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internal strength, can not own luck washed off, must be unique Mangshan send this door Jiexue effort to be able to save. Under observation, Gu Zhihua alarmed endless, mind: 'Which one is the hurt of the door of her brother's skill according to acupuncture seems only Cao Kinji and wing mid-year but if there is such a skill by his two?. ? point, why this woman would fall Meng Meng Shentong's hands, 'Li Qinmei also alarmed endless, acupuncture a solution, immediately asked:' Jenna, what are you old thief Meng's 'Gu Zhihua hearts ache, replied?: 'I was like you, was he imprisoned people in this sarcophagus.' 'Who are you?' 'Who are you?' The statement from the two men at the same time asked the mouth. first replied: 'I called Liqin Mei is Tianshan Pai How about you.?' Gu Zhihua heart earthquake, ejaculated: '? How do you then fell on his hands,' said: 'Hey, how do you know I have! Phi Meng old thief imprisoned ' said:'? I called Gu Zhihua, is Mangshan school ' said:.' ah, that is about told you last have a woman surnamed Li me. save them, according to her, Meng old thief with a big knot send you Mangshan hatred, just as she came out of the night to save me, and Xie Yizhong Mu Chuang Meng really had a scene. Unfortunately, I did not see them. 'In fact, Li Qinmei jailed things, but Jin Shiyi told Gu Zhihua, but Gu Zhihua not want even to her instructions. When she finished, quickly asked: 'Are you capture whom come from?' said: '! Is an old monk, a Buddhist monk's staff carrying a root-sized, air ferocious, body fat' this surprised even more! Warble, said: 'The original law was destroyed monk him, he, he, he did not come here!?' said: 'You know the origins of the evil monk would do exactly what he sent me to Meng old thief?. in. Hey, sister, why are you so afraid of him? Though his murderousMeng old thief, but not worse than him? We have now landed in the hands of the devil, a devil and the devil are the same two, the big deal is dead. 'She knows how, the fear is more than a dead thing can speak cloth she did not life, this time living on the island, facing the risk of accident, could not help but feel faint fear! silence sudden, I hear the sound of wailing. Everyone looked toward the cry, I saw people scattered cloud Kunlun hold spiritual son, being aloud Jin Shiyi wail trail:. 'I simply their own healing, but forgot to cloud the spiritual son. 'Hurried past, the whole cloud spiritual son faces such as gold paper, Qiruoyousi, cool touch body, showing it is difficult to live. Jin Shiyi palm close to the vest cloud Spirit' big hole express 'strong internal force transport will He startled, asked: 'What else do you do it last? 'So the cloud is the spiritual son dying state, only the last breath under transcripts, Even though some gods, also put out the rule, but Jin Shiyi help him lift the last breath, so he has nothing spiritual testament account. Yun Ling child's body shaking a bit, slowly open the lips, ears and hurried Kunlun scattered leans his lips, only to hear him, no, do not be paranoid of what martial arts secret perilous, alas, my dark green mother die, die miserably, I, I sorry for her: 'These words had finished speaking, suddenly die, the body stiff and scattered clouds spiritual son Kunlun couple and mulberry wood basking four devil, in order to find Joe's North sea. martial arts secret perilous, from Tibet, together with, the mulberry wood basking be dissolved volcanic magma, Mulberry mother is golden shuttle sucked brain, and now cloud spiritual son has been killed Frankenstein, just stare at the Kunlun scattered one. avoid death solitary sad, when ! really heartbroken Kunlun scattered people crying for a long time, managed to persuade him to collect the tears, Jin Shiyi said: 'To fix the ship, at least they have ten days, but fortunately we have five people, what insurance is difficult, too can work together to cope. 'Kunlun scattered people no alternative but to act in unison with them Meng Shentong is worried that he and subtraction monk skill Zhu complex within these few days, and that weirdo if to although Lonely Soke said to be worried Zhen Fang difficult topic, but in fact, everyone knows that he is afraid Zhen Fang out of the subject is too simple, just hang a name only. 'Lonely real you is what these words mean?' Kun Yuan fairy king frowned, his face ashen, Fengmu shining coldness toward Lonely stare in the past, an entire hall filled with coercion. Tian Ling Master can not help the hearts of anger, have stared Lonely, Lonely obviously be sensible if, at the moment, I am afraid we must fight to come. Xiyi live side seeing, glanced at the Zhen Fang's first see his eyes showing a trace of cold, his face ashen, apparently also exasperation. Lonely hearts secretly angry Exalted act recklessly. Not only provoke Zhen Fang, also provoked overseas family, a family of many overseas experts to know, if he was excited to be reversed. Huff, cast Divine Yaozu, I'm afraid things will not be able to come down here to the people won. Present laughed: 'good luck live immeasurable merit, since the test in order to pass down to say personally bible, alas Pindao stupid not know if the test went on a try!..' Carter. Breeze, who mind a move, although Polaris bible but Beastkin treasure. However Avenue thousand, round after round of the same, which may be able to comprehend in some supernatural powers to, nor is it impossible to land. Legend has it that when the hook Chen Dadi but illustrates teach marching cloud neutron sects outstanding students Zhen Zi, also illustrates teach a vein, perhaps this book is really hook Chen Tian supernatural is also unknown, since overseas can hear, that Turkey Masamichi Ha Why not heard of it! If we say that the morality, the door will not be better than the authentic coat with the generation of many of these birds it! Xi Yi Zhen Fang naturally understand the meaning of the moment and sighed and said:. 'I waited for the practice of the people, it is not only the Red dye, in fact on the causal avoid entanglement, exceedingly certificate after you wait for someone to listen Avenue in Dili