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than air, clearly beyond the scope of any ancient weapons capability beyond even the Independence Day Du wind too. After having this unit as the vast universe like gas, wind has become like a waste DU weapons were in general exist, can not use their own gas. Closed compartment without the slightest movement, it seems Du wind comeback in the foreseeable future. Zhao Luan as faithfully as in the closed cabin door watchdog guard. Luo Feile walked restlessly carrying his hands, finally himself opening:. 'Hey, you should also be able to try their skills in three bar' Zhao Xu Tan Luan and did not speak, but is most calm Deng spoke up: 'Only the sub-president in charge of the international metropolis of ancient weapons Association finals if they are not being skeptical, but the president is responsible for sub-metropolitan average Strength in seven stars around. ' Luo Feile cocked nose pretty cute: 'Well, you will not even seven-star Musha are unable to deal with it.' Zhao Luan always chewing saury in slowly, and finally also the interface:. 'If you want to get rid of, it should be no problem.' 'When ...... certainly not kill! We need to take them alive. Then get the information they mind.' '! That's right,' Zhao Luan mercilessly chew a few bites, chew bones and even fish under the belly: 'The three of us are fighting expert, kill pretty good, but to capture the words ......' Luo Feile silent, to capture the same level of opponents to do is quite difficult, believe it will be exposed to all in the vicinity of one's own. Triggered massive siege. She snapped: 'The Fat Man, do you have any idea?' Liu fat Suozhuobozai always hiding in the side. Luo Feile hear him, quickly bowing promised. In fact, in my heart already cursed a hundred times, but did not dare to expose the upper surface of a half minutes. Fat was prepared to stay in Luo Feile great fishing base in water, I did not expect Luo Feile simply do not trust him, he must take on submarines. Fat can restrict only a half people. A Du wind, that is, half a