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behind him and walked off, in this stage of the wide copper bird temple, look east, look west, he looked after while, suddenly turned and said: 'Han Ying, They can be left What can find the track? 'Wei Han Ying shook his head: 'No ......' 'There' is not a word, prosperous and somewhat shocked and said: 'You will not see it yourself? 'Yanmu Fei said: 'do not see any signs to follow!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Then you find it slowly until you find the signs that follow up!.'Ningmu Yanmu Fei said: 'Han Ying, a little while after you break up with me, you must continue to go elsewhere to find the two of them so before you break up with me, I want to help you on this.'Wei Han Ying said: 'I have not been out of the house not a child, what did you have to help you help, I still get past a person in the martial arts for many years?.' said: 'Han Ying, after you and I talked down to business, I hope you re angry later on this piece down to business, you do not tell me moving and emotional..'Wei Han Ying said: 'Who told you angry, emotional and who move with you, I do not have to tell you a good mood, I would calm the..'Yanmu Fei said: 'That was the best, but I hope you tell me, is not what you find here, after not seen the two of them looking for so many days, there has been no trace of what?'Wei Han Ying said: 'Did I tell you ...... non-' whole color slightly, kerf, said:. 'Han Ying, you and I are not children, and can no longer be considered young.'Wei Han Ying said: 'Originally, I have now become old, a lot of old!'Yan Mu Feixuan the Xuanmei, articulate start a few times, breath, and slowlyOut, then slowly said: 'Well, since you do not need my help, forget it.'So, this confused night in copper bird table, fell into a silence, silence among the quiet, so quiet.Mouth mouthWei Han Ying Yan Mufei glanced, look is so cold, so calm.But that was the beginning, and then after a moment, she began to see , but it is only a glimpse of the fast, but peeping.Moreover, she is also not just look so cold, so calm.After a long while, she and hand, index finger almost to touch him in the heart. A noted million marrow! Can destroy ancient weapons to destroy the heart infuriating finger stunt! Du wind to curb the power of completely unable to play, breaking the power dome Zhitou his heart, as long as the power of the stars split completely played out, the wind will become a pile of meat DU. Du Feng has to spend two hands, still can not arm broke away Valkyrie. Together they fall down from the sky, physical entanglement involves not open, a light body, but is Lu Ya caught him, Butoh whip to bloom into a huge parachute, holding three people in the sky. Huangji she cried: 'Master, what are you doing?' Du cold wind tunnel: 'He is not just to your master.' Fukatsu face to really have all changed, Du wind is about to go to the foot of soaring base effect in the evil atmosphere Nazhen transpiration, the Valkyrie's body had already subsided evil spirits boiling up again, shot struck Du wind. Lu Ya raised his trembling hand, Valkyrie grinning: '? What do you want, not the master attacks' Du hands were twisted in the wind on the Valkyrie arm, but can not pull out each other's hands, he calmly authentic: 'I Do not believe you let go. ' Du body wrapped in the wind like a black snake like Black Mountain, wrap Valkyrie arm. Valkyrie grinning heard, the air off a huge vortex of energy, land and was blown Ya too fly out. Broken dome - stars crack! Crack open a direct penetration by Du wind chest, blood spatter, Du wind body plant directly from the air went down, just to chase the Valkyrie, the pace suddenly Verge, in the air, they should be no shadow, there may be the foot some vague dark shadow, Du Feng has the Black Mountain with his body separated, to hinder the Valkyrie attack. At that moment of hesitation, Du has Zaijin a wind shadow of the pines, disappear. Lu Ya bite, Butoh whip re-unite in a line toward the forest below Jichong down. South America, Colombia. General and Li Han has been ordered to walk through clouds helicopter between looked up at the Du air and said: 'The person who called Guang, that name should be is a gas enveloped the city's ancient weapons, And Liu Ji days is to use variable sound and our conversation that bitch, well, what are you thinking? ' She stretched the tone and said: 'Do you want your lovely sister, still think this charming Liu Ji-day?' Today, a small fox watching the wind Du eyes, totally did notThink the other fellow's body will use as a weapon!If enough momentum built up, they belong to the masculine nature of Zhang Jin, will certainly not survive companion, legislator, had flashed toward him.Xue waited on hand and I Jinxia a loose, throw people in the past, and that two girls had been transferred was unconscious, Mo Lisha hand catch, look again.Fortunately, the two men have not been killed, Mo Lisha this next to humanity: 'You vile to use this means?'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'I know the name of this round are Duron palace less a baby, the day became a devil dance is not playing, came up with this trick ......!'Mo Lisha Leng Heng, Wu Yunshan said: 'And this is for your own good, you put this love affair parade, including a killer body in color among men designed specifically for the deal, you look at our side, all Lu is some man understand style, but do not know Lianxiangxiyu, especially the South King, the most hated these enchanting move, provoke his temper, an ax hacked a few, Duron dead saints would not be sad! 'Mo Lisha Chen Sheng said: 'First off you hard count, there you see the next level!'Having mobilize people away, everyone was into the palace, the whole white for the land, dotted with green glazed tile Zhu Lan, Kim gems everywhere are all very luxurious.Mo Lisha, Guan Mei Mei has retired Zhunv champagne, two people waited at the top of a side table, sets high Zhang Xu, Yu-chieh can board there, attached to the back of the pavilion. To sexually explicit, this is bound to go through the steps.Wu Yunshan turn his face smiled and asked: '? This is the second off it.'Moli Sha Bao Guang Shan armed with goblins, eyes without a trace of fear, guns forward, not on the same face of such a level of fighting, but why can not escape the same discount Westerly, desperation, had to be around the ball himself, tail towards Yinqiang smashed in the past. 'Click.' Cui Xiang, silver-white light flashed, tail and Secretary Snow hit a retreat, folding westerly snake fight, tail dragging on the ground down, the black blood flow over the ground, apparently by the tail seriously injured. The Secretary Snow was hit a tree on the roadside, a blood spray out, his face more pale, apparently affected by the light of internal injuries. Hands, rub, a spear out again now, stays on the ground, but also by their own guns stood up trembling. 'Sister school, really strong, although a woman, there is such a spirit, I fold westerly admire.' Westerly his eyes off a strange hint of a smile, suddenly said: 'As Both of these, this reality is not to say, though As a man named, but no trace of man spirit. sister, after looking for a boyfriend, that they are not the ideal figure. 'Then uttered a harsh smile. Zhen Fang heard the air underground passage: 'Oh, snakes cunning, these two guys is probably going to have bad luck.' Sure enough, two and heard everywhere, his face red rose, a hands conjure golden sword, misty yellow flashing light, a sword in the hands of Fearless pinch jianjue, silver-white light in the tip throughput, about one meter length, a silver dragon sword body emerged vaguely positive bursts Dragons. Loud shout, two figure westerly chop off toward the past. Snake swimming very fast, although rough around the bucket, but it is at ease among swimming, do not see any flaws. Shekou was the boss, stab it loudly, sprayed black smoke out of the three parcels where the stench of gas filled the entire space, people smell of vomit. Everywhere shocked, loudly call and said:. 'Smoky toxic' Then the body image of an arrow back, and before leaving the right hand Lianhui countless stab shot out from the ground, to be to block offWind road