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peak power of the stars, almost without supernatural operation, you can directly into their own magic, you can said that the three realms famous Mountain shengjing. Originally Zhen Fang wanted to occupy the mountain, but a joke, it was not to be taken seriously, but at the moment, my mind very surprised, I did not expect myself humble deep, but it can have such Baoshan, if luck were moved here in the future, Prosperity does not want to immune. Present laughed: 'This mountain Aura adequate almost comparable power of the stars Sunday, just a little operation can be said for the good in the three realms of fairyland'd like to thank you for the division, otherwise good luck always how I can get. these resorts. ' . 'Master, you are coming from the human world, yet it is not known to Once upon a situation' Kuangyin smile: 'Once upon a thought do not know how many years of development, far more than the population as much as ten billion, almost each practice, although difficult to have to live forever, but countless longevity, at one or two who also is a lot of supernatural powers. While Reiki Once upon adequate, there are still a lot of the power of the stars, but the practice of these people, which want to have a After practice finest wonderland, perhaps hundreds of years, but also to reach the realm of immortality. It Tianzhushan This is the ground upon a famous mountains, but whyThey were surprised to note that the furniture, think they carry the dead.Until the city gate, suddenly see a large number of plums into the band to greet Detective, I discovered that people grab the culprits.Jin Jian two plums into the city, also found the culprits Qindao, really overjoyed, exclaimed:. 'Second place Shaoxia, tough' legislation prisoners to him and said: 'Lee head, be careful on the street crowd beware there are culprits party interception, quickly go off into the cell, 'plums into the Road:.' magistrate summoned you want ' said:'! No, we do not want to be bound 'plums into the Road:.' already for the next two set the a bucket to restore the reputation Wudang rebuild solution sword shiting ......'Palace Siu Hung waved his hand and smiles: 'Friends Reunited, a meeting on how boring it is to fight each other, we should get together, but you should also explain to your wife, tell me how you find her ......'Chen Jian extreme anger and shouted: 'Draw your sword!'Palace Siu Hung ignore him cry, gentle authentic: 'You really good fortune, tied the knot a world masterpiece wife ......'Chen Jian wait for his words first, before Tingjian thorns, no palace Shaoxiong treat until Jianmang Cunxu from the body before a bomb Jianye extended middle finger gently, then bite the blade has been playing in the micro-ring open.Palace Siu Hung face changed, and hurried back to withdraw the San Sibu, eyes filled with surprised look.Chen Jian sword because it just cut off his belt, will lead the Department of jade pieces of cut on the floor, down into two pieces, accompanied by several Han Palace Siu Hung whom the mere mention of it together.Chen Jian sword got the upper hand, found himself the art of great progress, between look, could not help showing pride, but also to maintain calm on the surface, touch authentic: 'On previous Wudang, courtesy of your mercy, do not get me life, belt crack clothing, scores two elimination,From now on will not be so kind! 'Palace Siu Hung for a pair of Su Rong said: 'Mrs. Chen's origins can see the show it?' Yun Tianfeng shook his head and said: 'You do not ask for, and pass my martial arts people have died, as long as you beat me again husband, the Prince's sword your identity before they can continue to be maintained, otherwise you have to say when I heard the sword. 'Palace Siu Hung enlisted hesitated only with smiles: 'To become a sword after his wife is a very easy thing to do.'Yun Tianfeng laughed: 'Of course, I believe that my husband will be able to beat you, even your father beat you as long as he and his son, sword emperor easy to master, I was justifiably sword ......'South adolescent male shook his solution. Where as Turkey Divine, said method does not work, but the calculations to calculations go all day, like a grid where also comprehension. Although some depressed mood, but have lamented kunyuan Wonderland Xianjia blessed indeed, all the way around, are thousands pavilion, gorgeous and elegant, joy, like flowers, Sharp is nice, elegant crane, Jin Luan fly, various exquisiteGrass everywhere. Aurora air from time to time flashed, shining under the sun, cloud steaming Xia Wei, very beautiful, like a fairyland. Zhen Fang slowly flying in the air, do not know where to fly suddenly into a lie, really stands ordered seven black sky. Because here stand above the ocean, within a radius of hundreds of miles of the island but no one, naturally very conspicuous. Zhen Fang frowned, without an island born here, said that the mountain but also make life difficult, MO as it is more appropriate to the reef. But in the ocean reef, could mossy, why here are not even a trace of moss. 'Fellow, to Jindaoxia, why not come and go, might be able to hit your favorite things can not say ah!' A cool and bright voice will Zhen Fang awakened over. Zhen Fang instant look of the past, looks surprised to find a handsome middle-aged monk standing on a two-edged feijian. With their greeting. Quickly said: 'Pindao just look a gift horse, but also hope fellow indulgences.' 'Oh, good fellow, but the ability to ah! Sentiment can even fly into Heaven. No wonder the repair is so high. White scared admire.' The self-proclaimed white monks look scared surprise appearance. Zhen Fang wry smile on his face, the man in front of God, there is the mid-repair, naturally lower than Zhen Fang, Fang Chen also see clearly that this person but different repair, but the sea in a white whale. 'Road friend is mistaken. Pindao where sentiment is what Heaven, but saw nothing that surprised several ordered.' Zhen Fang explained with a smile. 'Fellow from Turkey Divine?' Scared white ghost of a smile on his face. 'How do I know the fellow?' Zhen Fang