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impatient dead ......'Hand, suddenly Wushang face. also embarrassed enough, he was silent for a moment, and said: 'Yuqiong, you just have to ask me, a scene like?'Jinyu Qiong Jiaoye suddenly raised, like Solidago pear rain, said: '! But that Bijing just you ah'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yuqiong, do you have other plans?''? Who said' said: 'I'm not the kind of woman ......'Yan Mufei dark one bite, said: 'Well, what is wrong with a little tenderness?'Jinyu Qiong a twist body, said: 'This is more than gentle, after all, this is the first time ...... ah ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yuqiong, you know that sooner or later it ...... ......' said: 'In case if she ...... then I, I just ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yuqiong, I said, Tianxin not too thin.'Jinyu Qiong articulate KaiIn making the application resolution because ............ ' ================================================== =================== Please continue to support flying, hey, lift its arms orders, quack ...... =============== ========== Kyushu, the country has a tradition thousands of years of civilization, is the world's oldest, oldest, and complete the ancient civilization of a pulse down the great oriental ancient legend. In this wonderful country with different disabilities are capable of giving birth to a hero hero with dance. In the extreme west of Kyushu, the roof of the world that have said the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, more stretching thousands of miles of the Himalayas like a dragon guarding the virgin land which has not been too much pollution in the industrial side of innocence . The stand of the highest peaks of the Himalayas, the highest point of the world - Mount Everest, this time there is a body of standing erect in its vertices. 8844.43 meters in altitude, cold and windy alpine banner blow his skirt. It is rather strange that so much wind, he a cold wearing thick ski suits, two did not bring sunglasses to prevent snow blindness cold symptoms, the more people feel surprised that he is not even modern clothes attire. But see him dressed in gold herein genus Buddhism, although the reputation of Buddhism but this is a different way in which the principle was is the same, but for a different thing to understand it. Then again, if Pindao can not remove hidden, His Royal Highness will not lose anything? Pindao so might as well make a try, and perhaps a bit chance not. ' 'Can you tell me live, why I got the idea of ​​kinship treasure so?' Rhodes Rilla naked eyes, revealing a trace, this live for a long time can not believe the old monster free lunch in the world. Mysterious Asians do not have to lose something, it often is not rabbits not spread eagle of the Lord, where there are so kind to help their favor. Although only a blink, but Rod Pereira has a trace of sweat birth forehead, as if this look even more than that nasty hateful to the Light. Not only to suppress his own blood nuclear, more importantly, that one, so that their fluttering Dunsheng read. There are countless demons as if walking towards me. Claws. Like if you want to tear your own fans, but it seems the sky is full of Buddha. Immeasurable compassion, own almost every surrender them. This time, he was finally able to confirm why this mysterious oriental land badly, no wonder he dared to challenge the British Empire bless the King Arthur. 'ThisCalled compassionate eye. Is borrowed from Buddhism and students. 'Fang Chen sounded smile, just as if nothing happened. He did not explain how the eye can generate compassion secret that out, even if that came out, they did not dare to use kinship. Kinship, although different oriental comprehension, but the same belongs to the dark creatures, like the East Evil in general, by absorption lunar born naturally to this masculinity is not interested. Although the hall to the kinship that moment I do not know, what use Zhen Fang secret law, but see the look of horror Rod Pereira look, just know that one eye is very powerful, and even kinship to Prince ate a dark loss . Chen hearts of other more honored. No matter when and where, in the practice ancestors.' Kun Peng Kin town Motoko founder indifferent, in utero gas Wawataijiao demon division. Ni Wan a move, suddenly emerged two parties come Lingbao, a book like, do not know what things do, exudes round after round of golden light, shining throughout the demon division Palace, one was a turtle shell, there are numerous graphics, but also exudes layers of Glory. This thing is the three realms of two well-known congenital Lingbao Hetu and Los book. Then this is the Emperor Emperor Chun thing, when Emperor Chun Kun Peng after the body of the meteorite while, brought to North offerings. Lingbao wanted to receive for himself, but that Lingbao true spirit of Emperor Chun Qi is so easy to be destroyed, do not know is its north offerings Xuanyin evil spirits attack for many years, it can not move its nothing. And just then, to be a witness Emperor Fuxi, door-to-door by three clear himself of Hetu and Luoshu, send and Fuxi sermon, ruined the true spirit of Emperor Chun. Fuxi after sermon. But also with the founder Kunpeng, Kunpeng Patriarch blessed because of the disaster and, had two pieces of thin air Lingbao, and later established a merit by the two sects, cut two dead, Daoxing great progress. That Hetu to the demon division Palace light masterpiece, but it is a congenital form Luo big fuss. Sin sound loud and clear, but one of a large array sprung, criss-cross, bizarre, but a large array of congenital Luo people gossip Wong Fu Road, based on the composition of numerous large array, followed by a large array of big fuss. BI astrotech issue of gas. Constantly bombarding the ground defense of the book. And on top of a big fuss, barely visible text overwhelming countless Pacific, called the book toward the ground, but these words originally had Terran sage Kurayoshi, engraved on the River map to text, but since the opening day, one family historyProduced on the first character, a little supernatural powers of the people, after Lian Ji, can give birth to numerous means of attack. 'Senior immeasurable!' Town