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inn, next Yamen ' said:.'. This fall may be, to you to notice something, do not let the government come magistrate, otherwise we go 'plums into anxious for a Detective:' The Xiandi, please accompany two Shaoxia to the inn, I've seen magistrate to come. 'That Detective quickly crashed to lead the way, then go to the inn.Particularly attentive hospitality inn, fine houses to live, eat, etc. banquet, they have to know that the two teenagers humble opinion actually mobsters, hands caught two thieves in Warren.In the evening, plums came in, his hands holding a big red, and the door to the Baoshu De Dagongzuoyi Baili Chao said: 'two Shaoxia, magistrate noted that two of Italy, he is also not to disturb the elderly friends, but compliments over two Wanji Tian. Well, this is the magistrate sent with two reward of two thousand, two hundred and twenty are in addition to the increase, and that the red ginger escapement be paid, I am afraid that the next two to bring inconvenience, Designed for two-for-the drafts. 'Baoshu De bluntly, took a look open, shown with good, pulled out another two hundred and twenty, and handed plums into a smile and said:. 'Lee head, is this our brother gave you a piece of cake' and took one hundred and twenty tickets said: 'There are a lot of people Xiongtai men, that you transferred them to strike a drink.'Plums into haha ​​laughed: 'This is how is received afford?' Mouth is so that men can not slow.After dinner, plums into again, the door laughed: '! Two, think of things very well, the man simply can not torture a confession friends' toward Baili Chao Bao Shude smile, that is to say: look forToday, no one entered it. Even if there are one or two demon, it was to stay in Tianzhu some small hill just outside. ' Zhen Fang This is a smart man, you know there is a reason, but in the end not to Once upon indigenous. Moment of doubt and said: 'Could this mountain have large fierce thing, or have any other reason for not.' . 'The teacher may not know, because it Tianzhushan good, so it did not with his finger and said: 'There is severe pain!'Yuwen Qiong Yao Wei Zheng said: 'It's strange, I did not hit you here ah!'Wu Yunshan could not help but laugh: 'I intend to wholeheartedly for you, but in exchange for Juquan opposite, how can we not feel bad!'Qiong Yao Yuwen knew she was joking, in front of many people naturally feel embarrassed, Juquan fight her again, busy: '! Yao sister, you call me, I'm going to fight back.'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'You're not my fist than rival!'Wu Yunshan whispered: 'I did not tell you more than a fist of it, just to get some medicine, give him to eat, so he initiated the wild to ensure that you will kneel for mercy!'Qiong Yao Yuwen a more outrageous, but looked up, everyone was looking at them both, actually embarrassed to haunt her nonsense!Wu Yunshan look for a positive, holding her biting his ear and whispered: 'Yao sister, I'm talking about serious, then move firewood near the fire, some things are inevitable, but you have to know how to control, showing a little gentle on the line, do not be too strong of longitudinal, although you superhuman strength, but the trek, trapped workers on the occasion, the most debilitating, not to mention you may also encounter enemies ...... 'Qiong Yao Yuwen blushed and whispered: 'I know, sister Susan, what you think of me as a person!'Wu Yunshan also secretly pinched her hands look and said: 'I was concerned about you, they do not have to worry about him, he was born valor, tireless energy, his damage is not serious, mainly you, your effort is acquired training practice, well killing, harming even worse, most of the people who practice martial arts bogey, is the truth, you do not need the original green shadow with peers, I give you more special with a personal, is for you' The head of the snake with a pink border into Zhejiang Bianji rampage, until Hangzhou increasingly rampant, nor registered, we discuss bad day to be strong in the lake, bullying women tourists through explanation and said: 'The local group is the first