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Monkey King causal one, naturally you can see out of the heart, Daoxing again big into this world where there is absolutely something , under Heaven, its own chance of survival. But after this breakthrough, and you are never destined to the road. I have the good fortune as a pulse of law enforcement. ' Liu Li is overjoyed, said: 'The teacher, a disciple can cause long-taking, and to have this achievement is teacher gift, where else can become a quasi-saint, was a large Luo Jin Sin is already good luck.' Zhen Fang nodded, while Yang Q, said: 'Today, a century has passed, when Chen is cutting the West, which, while still a trace of change, but also a little change, but Zhao SONG opportunity where you want Carefully grasp of current events and more difficulties, a critical time, and can still see the prime minister charisma. 'Yang asked heard nodded, though I do not know where this change and opportunity, but also know that Zhen FangWords must have meaning, it is not neglect, but determined, we must destroy Huanglong, but also live down his own game. 'If there is a matter of critical situation, since Pindao will arrive.' Zhen Fang has swept all his disciples one, waved his right hand, suddenly now a Fangbao Yan, and saw the top Purple dense, shiny another spirit, it is as if they are stored in the meantime countless magic. 'This is Baoyan points, but Hongjun Taoist gift, then on top of this there are numerous Baoyan magic, were later given to the person hearing within Zixiaogong now amulet started, I have the good fortune of a pulse page down were born. Although magic is at the end of road, but there is no magic magic and the result was not the same. Since you down the mountain looking for the opportunity today to borrow this year points Baoyan with countless magic in heaven obtained in other homes, put points on Baoyan, given Haier, subglottic disciples to be received in future, Ye have magic hands of. ' Dr. Zhang Zi Ran over again, smiled and said:. 'You'd lazy, you might as well pour now longevity Young' break open the Shahe Shang caught out. 'Thanked Big Brother.' Shahe Shang pale, his right hand holding Fangbian Chan also shaking a few times, as if about to fall to some. 'Quickly went into the array.' Monkey King also feel bold point seems to have come out, and quickly told Shahe Shang Tao. Shahe Shang know here is a drag, and quickly ready to enter the big fuss. And while the small lead, etc. For color day seeing the devil, joyful hearts, but also fit quickly approached, the Shahe Shang around the middle, along with a variety of means of attack up, and that reaching a mean ghost mother. Strike in a sea of ​​blood among the rolling waves and saw blood, without any explanation towards Monkey duo around us. Monkey monkey anxious eyes red, and quickly head to the purple crown a push, a head rushed out violent ape, ape violent whole body shining colorful rays, the rays shine foul was around too, have to fly into the smoke disappeared without trace, violent ape holding a golden cudgel also lead towards Ding smashed over, but it is the small lead wrecked brains burst. Shahe Shang side seeing. Heart of a song, awaiting to get out and go, but not proof to the sea of ​​blood among one another out of the carnage, look into the small lead, stand at their side. Shahe Shang face became pale, and he knew where it was Terry Ding lead, then not only the practice into the blood nerve. It is the actual situation Make your own flesh combined. Free conversion level. Goku just smote Taoist ghost but only,There are simple can be imputed to it. Ding cited laughed. One pair of bloody big hand shot down, only to hear a loud crash, fleet Shahe Shang brain spatter, a true spirit fly out, Ding cited laughed, awaiting hand grappling, never once thought of how it could not catch hearts Lueyisisuo, you know Gods attracted collected for the Gods, not that he can receive residence. 'Ow!' Monkey see Shahe Shang is imputed to beat each other, roar, in the hands of the Monkey King Bar Shushan heavy blow on a sea of ​​blood, I