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send three generations of seniority with the door, all hold on, it may not be his opponent! 'Gu Zhihua pale, because she thought different day Mangshan send massive revenge when, inevitably someone died in the hands of Meng Shentong, when she helped with the door to go and do not help the enemy with his father? She looking up to heaven, tears, she gave birth to hate and hate to make Meng Shentong daughter Jin Shiyi also did not know where she was sad knot, just inconvenient to reach, to see she has been moody, could not bear, suddenly clasped her his hands and exclaimed: 'You are you, he is his, Qingzheziqing, muddy those from the cloud, lotus mud, still spend the gentleman, in vain you are Lv Siniang disciples, nor even that the truthWhat? 'Gu Zhihua warble:' The others will say it how? 'Jin Shiyi laughed:' a man worthy of the day but for the next worthy, the rationale of what others have to say? I was known as the murderous mad beggar, treat me as evil devil, but I did not ask themselves killed a good man, nor did big and evil things, I would still go its own way, do not bother others look down on me I still valued. I think the devil is also not care, not to mention you just the devil's daughter? You've persuaded me, I would like to do a newborn baby, well, I will advise you remarks today, you only when your parents had died when you were born already dead, what things Meng Shentong nothing to do with you! 'That made it very thoroughly, except Jin Shiyi and no one put it out. Gu Zhihua tears like rain, but the heart is much better than the previous. Jin Shiyi breath to remark that out, as if these words His heart has a backlog of long long time, and suddenly Piansi billowing torrents, pouring down, the sound becomes clearer and bigger, clearer and faster, showing his mood is very excited, hearts suddenly had a wonderful finish it feeling, thought: 'Everyone says Jin Shiyi unreasonable, it seems that those who simply do not know him. Who would have thought he seemingly cynical, but it is for people like playing volleyball opponents all over the floor like swatting strum. After playing a dozen palm, Du wind gradually frown. The other cock, but inadvertently found a way to restrain the wind Du. Ancient Warrior fat woman is a star, in addition to superb hypnosis, infuriating her star power when there is no attack, but to protect the body there is a magical effect, make the fat body additional flexibility, the body bunched up a large rubber ball in general. Du wind 'evil spirits' thorn in her, like the blade pierce the rubber cement, the effect is not obvious. Du wind savings intentionally infuriating, with more than a dozen physical force broke open mind monument hand, it is to be fat woman's body all bounce like rubber. In the garage, the number of tons of heavy metal gates smashed cars can not be fat woman killed, Du wind attack more physical force alone is useless. After ten consecutive failed palm, Du wind gradually slowed down. Fat woman is a star, after all, ancient weapons, at the beginning of Haide soul flying, slowly regained his composure, see Du wind could not think of any way, and playingThe idea, Du wind around crazy catapult, looking for opportunities to opportunistic attack. Du wind completely close his hand, fat woman re-release of the head and limbs from the body, slips hand broke open his throat, his hand forced to break the vocal linking hoarse grinning: 'Du wind, we have know your weakness is lack of infuriating. When we arrived all hell squad, you will die ugly. ' Du wind blade like eyes as piercing Pangfu humanity: 'What the hell is the team?' Fat woman is forced his eyes trembling, hastened to pump myself up and said: 'Hell squad, is directly under adult horsepower tie ......' Having said that fat woman could not help but cursed himself, how say that talkative fee lines, quickly threat and said: '!! We have two five-star fairy Du wind, you can not think of it.' Du shocked wind turned cold tunnel: 'The Fat Man, on the train, you go for a drive!' Liu Hai Fat hop, though he did actually dare to take liberties with three fairy, simply do the dead saint door disciple is so easy to be a blessing bullyingDo not look now Babel saint potential weak, but it is still a saint, is your father would not easily be offended. Hmmm, if not to get into a saint Ha, the young master where you need to pay attention to this incompetent. ' 'Oh! This person has some extraordinary, actually be able to unify jambudvipa, naturally it is fun, worth mentioning! Comin Mende Huang, also embarked on a go was to see how that monarch? If Italy, the idea is to in front of my father to say a few words, he was a good weather protection, peace and prosperity. 'It is ten hearts all off boredom, listen Wu Yang Yan, the hearts of a move, could not help but flow worldly. North Korea said on pending Nantianmen away. 'Your Highness, His Royal Highness wait a minute.' Wu Tao Yang quickly stopped. 'How?' Ten Senhan all off handsome face, his eyes showing a trace of haze, cold Wu Yang a sweep. Obviously the other side does not speak a reason, I am afraid we must under the ruthless hands. 'Your Highness but three realms supreme son, how can such a simple trip. Although we can not in Heaven ceremonial, but the total could have said things out of identity. Think it is just a mortal human emperors only, how can we know Highness dignity, if neglect the minister is small, but if the neglect of His Royal Highness, but underestimate the majesty of heaven, how had spread out. 'Wu Yang frowned, as if she really is generally considered the ten all off. All off ten heard heart of a dynamic, nodded his head, patted the shoulder Wu Yang said: 'You say rational, go, you go to prison in Yuma led by a Royal Malay, you and I went to jambudvipa took a being. ' Wu Yang nodded, personally ran a trip to Yuma prison, Royal Horse carefully looking at a lot, pull a horse Royal Malay, but see this horse Dragon Skin with money, silver, white shoe tread smoke, end is good horse, but this horse extraordinary horse, Stern immediately wings on wings