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Shizu public, Yang Shizu she' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You spoil her this medicine has called her face Shizu it?' Youth glasses forehead close to the ground, Tremble said: 'No ...... No, the four of us belong to the International Red Cross, has been trying to rescue the patient distress!!' Du face the wind eased slightly, lightly: '? I remember the most sophisticated medicine Yang Ying passed a girl, she then passed on to you.' Four are always afraid to get up on his knees, glasses youth Zhuge courage and said: 'Yes, Sister Sister ...... now and ancient weapons squad combat human association. Triple squad words, slightly delayed Du winds questions. According to ancient mythology, above the hell is purgatory, purgatory is above the earth, purgatory squad strength squad at least ten times more than in hell, then the power of the human team, supposedly are at least several times over purgatory team. In Du Fenggang just refining the Sunday evil spirits, can cope such a dangerous opponent is still unknown. The idea in mind Du wind fleeting, his voice still as ice: 'Why are you coming here would be silly to save the patient, the patient did not do in the world incorrigible it?' 'No, no! Rothschilds missing heir in the network, we have entrusted into the game looking for him, in order to inject funds to the Red Cross to get the reward!' Luo Feile 'Wow' to scream out: '? Rothschilds heir Independence Day you eat the expense apprentice ah, actually save our rival!!' Du wind looking ice, four people kneeling on the ground did not dare get up, think of it twenty years ago, and the extradition will Rothschilds resentment, Zhuge softly and said: 'Shizu public, we were wrong, would you please Save big sister. ' Du wind uprooted embedded to the cut Shendao, cold tunnel: 'Where is she?' Zhuge youth glasses whined: 'Sister on the road met aYoung girl very like Shizu, there is a fat man and a kinship, Sister was fat rhetoric flatter to protect that little girl. Then we encountered the human team, Sister to protect the the space around the crowd appeared essence, has been completely occupied by Scarlet thread, these threads replaced the original space. To the people to build a new space. The little boy eyes and wider and wider, and countless bloody silk gradually borrow, on the side of the instrument Dutian Ze is also full of wire structure, he shouted:. 'Are not touch, in his imitation of our field.' His fingers gently tapping when knocked to the seventh, all instruments suddenly resonate together, play very high-pitched cry broke the sound. Dutian Ze to become such golden eyes shining, he is using the psychic eye can see, indeed all of the wire temporarily repulsed by his family, his breath and said: 'This is not the body the ability to read is not a wire, can imitate the field strength is only one. Not only can imitate the field, but also to force the simulation study, the body structure and infuriating analog domain to read the whole body Wu four capabilities. He did not say anything, this capability is only one possibility. Like themselves, soul skills. On his back,Yang Ling quietly out his hands, her hands hidden in a wisp of silk heart. When the owner of the puppet so scared. She quietly hiding the wire. Trapped in the net watching Yang Happening, she suddenly feeling quietly Chiang said: 'I want Daddy died Only you can save him now..' Jiang love watching with fear in the eyes, she saw Yang Happening however, fear in her eyes disappeared, trembling and said: 'how to save him?' 'It's simple.' Yang Ling played with his hand to the wire, 'I have heard my father say, your ability is God, right? Very rare ability, the ability to have any high-level penetration.' Jiang love nodded, Yang Ling's mouth hint of sneer: 'Your ability during pregnancy is almost gone, but doctors do not diagnose you over to the child is a Warrior?.' Her face still filled Huangji to look, sound was very low, everyone does not know what she was saying, all thought she was afraid to love to Chiang help. Yang Ling to tone more Yinhen: 'and life of a person..' Yang Ying looking armor of God, that God is indeed the most desired lifestyle armor. God in heaven from a different era, soldiers of God will fly from the Han Dynasty, King from the early Han Dynasty, Mountain God and Valkyrie from modern, from the prehistoric beast God, the origins of the armor of God is very special, he is from the future. That is only a future heaven from God. I do not know when it was born of heaven, there is a point in time completely stopped in heaven overlooking the world, to see a complete history of the whole, in theory, can predict all past and future, can each historical moment, will evolve Numerous bifurcation point, if those who see the infinite bifurcation of time, only to see his own soul blurred, ashes. This phenomenon continued until prehistoric date, there are two people from the world finally soar Once upon a time, that is the oldest congregation of God, God and Heaven beast, beast power of God, but the intelligence has not developed fully, finally mastered the heaven is Heaven, God became his beast strong arm. Heaven did the first thing that would obliterate all parallel history, leaving only the history of their own when soaring, as the only timeline. Timeline is a gray future, in theory, there should not be someone from soaring. But there may be rocketing out of a congregation of God, he is from the era of the destruction of the universe, highly developed mechanical civilization will eventually blasted a cosmic black hole, and all have been swallowed up everything black hole, in addition to a base drove frantically fleeing robots, the will to live it to the final blend and base, the base of the fly faster than the speed of light, time reversal, has been flying to heaven. King first, soldiers of God second, third fly. Unnamed armor of God, because no one ever see the armor of God out of the pass-through. It comes from all the ashes of age, habitsThere harsh environment, his only fear, only fear. Heaven gives it a sense of fear, and finally