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river house guests Lusheng, you go steady with me, and not to jump jump,' he finished, open step forward to go ahead and Chi Ma, Yang Ti. Shun people on horseback, horse felt very fast line, that is not Britain, thank Ah carrying two packages gift, upper body does not see the move, always close to a horse before, but three feet apart. Beyond a look at his feet, feet running swiftly, whichThe first two are discernible? Snow White may also wish to land, like powering generally straight girth swiftly, roadside Caoshu flashed like flying in general, hooves, 'Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu' Pass into the dazzling, even had a few very excellent secluded cove, before suddenly. Crag high through the left side, just like the city barrier. A not very tall cliff jungle, wide divisors are. Lin Feng grass outside the show prepared, if undulating waves. More a wide river, the forest around the side, oblique and west; Broad Creek deepwater offshore but half a foot, flat bright as a mirror, not Young microwave. Between walking, suddenly there are three to five habitat crow, startled from the forest, croak a few times, under the moonlight, wings mouths, go across the river to cast in the woods, dotted with excellent night view more quiet. Inline into the forest, Ah mouth hissed, then slow down horseshoe. Yaqian nearly arrived, a radius of seven or eight acres of open space, which miscellaneous planting flowers, vegetable bed on both sides. River Forest Cliff House Bamboo House built hut, location has been quite ingenuity. Shun has not dismount people, to find that the door sent by one person, it was last seen playing the harp, said Mr. big book, Crackdown Shun people, micro a nod, and sped away on the restaurant. People feed him and Su Shun Weng lover, this night, maybe also an arena different people, want to leave your side with Syria, the young girl waving show resistance, only just, with four people inside, Ah toting gifts put down , a word unknown, radial outside the door. Capacity to shun people seated, and would like to talk to him alive for hundreds of years old monster, huaqiu this means he may not know how. Although Shushan down kill Indiana things done no less, and are the name of justice, but it must have absolute certainty will do it, or the other party is also well known for the Great Satan himself will be wear a big hat. But now, even the strength of the other people who do not know, how can you easily start. Comprehension infinite years, are generally not easy to start a feud, once enemies, is not to die endlessly, and God knows what time his enemies to come on their ownKnife. 'Pindao education no party, let fellow laughed.' Yingsong smiling, inadvertently swept that demon tower at the town square, said: 'Not long ago, when the royal capital of the seasoned chef receives favor Lonely live the king cried patriarch Friends said killed his grandson, family division as a senior expert friend thought, how could a secular kill myself, had no notice, but watch the royal misery, desperation, only to come ask Pindao ask, want to understand clearly. 'tone is actually very polite, but the meaning of words among soft with hard, as if afraid Zhen Fang did not know his master like Lonely know this. Like Zhen Fang did not know like Shushan powerful strength. Zhen Fang hearts cold smile, mouth, but said: 'Oh, the day when the Tengchong Pindao the go, there was a mighty man who together with the Road and want Pindao its effectiveness after no avail, but also with a space system protoss assassination Pindao come. Oh, Pindao not mess with the people, so handy to clean up. Pindao think protoss since they are naturally not be regarded as secular human, let alone him mess with me, when tragedy of this nature can be considered causal to less than Pindao head. But the man who name yet, Pindao'd forgotten. ' English song heard his face slightly changed, I did not expect Zhen Fang actually have such eloquence, that's watertight. Protoss not a secular nature, nor violate comprehension secular who are not allowed to kill the unspoken rules; they are the