Dai Geng pure as the smell of amnesty to hide his face sleeves, dare look at Master, hurry scatter in all directions and flee! Jin Shiyi laughed, jumped out toward Extincting monk said this:. 'Lv Siniang you dare to dig the graves of the mountain you will not say that this account I also want to be with you today, but you can already count wounded I hate to bully Jin Shiyi injured person, and so then you keep a good hurt, I am ready ! 'destroy method monk defeat at sword, gas hate the extreme, but he greatly injured, this time At this juncture, not to mention another bucket Jin Shiyi, even though he also beat up Gu Zhihua. France wanted to destroy a monk, to vent, I'm afraid you have given away his life, he can not help this feeling that he does not swallow. Moment, then dropped the two facades, a disciple of the school feeding Mangshan difficult to pronounce, and throwing Tieguai, fled in panic under Mangshan. Gu Zhihua return sheath inserted sword, walked in front of Shi Cao Kinji a ceremony, intrinsic said: 'Master rely shelter, senior sister apprentice prestige, disciple Gu Zhihua has been expelled under XiongsengHill, to pay special orders! 'In fact, she defeated to win this speech, Jin Shiyi's only been a monk angered coup would destroy France, to be the person who does not know? Cao Kinji hearts White Fang Ziming, Gu Zhihua words just to show consideration for the head of her face . it : 'The senior sister apprentice, smote Gu Zhihua, a great credit to this door for her punishment whether leniency, still associate her always find me there is a reason this time?' the sky falling nodded: '? You find 'Senju Ghosts' sublime now the capital where' little begging Stern said: 'The younger generation is to find him, I heard him in the 'West hand' Willy who go fishing a Treasure?' 'sky guest' nodded: 'West hand man, though not to the 1950s and has enough with martial arts veteran contend, he grabbed at the Palace 'Linglong Cup' soon, actually being 'Senju Ghosts' sublime stripped, in fact, almost sublime with his martial arts, such as with a hard won hands Xuxuan Wu will also throw in the towel, but the sublime to be His battle is far better than your means to start, thus making non Xuanwu than fighting must be made to find him. 'Little beggar laughed: 'You always want to get the bird also odd cup it?' 'Sky guest' exclaimed: 'My child, you still do not know the real odd cup at ah, not phantom Linglong cup piece, but ban the use of force, including senior immortal, if the dragon once broke out ban, and the results stand, there are two consequences, one away to heaven, one for V in the human body. 'Little beggar surprised: '? Ascension since no doubt, and fell to the body then how' 'sky guest' Stern said: 'Son, you good question, Linglong Qiken volts in the human body which is the martial arts competition. the reasons, if you break the ban within the function will go on cups, Linglong will be lying on your body, because it has been your control, then you Bu Wei wisdom as God, but never forget that any martial arts, skill, god is more sophisticated. 'Little beggar overjoyed and said: 'There is such a thing, I am determined to find him, although the enemy could not his strength, but ......' 'sky-off' with a smile: 'But whatIn fact, there are Pindao sins, now Buddhism as large, amulet will come, if I have three brothers still as before, I'm afraid I Pangu authentic Orthodoxy will also be gone. 'Taishanglaojun waved, the first turn on the mysterious Grand Master said:' You go where you Shishu Babel, so he sent someone to collect the six