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stood a young Taoist, dressed in pale blue robes, robes on the starLittle bit, the whole body sparkle Purple dense, forming a purple band around, very mysterious. And it contains a faint hint of being behind the majesty of Heaven. 'Shishu seen.' Nanjixianweng, who rushed, joyful hearts, quickly closing the magic, worship Road. We do not know when it arrived Zhen Fang, but also know that this magical wand to Shishu, surely there is a way to restrain this strange evil cloud. 'Shishu seen.' Dubbo Tathagata came with Lotus Lantern Taoist square Chen, nor a ceremony to die, anyway, had been in the peach all right gift at the moment once again did not make any difference. Unfortunately, they are like eating flies generally uncomfortable. That Zhen Fang came too is the time, if the moment had come, the sky never say those words, the person can not explain two to teach the future as their is nothing wrong with two people standing on the sidelines. Unfortunately, the sky being said, while he has not had time happens two hands, which is done under a real idea of ​​standing on the sidelines of the two, who taught frustrations illustrates two probably will be on the face of the future. If Zhen Fang late moment, even if his own two quite open this strange supernatural powers, but as long as the two shot himself after, people will sell illustrates two teach two one face. Unfortunately, ah, this is too Zhen Fang out of time, can not be a coincidence clever way. 'Shishu, is the time you come too.' Enlightening Taoist face filled with a smile, the heart is furious. Why, he is also listening to people within Zixiaogong Road, who heard that Red Cloud is Zixiaogong inside, because the other side is about to sanctification, so he would have a low last generation, called for the Shishu. At the moment, I have a sick you, you are not to be too clever it? I think you would have spent a long time in the side, that is, those of us watching the hapless fools, his last . Do not you be a man? I just lit a fire in their hearts, to