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That is to miss the power of God cut seven sixth-style style, is the power to knife through the thoughts - endless. Lightning Kuanglong tall and, facing nearly invisible flying knife screaming, throwing knives are tearing everything around, including Kuanglong create lightning breath. Flying eliminate are without a trace. Longkou ejected a huge power play to Flying zloty sound, lightning actually be divided into two halves. Uniform halves. Flying close to the invisible Kuanglong lightning, lightning Kuanglong body shocked, and a wonderful atmosphere reveals consistent dragon tail out, it instinctively tighten Du wind, the Le borne. That power is greater, from the tail to the dragon, the dragon fly to the body like a bubble. Became a lightning scattered in the air bubble. The farther away from the heart, the yearning, the more powerful force. 'Endless' force, killing one step further than the solution. Du wind Pizhen open Shiyu Zhang far, the body was badly mutilated mingle, Xiang Yu was not watching. Sixth style has been out, but still can not match the King, only to eliminate the other moves it, then what is the seventh-style. From off to technology, to kill, the last type, Is not it? He finally returned to his eyes tightly vision looked Xiang, Xiang Yu beside God in heaven shrouded unique , in addition, there are extremely familiar Du wind gas, gas cocoon after. It is still missing. Higher level than their own cocoon of the realm, but still miss to power. Xiang Yu is no longer attack, seemed pensive, he suddenly put away the thunder sword, shouted: '! Boy, come with this King' He clenched Young zero again, striding toward the distant, Du wind followed, hugely Overlord body has gone out of a few hundred meters, can not catch up, according to Liu, quickly tie for horsepower and said: 'Come with me to catch up! ' Du Xiang Yu wind hot pursuit, and shortly the two have entered a mysterious underground caves, according to Liu and horsepower tie just to follow up, roar underground Shimen closed, they were shook his head and said: 'No, I know her, but has missed the worship know!'Yanmu Fei said: 'He may be old you know?'Sun Sen said: 'She is also only heard of me, but I have not seen.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Well, how old is talking with her up?'Sun Sen said: 'She came here with two friends ......'Yan Mufei kerf said: 'But the elderly had to say, what kind of person you want to find?'Sun Sen said: 'She did not say the name, did not say a name, only the two men's looks, she described it to me.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Wei husband is the eyebrows, is a frail Gongzaigeer? 'Sun Sen nodded and said: 'Yes, that is so two people.' Hesitated then said: 'Young man, you, how do you know?' heads EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR flashing, said: 'The elderly, people come to the man, but a woman thirty down, people looked beautiful??'One grandson Nathan nodded: 'Yes you ......!'Yanmu Fei said: 'how old she say?'Sun Sen said:?? 'I asked her what she was looking for the two men said to be just friends, I think she was a woman alone, flashing words, a little suspicious, immediately I asked her what her name did not hide what to say name, I did not know she had a ...... 'Yan Mufei interface, said: ''Lady Bing' Wei Han England?'Sun Sen startled, busy: 'whatever, how do you know you're implying ......?'. 'Elderly' kerf Yanmu Fei said: 'Please tell me later?'Sun Sen said: 'I heard a 'Bing Lady', a good heart happy, I immediately asked her to do me a favor and help me ......'Slips shut up without saying.Yanmu Fei said: 'The elderly, what you want her to help you busy?'Sun Sen shook his head and said: 'Unless you're me and other people, otherwise I can not say.'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: 'The elderly, she helped you a favor that?'Sun Sen shook his head and said: 'I told her, but she evaded the question, should I tell her that if he had seen her with two friends, when I say a bite as long as willing to help me say, I Tell your two friends where they are. In fact, I should not defend the girl, but in order to seek her help, I have no other way. 'Yanmu