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do not need me . donated medicine with 'It is: Who can make magic surging day? Mang cold carnage everywhere. This time is dusk, sunset, such as blood, Cao Kinji losing streak a few games here, everyone frustrated, southern Tang body after day thinking: 'Just pointing secretly ice E Jin Shiyi man if he should have already appeared, ? Is it really dead Jin Shiyi 'golden master stood up, slowly said:'! Meng donor, if the donor gave a courtesy sleeves just beat up, and now you come to experience the magic masterpiece 'does not see how he runs as if, but only to say these words, he already to field the heart. Golden Master and pain is the martial arts with Zen Master of Mount Rushmore, and driving par decades, never fight with others, a play, really is no trivial matter, once the audience's eyes are focused on himBody, feelings are like a bowstring tight shed to Zen Master as pain in this field, when the contest began, and Meng Shentong clap covenant has been slightly under the wind, if defeated Meng Shentong golden master in this case, the Zen Master painful than the last count field, most also bear could not persuade, and so this is a golden master duel Meng Shentong not only face death and the Central Plains martial arts, but also a battle of life and death! Meng Shentong said: 'Master look, Mongolia wing, real sense Rongchong effort if not the Department, but also look pointing..' Palm drew a half circular road, slowly introduced to the 'pointing' This word export, Zhang Shi suddenly intensified, Thunder sufferings, he spoke very politely, this beat but no mercy, he established the heart to try golden master the skill, using magic Wisdom firmness and flexibility than just deal with Xin Qi duo, the pure power of masculinity with the Jingang Zhang, even better than a bit. Golden Master towering mountain, until he got left palm is also zoned semi circular road, seemingly without a focus on gently captures, Meng Shentong just like the wind in the branches like, shaking a few times, one after another Quit three was the presence of a day, there is no open place of sin, which GodGas and non-political arena Exalted party since puzzled, and asked when going to finish sets meeting to understand further care. Unexpectedly, MA Kun had finished Spansion down for money when they send raving, straight, said:. '. The two performers are swords shelf, there is no real skills that I have two of these martial arts training, he would not.' A crowd scattered, has been difficult to track longitudinal out, there are several good things out more discouraged, said: '? People already let you, why even large hound' Two had pulled down over the proposed reorganization to practice wherever he goes, who knows the local folk just folks, when two people also itinerant entertainer, this and other large non-loyalty courteous behavior, they feel Xiongheng Congress, even in case of renewed strife else , suspected of involvement is not worth too much, do not want to face troubled, unhappy boss hearts, said to each other. Two trained much better term, in addition to not give money to the village children, to practice, spectators all got separated, but no longer come. Two had just one known to be caused trouble, although disappointing, still thought again tomorrow. See has got a lot of money, yet many scattered ingot son, counted income, and he likes them, pick up guys, so bamboo is still plugged in local, jubilant, while his mouth swear that two performers darn, not some kind, then to meet, set to play him a half to death, especially teenagers and other hateful language, while walking to the temple in. In the hands of the money, all the way to buy ate with, and even said with a smile, triumphant. The people in the town to them unhappy, saw off two arm procession sell you eat chaos, almost defiant, the more molecules when it is not good. Fortunately, when the occasion Taiping, neighboring counties had even heard to say banditry cases, when parties hold onto is an honest old man, though not seen in two antecedents, unwilling to stir up trouble, or if not old Li Junming Mount St.Lower bound, into a beautiful fairy scene, Ying Zheng lure bait, Taoist barely keep a pulse. == But Laojun air transport is a great loss. The soil behind the empress has been sanctified, and more impossible for the Wu family Once upon a unified manner. Otherwise, I am afraid that time, the land upon a popular witch family or Yaozu also, more or Buddhist. Pangu a pulse perhaps no trace of. 'Western Buddhist teachers but although two holy door, but when the teacher also said the two have set a side door, but nothing, where I waited on and Pangu authentic.' Primus hastily opened the shelf, but it is never thought of the blind Pangu emphasize authentic, never once thought Zhen Fang Gu Yuan is not of God, in fact, if not Pangu authentic. But there is good fortune Yudie in hand, barely considered a authentic. But Zhen Fang very disgusted that authentic is said, what is positive and what is heretical. When the Gods of the year, will be cut illustrates teach subglottic disciples to teach his disciples collectively referred to as heretical sects, never once thought of Babel is of God Pan Gu Yuan, cut if heretical teaching, that it is impossible to explain to teach authentic. Tongtianjiaozhu brow wrinkled, pending refute the Lord Lao Zi's first Primus did not know how to say the wrong thing, and quickly took the words and said:. 'Heaven balance, the rise and fall of its own conclusion when I Pangu three clear air transport very full, many sects disciples, therefore destroy Heaven level, therefore there are Gods of war, today, Buddhism flourished for thousands of years, three thousand Buddha, the other disciple is far above the dawn of a pulse. When the time decay of. Young Red Cloud. think? 'Primus did not know he just remarks probably already secretly offended Zhen Fang. But his dignified personality, even if their sentence was wrong, it is impossible to serve the other soft. Moreover, in his eyes, Pangu a pulse is authentic, while others are heretical, Buddhism so, good luck cases, too