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also to his unearthed occasion. Both meet. Real, you say, that at this time no Ao driving them, but to be what When? ' 'It's great treasure Ao defensive driving them but my brother did not dare to tree accounted for this big humble, driving them naturally goAll the people, but in the future when my brother and trees crossing the robbery. Please also live by me and other one available. 'Kun Yuan live Stern said. Zhen Fang quickly turned down and said: 'This is how it makes speak kunyuan Wonderland mainland Pindao treasure but a stranger, how can get Furthermore, said two of his fellow treasure than Pindao find this place lies... naturally handled by two Daoxiong. Pindao really can not affected by this treasure. ' Kun Yuan demon trees and fairy king looked at each other, eyes full of difficulty with color. Trees demon suddenly said: 'Since this reluctance to accept reality, I do not want to insist, however natural, if this treasure unearthed, so naturally and so if I live to contribute to accept this treasure with them did not face according to the Road... See If kunyuan not less main sects worship in reality, this thing is as apprentice ceremony, a real gift, and how? ' 'This meeting was very good.' Kun Yuan fairy king heard rejoicing. While practicing Dharma own good, his son qualifications is also good, just a few decades, with the help of their own but also to the God of the early, but in any case, can not be compared with the metamorphosis Zhen Fang. Can become self-cultivation sector between the years to master, not to mention the other merit to deep natural gas transported long, his son in the future also be able to share part of the humble nature, Zhen Fang under the care, but also the blessing of the moment. 'This, this?' Zhen Fang wry smile on his face. Apprentice himself recently received, it seems that being forced resumption. Zao Wou-ki, is an expert in order to dress up their own appearance, accept the. Nine fox demon is to come to the other side, the closing of a repair to the highlands than art is not in charge of protecting the elders teach or crossing tragedy, where people will arrive here. Of course, there are some sects have this possibility. Just because these sects, there is no anti-imaginary late master, and even anti-imaginary period are not, where there is the opportunity to come here. 'It was a real good luck thanks ah! Not for his Divine Dragon reunited and restored Tianwei door, where this can be restored when the gods authentic line ah! The gods mundane if not outstanding, at the moment, probably already have escorts Golden arrival, so leave this earth gods, went to heaven. 'Ding cited proud laugh. Once upon a time, the right way too polite for their martial art, but today is met. 'Oh! I do not know the small gods have anything outstanding, do not know if to say with Pindao listen?' A cool and bright voice suddenly sounded before Chun-yang concept, sounded surprised to find a young Taoist stand frost in mid-air, Ding staring coldly lead others. 'Zhen Fang?' Ding cited shocked and said: '? You're not riding in Dili on ferry tragedy peak yet how to qualify here,' when Ying Zheng, who had operations, the operator has been to Zhen Fang. Unfortunately, good luck in Wonderland but there is a large array of protecting Zhou stars, and not one, but two. The power of infinity, Ying Zheng, who although have thought, first of all it will be removed Zhen Fang, but also know that if you want to get rid of Zhen Fang, do not know how much the loss of manpower, desperationIn addition to its wings had the name first, and then focus on the eradication of Zhen Fang. But it is not thought that there is no need Zhen Fang crossing tragedy, this time it served as a fire-fighting role. 'Well! You these scum, just know that cats and dogs, but do not know it was the Holy See endures Western forces, is about to enter China.' Zhen Fang a gray cold hands, but it is the big fuss just to restore destroyed over. Ding, who lead the side seeing is frightened. To build a retaining Alexander array is not a very Fang joked Road. At first they were just as one would like longevity it, I did not expect to actually come up with such a situation, really funny. Some places really have lakes, rivers and lakes where there is fighting. Darkness, Zhen Fang sat on top of the quiet room futon. Kingland overhead merit among the golden pagoda wore red gourd, a Road fire red light hanging down and the next, the Zhen Fang care in the middle, a huge Kingland among Guanghua flow, barely visible starlight, as if now Like the infinite sky. A Road Star pierced the void, as if to reveal the trajectory Avenue. According to Fang Chen's view, who compiled the book is definitely a good heart before the people, it is impossible to have this compassionate eye. The so-called things have two sides, extremes meet. Compassion is certainly eye can persuade people to perform good deeds, but it is also a murder weapon. Once the mind is not strong, fall in which the mind everyone is under their control. People to be controlled, manipulated it reins in the hands of others. Have this eye, simply attack, playing Sap best magic. The best magic refining compassionate eye is naturally merit weapon; the second is the West's relic yuan bare. Sure enough, a moment later, Zhen Fang eyebrows a move, a haoguang suddenly shot out, on top of his forehead glistening, emerged in an inverted Fengmu come shine, Cheung, Tsukuang shine, about Zhang Yuan. Even among the quiet room, as if the sound filled the Buddha, the wind blowing, people calm. Secretary Snow's villa, Zao, who, his face calm of color emerged. Secretary Snow and others or indulge in dreamsIn, or participate in meditation detail. Chen square face solemn, have room . Zhen Fang sighed:. '. Just now I see a red light shot to the northwest, which encompasses bloody atmosphere, probably demonic human come so it will wake you.' Everyone was shocked, awaiting speak. Suddenly I heard a large villa outside the ring, apparently someone is attacking the village guard a big fuss. Moment and quickly stood up.