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reactive deep in the world of Reiki as Flag.However, the effect on a much smaller, but in times of crisis, but also able to play a significant role. 'Snip!' Cries the Qing Xiang pass over, was surprised to find the tools and try sword and fell slowly. First shattered the air and now to Zhou faint stars big fuss. With a huge murderous slowly falling. That way into the world of Reiki to Zhou stars a big fuss, all of a sudden it became a little bit of the world into Biguang disappear. The sword was not the slightest change. Still slowly down the list, another burst of 'clicks' to the Qing Xiang, but it is the sword of fire HL did not care about defense industry, slowly falling down. Kongxuan soul will soon feel the sword of power, although the industry but the murderous fire HL nemesis, but it is only mutual restraint, those innate Lingbao Sword composed touches not terrible, terrible is this Sword or another Zhu Xian Jian Zhen array of FIG. Although Zhu Xian fire industry weakened the power of the sword, but you can still feel where Kongxuan huge ground kind of murderous heart secretly cried poor physique of a move, a colorful Guanghua piercing out, not into the gap among the three realms . 'Boom!' A loud noise. I saw the space of a shudder. Rumbling sound of the incoming crowd ears. Instant looked. Three Realms fleet gaps do not know how much has collapsed. Once upon a Reiki also gushed. Despite the formation of a new earth Three Realms soon gap. Although this land upon a time gap with the human world to the three realms of the extremely fragile. But the three realms gap can smash hit. Touches Haotian Emperor astonishment. Under the so-called reputation. No virtual disabilities. Dubbo Tathagata who had been the first person known to be under the saints. Today it seems. There are still some truth to pour. 'Zhu Xian Jian damn good!' See a rainbow fall. Place appeared Kongxuan stature. His face a little surprised at the color. Not much weaker than the strength Kongxuan treasure Tathagata. Only industry not tell me politely, I am confident that eyesight is not bad, you are a rare person in this world, your character, you have learned, all my life only to see.'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'That's because the girl is the first journey, only to produce more girl next door a few times, you will find people like me who are not in this world of lean.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'At least there will be no second hearted people like you!'Yan Mufei laughing, said: 'The girl think people are so bad it?' said: 'I often heard my father say, Kusakabe hearts of mankind, especially in the martial arts, the sinister heart of deceit is afraid of people, so I went out this tour, His Holiness has repeatedly told me to be careful attention, I also made up my mind . 'Yan Mufei surprised authentic: 'The girl made up his own mind what?' said: 'I learned self-defense martial art, but very shallow, martial arts really keep people involved, it is much worse, in case I run into bad guys, beat him, since I only ......' slips do not shut up statement.So, Yan Mufei a little embarrassed,Said: 'I am willing to say straight, like a girl, really should not show their faces, walking alone in the arena.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'People do not look ugly, and not evil, right?'Yanmu Fei said: 'It is true that the girl, but that would lead to sin.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'I had known this, I put it out again cast a gray!'Yan Mufei mortal laugh, she can not help but laugh.After smiled Ningmu she suddenly said: 'I heard my father say, people have a number of martial arts, you can have?' said: '? I have my martial arts insignificant person, I did not.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'I do not believe it!'Yanmu Fei said: 'how?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'I do not believe you are insignificant man!'Yanmu Fei said: 'How can one say that I am not unworthy person?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Your character, your tolerance, your ......'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'girl, judge by appearances, it is unwise big.' said: '? Who says I judge a book I'm not a fool, day and night to get along with, I do not see how you're kind of man?' held. 'Jin Shiyi also like People know what it is, when you take a closer look, I saw a group of four Huang Yiren escorted the prisoners came from the hallway, Kou Fang Gao command several guards, the prisoners mortem appearance next year, boarded the roster, then charge into the prison. Corridor to the door put a detective, sitting in the midst Kou Fang Gao, Simon Makino and the common phenomenon of either side, to monitor the transfer, Kou Fang Gao regarded as Ouchi Explorer takeover captives, not as imperial commissioner to accept the 'offer prisoners. ' Simon Makino beside the mouth speaks refers program, pointing to a one prisoner, what people say they are, nobody. Large listen in hundreds of warriors stood up, eyes gathered to prisoners who walked from the corridor, Jin Shiyi relieved mind:. 'Koki are some Ersan Liu's role' one of the more important Huashan faction but a few Shetzu Xiang, Fang Tong control and threatened to send Shaolin monks really pregnant. Kou Fang Gao haha ​​laughed: 'Mr. Simon eventually becoming involved in the political arena, about not recognize factions masterminds of it these people to send in their best but this is a second-generation disciple?.' The common phenomenon of smiles: 'Mr. Simon not do not know, but all the main entrance of a large faction of the head was arrested How can it be so easy to catch a few of them could have craniofacial disciples, Simon has also been hard won Makino looking ashen, coldly:?. 'There is also a position, large common phenomenon Congress know that she is dating someone! 'I saw two Huang Yiren escorted the prisoners of a single candle to the soil, but it is the older mother, Jin Shiyi surprise, only to hear the common phenomenon of speechlessSaid: 'Mang sent the head of Cao Kinji!' Simon Makino light: 'Sagong adults really know, though far less than my ability to adults, but to arrest the head of a man, not like adults still say as hard! 'The original reason for the delay, Simon Makino back end, is in order to arrest Cao Kinji. He was Cao