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trust the Red Lady, with the 'Desert Dragon' Futian Hao, like, for many years the deal is the deal with people both, and both are also killed people who got to be in the eyes of local administrative officials, he was two Wicked Zeidao difficult Forgiving, killing local officials, robbery where the rich and powerful, but we knew that was how he was two kind of people, just Tan Compass himself told me that he wanted to let the convoy cloth trap, ambush , take the red lady ...... 'A guard, the brothers said: 'do his daydreams, red lady does not mean just in front of him except to punish evil okay, he touched people's side of what, if I was on a collision he died, Helenians nerve tilted beard blowing, is not afraid of manic fast enough! 'Brothers echoed, no one does not say so.Luosan Ye pressure of the pressure, raising his hand and talk Initials, Finals, said: 'Having good, but guys do not know, I understand that good old Tan Compass giant slide, a name the old fox, he was able to mess with the point today, he can do a lot of pretty major, he was able to shake the river north and south, by the failure of his powers, relying on his extraordinary mind, that's a little harsh, he Jianhua overcast fraud, how many people are not planted Under his martial arts, but lost in the words of his children, 'Desert Dragon' Red Lady par with, or even further than the red lady high on a chip, he is not also fall into the hands of Tan Compass that? 'This is a hard fact, everybody who is forced to admit.A brother Lengheng heard the guard: 'The old boy he did not know they play that set it, or else 'Desert Dragon' would fall into his hands to make his mother's daydream.'Luosan Ye said: 'I said the original is this, the fear is this.'That were brother and said: 'So put these two things children with everybody, is ......'Luosan Ye Stern said: 'I'm going to save the 'Desert Dragon', blocking Tan Compass take Red Lady.'Everybody were shocked, some even blurted shouted.A brother and said: 'San Ye, this is not for fun ......'Another brother breath, quietly approached the little girl, and supervision will be different, Schindler family when the master would never allow her to take away his daughter, she can do thatOK stolen Marian. Oddly enough, the little girl seemed to see her, no matter how to change the angle of the light angel close to her, the little girl's eyes always light angel nailed him, completely unable to get rid of her gaze tracking. Angel tries to light across a step closer, the little girl immediately scared to cry. Distant Schindlers unknowingly watched lawn, they can not see the light angel stealth. Angel of light can not take into account their feelings directly forward reach out and grab the little girl. To her surprise, the little girl to immediately bloodshot eyes, like the emergence of severe symptoms like conjunctivitis, with her closer and closer, the little girl's whites have completely disappeared, leaving only a vague blood red. Among black pupil became scarlet color, even light angels feel shudder. She was forced to calm down their emotions, this force so powerful, it must be wrong of this little girl. She tried to approach a step closer little girl. Shocked little girl pupil split in the middle there is a distortion of the cross, like the word Nazi symbols like the flag, light angel read immediately felt a strong force to attack his own body, if they are not energy state body, had already been strongly telekinetic pieces. She also forward one step closer in the hand can grab the little girl, the little girl began to cry loudly. Make light angels tremble is bloody awful idea force grew excited girl's eyes out in spray. The little girl crying in fear, but her face was showing a monstrous smile. Flowers, air, all became horribly distorted word, bloodshot eyes caught the light angel body, light angel wings behind to start after a blur of light waves, she escaped the shackles of the little girl's eyes. A ten year old child actually have this power? The Magic Flute will be no less than entirely Steering and void.