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, Borokhula, Bor surgery, Subutai six people, the whole body rose flavor, each habitat whole body Emotion, majestic yet powerful. Temujin seeing, could not help laughing together haha. After the experience under the Pangu role, and finally the Wu family has polySet twelve ancestral witch. 'Your Majesty, twelve ancestral witch have been gathered since that Pangu heart?' Houtu Goddess feeling faint hearts trace of anxiety, as if he did something wrong, like what, looking at the sky filled with carnage, his face out a hint of color. Temujin brow wrinkled, although he would like to take the heart of Pangu get more help, but not a good opposition Houtu Chiming empress, though expensive for the emperor he is also the ancestral territory of the witch, but not a saint . Pangu heart just borrowed it evolved ancestral witch, in the same breath with the year's ancestral witch can not. Since the soil behind the empress against Temujin not say anything, the moment a little meditation, said: 'I heard that year while claiming twelve disciples ancestral witch, but in fact Ares punishment day, star god braggadocio, Arrow of God Hou also ancestral witch who counted among the Goddess why not take this opportunity, I will be twelve ancestral witch witch family ancestral witch turned fifteen, so that swept Once upon a much larger chance of it. ' 'You are what people actually against me witch family?' Temujin furious hands to prove safety of fixed Qin Zhen Fang air, murderous sky. Temujin have the confidence to say move Houtu Goddess, renewable for three ancestral witch, never once thought to be disturbed Zhen Fang, but did not think the other hand a move, it will be filled in the ancestral temple over the carnage witch give all back out. The future does not know when to have a chance to get the experience I Pangu shade. 'Red Cloud senior, this is what you intended?' Houtu Goddess looking cold, looking at the sky where Chen, coldly. Midair Zhen Fang received Heaven ****, eye being restored suddenly clear, the whole body of sector to the original rule, either by chance, or is the agreement resolved. Busy reason awaiting speak, suddenly heard earthquake, leisure Li, who caught off guard, stature rickety, until firm, the front of a golden, shining sea floor near and far, as a general rise Jinwuranran. Busy rationale face became pale, he knew Emei ancestors cloth Shimoji ban was finally destroyed. Sure enough, the sight of Shushan fog slowly disappeared, emerged far to look to, and not far from the place, was surprised to find four people are smiling at the crowd sounded. 'Pindao Kun Yuan Zi virtual wonderland seen some of his fellow.' Chen Kun-yuan fairy king square Emei finally broke the ban, knowing their side morally, and finally on the surface does not fall under the wind, the hearts really proud, talking words, but also a lot easier. 'Gentlemen Daoxiong, just in time, I found that in this ancient Fairy House one. Oh, if I do not follow the rules and so on, in addition to the priority I enjoy a treasure, the rest of their split, how?' This When the land where trees like a demon comprehension of the people, is simply a mercenary atmosphere full of small traders. 'Master, you're amazing!' However, at this time only to find purple, his master is not good, with the pointing, actually will block each other for a moment, let's own account of the truth. 'Presumptuous, here is what I originally found Shushan first place.' Busy old head red pine. Shushan has been consistently arrogant, and weekdays where encountered such a thing. 'Oh, you can have evidence ah!' Kun Yuan fairy king face a slightly changed, coldly. 'IfComprehension community who do not know, hundreds of years ago, when the war between good and evil, I found Shushan immortal ancestors Dong Fu dish here. While you wait for the destruction of the ban, is enough to block the mouth of a lengthy world who do? Real good fortune that time, even if you have an extremely important, I am afraid it has become remnants of it! 'Standing in the British-Shushan Road, Long, long