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seniors do not read your forgiveness, dare misbehave this, how can I send Mangshan spare you 'destroy method monk sneered:'?? Wing Chung Mou, you are now being sent a large sovereign Mang, [note: the south is divided into Seven ChivalrousSeven, each one; which went Ganfeng Chi, Bai Taiguan two people height, called Mang sent two large following. Jiangnan beggars] is the main fact, in the martial arts are considered a little-known, and drink from the source, you should how grateful my master? Did you know that you are willing to master the martial arts phoenix it is my master taught you? Today, I dare you address him by the name of Master Yu, just by this point, I would first do not spare you! And you Cao Kinji, when you order the identity of two generations later, also jump on the Lv Siniang rebel rebellion, today they dive head position, but can not forgive! Now I have two routes to choose from, the first is that you and I alone, as long as you take me ten strokes, I'll admit that you are Mangshan sent the head; the second is that you kowtow to me, Alternatively head, while also built the tomb erected for my master, Phi Ma mourn, then taking a good legal case that pile! 'Cao Kinji Qiqiaoshengyan anger, not wait to finish off the French monk, as soon raised him leading cane fight to lift the bin Tieguai Yizhong Mu battle, to senior sister apprentice Luezhen. Extincting monk laughed, body side, avoid Cao Kinji call crutches, without first fight back, but toward Yizhong Mu shouted: 'Duh, I master this you do not root Buddhist monk's staff gave me? 'So as to make this wrought iron root Shui Po, but Ganfeng Chi year after his death in the cause, the result of a Buddhist monk's staff being pulled in Mangshan cliff, into Tieguai, passed to his eldest Lu Qing's disciple, Lu Qing therefore got a 'Tie Guaixian' in the title, Lu Qing's death, which in turn passed to his roots Tieguai Young Yizhong Mu, therefore destroy the law and there a word. Extincting monk sound to people to, but see him a 'dragon around the step,' consumed nearly one-third of Xian Qi native body, but there are still three host's own immortal, two Jiuxing ancient weapons, and even more important yes, they also have a - God! As long as there is at Valkyrie Lu Tianming, even days, Ji and Liu Fei General Li appeared, they do not fear. Du wind has been unable to act, that were the vampire has a strong power, but the fighting skills is clearly incompatible with the exhibit strength, long separated the first to kill a vampire Du wind protection, leaving Xu Yuan and Li Han, sooner or later they mouth nothing in the dish. Korean prison are frantically rushed Du wind, while the pediment, while the body into the metal ring in the underground rupture. Xu Yuan grasped the hands of Golden Spear, coldly facing mystery and fairy fairy runner. Once upon a time that the three immortal identity seems to also override Once upon a messenger horsepower tie, Xu far shot already, one shot will surely make every effort to fight for one of them to spike. Horsepower tie refined soul has not been removed, can be saved fine soul, only Du wind from the Radial part where absorption Huangji Xian Qi, before this, they at least want to win time Du wind, until Du wind The stiff state is released. If you do not want the wind had just Du hold fee, there is a chance to grab a bar of fine soul of horsepower. But Xu Yuan agree Du wind behavior, at any time, a friend will always be ranked first. Like twenty years ago, Du wind alone for extradition will hold the posterior end. While they deeply misunderstood Du wind two years, he will be considered to be simply to show strength, ruthless fighting weapons. To compensate for this misunderstanding, even in the face of two upper alone immortal, Xu Yuan also desperate for a fight. Thunder sweep away a promise, totally far show promise to overwhelm his life, it felt not the slightest grasp deal with cymbals tomb, or to join the siegeWarband wind better. His heart so figured, but can not move a half minutes footsteps. Duzhe a silhouette in