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the rhyme Alexandra's sister!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'That is your opinion.'Xuenv a little unconvinced: 'You do not have a view?' dollar smiles: 'Yes, I admit that you look great, but my chest, there are gems of the other beautiful things, just as stone is no different!!'Tianchi Holiness laughed: 'clever clever, snow lady, you finally met a man not fond of!!'Xuenv sneered: 'against one of the theory, just like he does much better than others had, I noticed that he looks like dementia, but he awoke quickly, so do not fascinated.'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'I was Dailiaoyixia, that reason is not as you think!'Xuenv said: 'What is the reason?'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'I tell you, fear you can not stand!'Xuenv said: 'You say well, I do not stand it!'Tianchi His Holiness also said: 'Yu brother and another high theory, we might say that we listen to, the repair snow lady has enough heat, probably will not be a word on frivolous nameless!'Kangsi Han also laughed: 'I have always told my sister play Xuenv how many years have not seen her birth gas, Yu gas main fact if one can call her, but added it is difficult to get!'Yu Shi Yuan faint authentic: 'I saw her face, the only one feeling, is this feeling that I stayed for a while, I felt God creatures, why so stingy, since this one endowed with her looks, why not give her a good heart! 'Xuenv face a slight movement, almost to attack it, trying to hold back and said: '? You these words be interpreted'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'To you no reason to attack me a trick!'Xuenv a slight chuckle: 'So for this, I was going to try for you, but also for hello, if you take no less than my palm, to the poisonThere is a body tissue can eat each other to get the other side to remember the dead macrophages [law], which lies under their own completely exposed. Can fill the post of mayor of the city in the street this city, Ke Leizha definitely is a real rogue. But he also has an excellent quality of rogue, is the closest men, absolute treat as brothers, they will not hide anything. The old man's memories a distant place, wrote writings, just avoid future disputes. An accent come from other provinces, the first wish, the other is just a kid too, may not be able to come up with money for the Lord had still wanted Shuhei quiz. Zhou Ping already smell the ins and outs of his very disgusted early horses finishing equipment, sting over the side. Liu seedling can not, only replied: 'Little groom, you can decide what?' The child to eyes stare and said: 'What is this nonsense unless you refuse to sell, it had to say, as long as willing to sell, how much money I have! To never bargain. 'Zhou Ping mindful child decapitated body with quite a lot of action, known comparable unusual urchin, get clever one would also find his adult years, heard oral big clumsy child chuckle side, so to say, the other party will not relax, think and re refrained jack. Liu seedling kids listen great tone, heart more joy, more false wanted more money, steal a look, see Zhou Ping beside glaring, could not sneer, do not know there is a tasty adult side, fear has strained , he replied, laughing:. 'This special love and my dear baby nephew fights, and even provoke disgust, had long wanted to sell them, although small groom Ken bidI can not play a conscience more than to be ignorant. I have to price, sixteen ounces of silver, and raised him seven or eight years, food and clothing are also counted how many is unclear, a total of twenty-six and two silver would you give up. 'Zhou Ping heard, can not help but anger since, having just taken over, He Wen loudly:' What did you say? 'When a child handle a bar, Zhou Ping will be blocked, not the front, side since surprised child has an interface, said:' Not much much, I do not have your price. But my body had a total of twenty-one point two more silver, you now pay a twenty-two, the people pay me. First and he took the money to get something to eat in front of the Official Road, handy and so I am a companion, he brought a lot of money too, to associate to late morning, when you ask the locals points I Common phenomenon has also been suspected of Jin Shiyi origins, but in order to come down Simon Jin Shiyi With Makino's arrogance, therefore reluctant to pursue at this time. Kou Fang Gao thought to myself: '! Simon Makino though hateful, but I now reside Ouchi Explorer post, if given an unknown origin, up to no good people mixed with the palace, I can not afford this relationship,' hesitated for a while, and finally Jin Shiyi again asked: 'I heard respecting best at Mianzhang effort, you will have very extensive powers, but, is it in addition to Liu veteran, had even told the teacher what else?' Kim Se Heritage laughed: 'martial way, one reason pass, one hundred financial management, outside the only known home division specializes Mianzhang effort, in fact, he's superior to other martial arts, also covered.' paused, turned to Simon laugh Makino said: 'Mr. Simon may have to try it again?' Simon Makino of Jin Shiyi hate to the extreme, he makes the effort though poison is unparalleled in the world, but ourselves, but not necessarily in the martial arts Jin Shiyi rival, and in this field , if you want to use poison, Guards officer refuses to accept the inevitable, and therefore had to press the anger, strong laugh and said: 'The coach has a row of two sweet, he can go get the Shaolin Temple or continue selecting other. . candidate for it, 'Kou Fang Gao more skeptical, thinking:' I have not yet would be too, but the depth of his powers but concealed from the ins and outs of the man who knows he really said this surnamed Gan, Liu Sanchun so why martial arts today. tallest man? Why did a decade ago, even the palace B has won him? And Shadows B effort I have tried but it is not only smaller than me, even the common phenomenon of it stronger than he, and his apprentice, but it seems so amazing how this surname Gan but nonsense, 'the common phenomenon of being considered who called out, after Jin Shiyi, accepting Simon Makino to test more, Kou Fang Gao suddenly asked:'?! You Guards are not ? There is an old coach than Du wind speed, footwork might not be able to play to the limit, but with each step and a half sets of footwork onslaught, power is pretty impressive. Half months of hard training, strength and skill have elevated them have horns Du wind pushed the door at the end, a foot volley, one foot on the dotted sharp angle. As long as the wind forced Du beam behind with his hand, that their victory. Tiger howling sound, bolas dance silver into two groups, the city rickety door inlaid metal plates have come off in the underlying strength of the action, the hammer wind wind Du bust left completely sealed. Xiong palms of both brothers, steadily introduced a silver-like gas refining wall, completely sealed Du retreat to the right of the wind. They also deliberately kept that in mind, gas wall abnormalities doing vigorous, even Du wind cracked the first wave, they can continue to launch the second and third wave of attacks. Just when they thought this win no doubt, Du wind suddenly collapsed left middle finger and ring finger, revealing only the thumb, index finger and little finger, index finger that day, the little finger against Tiger meteor hammer, thumb in the Xiong Brothers caught between the palms gently flick. 'Bang' sound, tiger double meteor hammer scattered into Qi Jin Du wind through the palm, a direct hit in the chest Xiong brothers, and brothers Xiong gas wall, then somehow pushed to the Tigers in front of unsuspecting. Two sets of people are vomited blood, the walls fell. Three consuls in awe looking at Du wind, they realized two weeks ago Du wind or to the foot of them face. Not to mention the ability to keep Du wind power a star, even if not infuriating, but also the way he has applied Bishen repair them. Young zero is extremely tightness, her talent than threeGovernment officials and Yang Liejia up even higher, to see which one can understand the mysteries of DU wind is not taught her anything, even the electromagnetic clutch shot not let her enter. Young zero had to get up every night to