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Tomorrow, nature remains to be seen a visible grid.' Ni Wan said, a move, a gold merit, as mysterious yellow color, straight on the Sky, an orb pearls, gold in the ups and downs, Colorful Rays shining, it is the gift of Hongjun Taoist obscurity beads. Beads in the world, is very mysterious. Nvwaniangniang smiling, incomparable beauty, laughter and said: 'Good!.' Carter, but also out of a mud ball over haoguang, a colorful color, thick gold if the real merit, although not as good as the soil behind the empress, but also hard to find three realms, into gold, red hydrangea ups and downs which seems to have Numerous red lines involved with the world of countless marriage party treasure map that reflects the numerous landscapes, around the golden light, flashing bursts of Glory, what rivers boat plans. 'Namo Amitabha!' Escorts Taoist looking sorrow, his faceColor compassion, armed escorts buildings God, shining little glow, showing the relic on the Ni Wan Yuan light, aspect Zhou, relative paradise emerged among the faint, golden one, which emerged in countless Buddha The whole being Foguangpuzhao Sky, sound filled the Buddha, Lord of the big demon have to indulge them, cheering 'Namo Amitabha' more than. The quasi-mentioned Taoist then laughed, Ni Wan a move, showing gilded, the fleet is an icon, the eighteen hands, twenty-four, the Executive set Ying Luo canopy, flower pot guts, blessing God pestle, Po filing, golden bell, gold bow, silver halberd, streamers, flags, jade light shaking, all of a sudden it hit the golden twist and tangle together, Lu Peng grass above the temple, emerged in a golden light, the gold being with pearls Lotus on the ups and downs, countless stars relic dotted around, shining void, Guanghua horizon, shrouded mountain two circles. CONSERVATORY outside Camp, Taishanglaojun suddenly opened his eye, and so-called Zhen Fang humanity:. 'Three Young, West Second St. and two empress to the' Primus heard of a dynamic, sweeping glance Zhen Fang, Tao : 'Young, at stake in this war, you have to participant under one's own The body can only alternately, if the enemy can not come into contact with an instant spike companion body, then it will be lost along with five people own. In this rule, the Challenge Cup is not a simple five-man combat, but a game of wits game. If you start too weak debut of players, there are likely to be knocked down and unable to direct the other fellow the opportunity to succeed, but if you fear that happens strong opponents of the war sent the outset, it is possible to consume excessive power to the enemy's strong opponents can take it machine. Tan legs focus is speed, good spike, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is wrapped around skills, able to completely limit checkmate action. Many opponent is in a face to face and Zhao Xu Tan Luan was knocked down, as well as other companions had no chance to participate in the fighting. In the semi-final match, Zhao Xu Tan Luan and has finally stepped down, the last one enemy to face with Deng. Weapons enemy using whip, whip Xian Qi Guan full song in front of Deng became one after another spiralEssential to the strength and solid defense known Deng, deal with this opponent clearly more suffer. Deng began dignified pace, as if about to pounce on its prey before the first breathless lion in general. Helical whip weakest place, is the center of the spiral and opponents to nearly living, full of soldiers will naturally not beaten in vain waste of effort. He was waiting for the opportunity to fight a hit in. Bullwhip constantly changing curves finally there is a flaw, when Deng rushed to prepare proper, one a firm hand on his shoulder. Wow, a big audience, this move means substitutions. Before the Final Four has never passed, Independence Day Du wind, finally shot himself. Use whip enemies glanced Du wind one, some doubt authentic: 'You are the wind Du Independence Day?' Du wind indifferent said: 'Yes.' However, the other side first, followed by the face of it emerged in uncontrollable ecstasy. Du wind out of the air to show him. Not more than