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duo ever copied the road ahead and stopped them . The path road hero furious backhand sword, Bai Yingjie more cautious, stopped him, and cried: 'My friends, please take a route through! 'Utah last words, in front of that ride tall in the palm suddenly lift, two-way speak, cold white whirlwind countertops, taken aback, they suddenly heard that two horse to also Changsi, jumped up, white two-way People rush to the saddle, and saw that the two made a mad horse to seem like, jump a few times, suddenly froth at the mouthFell down, sadness cries incessantly. Jin Shiyi recognize these two individuals are Meng Shentong disciples, that tall and is the highest skill Meng Shentong door disciple hung items, the other is about two disciples Hao Hao Meng Shentong. Pikong Zhang Jin Shiyi peaked hung on a tipped two-way white horse, mind:. 'A few years gone, it's had also picked up a fourth of the wonder horse to two Ban overwhelmed 'At this time, has moved infuriating, Chen Sheng asked:.'?? I am with you what you Ah injustice with hatred it will be my horse harm 'entry David said coldly:' My family ? Miss it ' startled hesitated and said:' What I miss your family do not know who you are 'entry David sneered:'??? surname white kid, you stupid you pretend to Xiangyang Valley What are friends for home? Say, you put me miss home possession gone? 'Jin Shiyi Then there are half a mile away from them, but their talk was heard clearly, can not help but stay. He had reason to track road, white two, and even heart disease is still threw the Lisheng Nan, is to want to inquire about the two-way white Gu Zhihua news, but now they can not think in terms of his mouth hung said first come out. He said, 'I miss home,' no doubt, of course, refers to Gu Zhihua. Road hero big curse: '? Nonsense, valley girl is my junior sister apprentice, you are what her people, dare impersonate you do miss home' items hung sneered: 'Your junior sister apprentice of your head? Cao Kinji not already put out by the wall of her yet, 'Road hero angrily:'? This is clouds toward Luzhou away. Let us now turn to be the National Division Wang Zhen Fang Buddha leave ghost of a smile on his face, that Wuzhi Qi said: 'You are bad luck, if ever, is that you take off the cage out, someone grabbed you, at most, Again it is repression, but also because Yu then ten repression of you. As long as these monks are not saints, naturally give Yu a little face, that is, you suppress the trouble, but today met Pindao also hard luck . ' Wu Zhiqi face of a dynamic, mind suddenly changed. This time, seemed to know a trace of bad, the moment the body of a dynamic, Jingbo suddenly stretched several hundred feet long, aZhang Zhen Fang bite Xuepentaikou on North Korea over. Snow is clearly visible sharp teeth, foul breath blowing. Zhen Fang laughed, waved his hand. Was surprised to find out a purple now, rumbling sound is suddenly turned it into a few hundred feet size, he could feel that step Xuepentaikou smashed down. Wu Zhiqi look great panic. This God of Thunder is just in a moment, thought the body of their King. Is the common congenital Lingbao can not hurt themselves and a half points. But is this strange God of Thunder Road, hit Pikairouzhan own, where they dare to try once again, not to mention his arm or just, but this is still mouth, God of Thunder fall where once he even die, will seriously injured . Present mouth closed. Suddenly it. A glaucoma flash, but do not know where to go to fall. Zhen Fang laughed. Eyebrows opened, a milky glow of a sudden sweep around, and now own Daoxing surge, within the Three Realms, under the eyes of compassion, a few special places where it is not under observation Zhen Fang, the worth of change, thousands Dunshu there How much can all share Zhen Fang's eyes. Sure enough, a little swept away, to see Wu Zhiqi a carp into hiding among the Huaihe River, a Pisces eyes are carefully watching the sky where Chen. can Gyosui, everything can be turned into the water, although not as sophisticated as seventy change, but even in the many types of change, Suddenly emerged a generation satellite mountain yellow, the trio enveloped in them. All the monks looked in the past, but it is a solemn yet luxurious carriage, it Zhen Fang Kowloon car. That lightning in Kowloon car, numerous road splashes of yellow, Zhen Fang face while flushing, but by itself is obviously resist the magic in tenrai fall. Together the three crossing the robbery, although the risk is small a lot, but Trick power also a lot stronger. 'Boom!' The second tenrai also fell down. Zhen Fang suddenly shouted loudly: '! Merit golden' generation satellite mountain kunyuan three fairy king heard this, where not understand, Ni Wan a move. Towards an empty colorful glow on, under the clouds, very marvelous. Trick stormed into the kind of glow, but it will disappear without a trace day lightning. All amazed, I did not expect just that super-powerful Trick, actually not a trace disappeared. For a time, could not help but incomparable to merit gold yearning. 'This is the first tragedy.' Zhen Fang faint:.. 'Has merit protecting gold, nature can ride out the rest of the Trick even have disappeared without a trace over this tragedy, can visibility clear your heart, as to a preliminary understanding of Heaven. You can guess the secret, worries and difficulties. ' 'That's the second road tragedy what to do?' Secretary Snow suddenly asked. The golden trio's own merit to block the tragedy, naturally can not defend the demons. Unlike humans, these three are heterogeneous origin, Daybreak heavier than humans. 'Do not forget, I have to let them into the Red had three little knowledge of the Trials, has this experience, over this second road tragedy, but it is very easy, not to mention, I also prepared under another treasure.' Zhen Fang mouth hint of mystery. Pointing to the right, a red light flashed, but it is the fire industry HL fly the air, flashing red light odd. One has a red lotus land rippling around the formation of a lotus pearls, a fragrant passage of time, the dense throughout, very beautiful,Extremely