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Fei said: 'I heard very clearly, every word and note your ear, but I do not know.'Huang Yiren child said: 'You do not know what?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I do not understand the main door opinionated, bent, ruthless, how can the door willingly, how long can the Royal congregation?'Huang Yiren child heads sharp wins, awesome soul Hanmang storm through the veil, dressed in yellow Gongzhuang no wind automatically, and soon, she was a usual convergence of humanity: 'You dare to call me first face a man, you know I started 'Golden Gate' is not a day so far, and it has been so many years my temper! ' said: 'Yes, the main door, but during which no such thing called rebel girl greenstone door occur, wise words as the main door should know.'Huang Yiren child said: 'I know, but they did, everyone stands a heavy oath in entry ......' said: 'Once the rebel door, in relation to receive punishment?'Huang Yiren children nodded and said: 'Yes!' said: 'I want to talk about the main door door offenses greenstone rebel girl ......'Huang Yiren children and said: 'You do not say, 'Golden Gate' regulation guarded door.'Yanmu Fei said: 'the main door that greenstone girl violated regulations which a door?'Huang Yiren children: 'She defied this main door Ling Yu is a great sin!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I ask, why she defied the main door Ling Yu?'Huang Yiren children said: 'This has nothing to do with you.'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said:. 'I heard the main door until the door people, such as family, Ende profound, if not a last resort, I do not think the girl would not listen greenstone door the Lord's words'Huang Yiren child said: 'You heard of anybody actually treat me like family?'Yanmu Fei said: 'First greenstone girl, followed by your door for a dragon.'Huang Yiren children sneer, said: '? Greenstone she would say I treat her well?'Yanmu Fei said: 'The fact that she was deeply Ron main door, also depending on the main door as relatives, parting she repeatedly told, I can not want to force the main door too!'Huang Yiren children sneer, said: of granite drill into her life and heart out of the flowers, because she did not do. ' She will head gently leaning on the shoulders of Du wind whispered:. 'I know I can not compare Yang Ying, Well, before she was an angel who, in the bedroom is a demon on the right, however, and now the devil in your piece granite chisel a hole ...... ' She finally could not resist a bite of the wind Du earlobe, gasped and said: '? I always waited for the opportunity to have a little bit from that hole drilled into it, right, Independence Day.' Du wind hands and feet can not move, he was about to speak, Luo Feile lips covered with a hint of fragrance directly into his lips, hands gently cast his eyes vaguely authentic: 'I do not like snow lotus as to force you to marry me, let's grow up doing time Luo Feile good woman, for once. ' Under the scenario, almost like a rape the same. But powerful gesture victim is appearing. Luo Feile small Xiangshe blocked his mouth, unable to move even speak the Du wind also completely not the. This looks very naughty little fox actually know kissing, tongue kept in the most sensitive human tongue at provoking a greedily sucking fluid Du wind tongue. After a full ten minutes, almost tongue Du wind drained, tongue before leaving Du wind mouth for a deep breath. Du even before the wind speak, goes on a beautiful face again and sank down, tightly blocked his mouth. Du wind always grabbed his neck with both hands began to quietly move down, down into the inside of his shirt, gently stroking his chest. Then she reluctantly pushed to the handStarted off his coat. Luo Feile originally wearing a blue pattern pajamas, buttoned just a few simple lines of the tape, she gently pull the whole piece pajamas would fall down from the shoulder, the soft lines of the body is completely rendered . Du wind from the perspective of the past, just to see her Rouni jade back, slim waist and a slight tilt, full of infinite temptation tight little Alice buttocks. Small fox unintentionally twisted twisted hips, died on bitch belly it?' '...... It is estimated that coming.' Wild girl Enliaoyisheng will only mouth smoked two cigarettes stubbed out with his teeth spit hands, peel off the outer wrapping sprinkle tobacco, pulled out a small box from his arms, the inside of the coarse tobacco fill them. Youth excitedly color glasses, snapped:! 'Sister You promisedNo longer smoked marijuana a. ' Wild girl's body has been stimulated because of drugs and trembled, her strong self-restrain impulses and whispered: 'I have not smoked for several years, and the old rules, hurry up to stop me.' Youth is called Zhuge glasses slips stand, he looks thin, but it is surprisingly fast agility, a punch to the hands of the cigarette girls wild. Faster reaction wild girls, feet off the ground has been launched into the whole body wrapped in a waist glasses youth, using standard Grace Brazilian jujitsu stream] [lock technology. Mixing the two bodies tangled together at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, the cloth into a perfect triangle architecture. That is precisely the kind of lock technology, called the deadlock after the deadlock structure formation, if not super explosive, can not destroy the solid triangle mechanical structure. Obviously not explosive strength glasses youth, he sometimes can not get rid of, seeing wild girl's hand and leisurely Qutao cannabis leaf, simply punch broke the statue's finger. Together they fell from the hands of the Statue of Liberty, dropping four straight five-story height, H slamming on hit goddess like skirt. Under no circumstances luck body care, they actually were not injured. Girls want to dig wild marijuana leaves, slips knocked three people from the shadows come, press and hold tightly to her hands and feet. Unable to move wild girl screaming: 'Let me go, let me go, I call people to feed, his X rape ah!' Three more to force the hands of big, middle of the night, not to mention the Statue of Liberty, rape, even the Statue of Liberty would not want to rape someone tube. Wild girl That man said: 'two hundred and twenty ordinary people who are not in a small number of days, but in the elderly you here, your eyes, not of what may.'That old man eyes a condensate, looked at the woman and said: 'You say she has notThere are married? 'That man said: 'Yes, yes, no!'That old man thought for a moment and said:! 'Two hundred and twenty pretty value ...... so be it is not a small number of two hundred and twenty, I can not Shanzizuozhu, you brothers and sisters wait, I called personally to invite us to the club take a look. 'That guy stood toward the side waved, said:. 'Go, report it club soon, say I took them coming'That guy should be a cry, walked back to the head.Here, the old man directed a wave brother and sister, said: '! Your brother and sister have come with me.'He walked four steps to go first.That man helped that woman, sheepishly followed behind to go inside.Crossed a courtyard, came to the backyard, the majority yard deep, Pavilion, Taiwan, House, Terrace, readily available, but also so princely house.The old man waved, and said: 'I know, you go!'That man quickly agreed loudly.This brother and sister with a few old man, Zhu Lan over a bridge, to a monastery door reveals a light, Qing Ke cry:'Club, I went to.'Just listen to a sound coming out of the Abode can not tell where the Huasheng awkward: 'What is the water come in?!'Then down, Abode door opened, Yingchu two people, a man and a woman, the man is a thirteen four handsome boys, woman is thirteen four comely girl.This dress is very particular about the boy with the girl, they are all white inner tube of a yellow face, not like at this age should have.That man in the eyes, two eyebrows Xuan moved.That woman a pair of US Mudeng larger, light terrifying.He advanced to go.That man helped that woman, cautiously, unsteadily Jingjing ground with the inside.The old man did wrong, this Abode in extremely elegant furnishings, insiders see at a glance, each one is precious furnishings items.Eight Kam Taqian a negative hand stood a middle-aged