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the East beat the West, or the left and right gear cover, facing the two masters of the attack, but did not fall under the wind. Blood on the tip to the lotus flower Scarlet Gang Feng by being blown into countless blood lotus flower, wind wave, as if to drift into the ground water and fire into the wind. Dubbo Tathagata and Kongxuan Taoist small but did not dare to Lotus looked small, whole body spangle, clear air awe, relic Yuan light crisscross, cover your whole body, on the Ni Wan, five Yamashina downs among countless golden light protection live in the body, blood touched the golden lotus, have disappeared into the smoke in the air, but as to the body of gold also will dim a lot; Kongxuan general body like pearls agate, colorful brilliance or flash or now, on top of Ni Wan pure light water, colored eye Weibi Taoist, but the nose is being ejected colored Guanghua, the first step to fall into the fire industry HL, HL industry fire suddenly the omnipresent orange flame burning up, all fall into the flame scarlet lotus, From time to time can see a road of smoke dissipated HL, from time to time may hear the sound of countless sound of screams. 'Burst, burst.' Kim Bi winds, although far below the two men fighting experience, but not accepted under the guidance of the two, so be careful preparedness see two lotus with blood, heart astounded hands Tu Sword repeatedly shot numerous Jian Qi, scarlet Jianguang staggered not know how much shattered scarlet lotus, an Xue Wu also an explosion from the lotus, Dubbo Tathagata and Kongxuan two stature even shock All of a sudden dim golden light, fire industry downturn, and the Legend of brilliance on the carcass is more full-bodied. Jin Choi, the wind looked unassuming, did not tired when fighting with two quasi-saint. Dubbo Tathagata Kongxuan and looked at each other, suddenly aware of the mystery of. With a trace of sorrow faint hearts. Although almost two mana endless, but the loss is quite making supernatural magic. Once upon here are not, but in the human world and the